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Sanat Kumara      February 19, 2012

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
February 19, 2012   10:29-10:49 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Kumaras Emanate Light Frequencies
for the Ennoblement of the New Culture of Aquarius

Love One Another as We Have Loved You:
In This You Will Understand All, and All Wisdom Will Be Yours

Beloved Ones,
            From a great amphitheater of light on Venus, we radiate love to Earth. For there are many of the evolutions of Venus who are in this hour formulating through their hearts cosmic ideations of such beautiful and resplendent light-energy that you would be amazed to see this co-creative process manifesting and this light, which now shines brightly upon Earth within your world.
            These co-creative patterns of light are indicative of the culture of Aquarius that we are assisting the hierarchy of Earth in outpicturing within your world, blessed ones. For Gautama, Lord Maitreya and others of the Universal Great White Brotherhood have asked for our assistance at this time of the turning of the page of one age to the next. And so it is our great joy to emanate the light frequencies of the Kumaras in your midst and within the etheric quadrant of the Earth for the ennoblement of this new culture of the Spirit, wherein the Mother Light raised may be known through pure love objectified in conscious works of the Spirit.
            Your sharing today has been very expressive and full of light and joy.1 This is what the culture of the Mother is, blessed ones: that which is shared fully from the heart, emanating through the heart to grace all of Earth with those divine quintessences and angelic presences that bring new possibilities for holy achievement and divine destiny into play.
            You are all artisans of the Spirit. You have felt the inner urge and prompting to enter into a new level of givingness through your hearts within this movement. And there is through your sharing and the offering of your own selfhood upon the altar of mankind an opportunity to bequeath though your spirit those essences of your God Self, which, when articulated carefully with great forethought and harmony and blended together as one whole, represent this holy culture that you all would see objectified in form within the Earth.
            Our angels now surround you. And through an empowerment of the Spirit, there is activated within your higher mind nuances of that which you have attained to even in previous incarnations in higher cultures, dearest ones, such as Lemuria and Atlantis, when your crystal cord was much wider, your life span was longer and you had access to the very virtues of God descending from the throne, the station, of the One in the heavens.
            We open a portal within your higher faculties to our domain of light, wherein you access your Solar Selfhood. And the crystalline frequencies that now may stream forth unto your mind and through your heart are such that when received through inspiration and purity, these may be precipitates of those love energies of the One, which when garnered within the lives of many are causative of a great shift and change and transformation upon the Earth, within all cultures, amongst all peoples.
            We use you, blessed ones, because you know who we are and you have invested your light-energies and your mission within the greater mission of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, within whose legacy we live and move and have our being. Because you have aligned yourself with this sacred work, you have been chosen to be the ones through whom these seeds of the new culture of Aquarius are sown. And when daily you take up your spiritual practices in the giving of the word, in meditating upon the sun and allowing the streaming forth through your being of these crystalline seeds of beingness, there may be outplayed within the atmosphere of the Earth itself, through these higher thoughtforms, that which is representative of the new-world experience that is destined to manifest herein.
            When the Kumaras come, there is great opportunity for self-transcendence; and so each of you may meditate upon what our coming means for you personally. It may mean for some that you have greater access to the inspiring gifts of the Holy Spirit in your work through creativity. For others it may simply mean that you are able to hold and to radiate greater love. And for some, the virtues that you are now accessing through your classes, your study and your mindful focus upon each one as an aspect of your own God consciousness will bring you to a new fount of perception and God-glorification whereby your being, fully in alignment with your Source, can simply be all light, all love again.
            As we align an aspect of Venus within the atmosphere of Earth in this hour, there may be within some a certain uncomfortability. And yet, dearest ones, some of you may assist in making up the difference through your own spiritual work using Ho'oponopono to root out and transmute all within your world, and thus all within the greater world, that can be consumed so that this new wave pattern of cosmic light through love may arise in your realm.
            [Sanat Kumara chants in an unknown tongue.]
            We have injected deep within the Earth cosmic ruby love-fire pellets, wherein the concentrated essences of Venusian love will now grow through many levels of consciousness of thousands of lifestreams who are a part of our work within the One.
            As you have cherished one another and shared your appreciation and gratitude for the light emanating from and within the hearts of one another, so we cherish you and urge you on in your self-discovery to know greater love, greater compassion and virtue in understanding the heart of Godits eternal givingness, the sacred offering that flows in a constant stream from the nexus of the cosmos. Yes, dearest ones, when you understand your own heart, then you may begin to know the fullness of God's heart. And in this, we the Kumaras will assist you in bridging that seeming gap between your world and the great worlds of light and in rising to your eternal destiny to merge with the allness of that brooding Presence of the Great I AM.
            Love one another as we have loved you;2 and in this you will understand all, and all wisdom will be yours through that love.
            As you cup your hands before your heart now, we place a lotus flower within them with the fragrance of Lady Venus, which you may always choose, if you desire, to smell so that her holy aroma may bring you again to the fount of pure love as you love all life free. In presence we have come, and through the power of love we have offered the light of Venus unto Earth through you. God bless you, God keep you, O holy ones.

Hail, Venus, full of love, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among roses
And blessed is the fruit of thy Immaculate Heart.
Holy Venus, Mother of virtue,
Grace us with the aroma of your love,
Now and ever as we meditate upon the heart of God.

1. Before this HeartStream devotees shared their perspective of what can be a new culture of divine love upon Earth.
2. John 13:34; 15:12.

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