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Victory      February 12, 2012

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
February 12, 2012   9:30-9:44 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

It Is Time for Many More of You to Step Forward
and Work with the Angels of Victory

The Projects of This Movement Must Be Victoriously Accomplished

Beloved Friends of Light,
           The light of God always prevails, and the beloved Solar Presence—your Solar Presence—is that light!
            I am here in your midst, and I am determined that each and every one of you shall ascend in this life. What will it require for this to manifest in your world? First, a fiery, determined effort on your part to believe in yourself, to accept your divinity, to know your true nature as God and to move forward on your path at every turn toward the Sun of your own being. Yes, dearest ones, when you are focused on the goal of union with God, then the angels of Victory come, the legions from the Source descend into your midst and there is a cosmic avenue of light created whereby you step forward, upward and onward into that light of eternal glory in the One.
            I come this day from the Sun! And I am dripping with the love fires of Vesta and the omniscient consciousness of Helios, whereby through the light of Victory you may receive what you require this day to move forward in victory on your path!
            Yes, it is time for many more of you to step forward and to determine that your victory is God's light-manifestation and will for your life. When you are attuned to that holy will, nothing can stand in your way, dearest ones—not the littlest demon of darkness or the most brooding presence of nihilism that at times comes to snuff out your very life. How do you think that God created you in the beginning? As some puny creature? No! You are a God-being of light, a Solar son/daughter of cosmic reality! And it is time that each and every one of you determines that your victory will and is manifest now in your life.
            There are many projects that we have called forth through the sponsoring masters of this movement, and it is time, blessed ones, that each and every one of these be victoriously accomplished through someone or another or a team of this movement. When you fulfill your work assiduously, with great determination, then, dearest ones, all that you dream as possible may become fully realized in your lives. When there is compromise in one area, then this lowers the momentum of victory that could be if all would take their place as they have vowed on the inner to do to fulfill their calling. There is so much talent in this movement that I daresay that if each and every one of you fulfills that to which you have been called, then you will be amazed in a few short years just what is manifesting in your life and in your world.
            There is a cosmic brew that is being prepared by many angels of light and cosmic Mothers of heaven that when drunk and assimilated by the sons and daughters of God will result in the full manifestation of the kingdom of God upon Earth. Yet many hands must help prepare this brew in the physical plane, dearest ones. And so I am calling to those of you who have sat on the sidelines and who have not fully invested yourselves in the action, the work at hand of this movement, to step forward, make your voice heard and volunteer and work, work, work for the light!
            It is one thing to decree in your homes, and we applaud many of you for contributing the fullness of your beings in this way. And yet, dearest ones, there comes a time when you must enter the fray of action. And we, the legions of Victory, will assist you in fulfilling the mandates of heaven in this way.
            Do you think that we can transform this entire planet if only a few here and there across the Earth volunteer for this sacred work? No! We require many more who will step forward! Think of those who invested their very life energies in fulfilling the mandates of the Master Saint Germain to found this nation. Do you think that the Revolution could have been victorious had many more simply said, “Oh, it is not my time,” “Oh, I must be with my family in my home”? No, dearest ones, it took sacrifice! It took work! It took determination and a oneness of spirit to conquer the enemies of freedom and liberty in that hour.
            Well, I can tell you that right now is a pivotal time for this nation and for freedom in America and the world. And if we are to have the victory of the light, then many more of you, you, you must step forward and work with us, the angels of Victory.
            Yes, I extend my heart and my fire to you this day, and I am intent on the victory of each and every servitor, heartfriend within this movement. What does this mean? It means that you will work as one—as one, I say—compassionate for each other's requirements, loving in all your words and deeds, and determined in your fiery spirits to fulfill all that God through you has called forth.
            I see your Solar Self realized now! I accept and I am the victorious sense of your Solar reality blazing forth upon this Earth in this hour. And I lend the momentum of a legion of angels for each and every one who will, first of all, fulfill El Morya's request to have their wills fulfilled by spring equinox.
            Some of you have said in your state of unreality, “Oh, I cannot do what Morya asks, for I have already committed this and that to my family; I do not have anything of value to give.” Well, dearest ones, this is a defeatist attitude! If you simply step forward and proclaim your will as God's will and give 10 percent to the Master, then I, Victory, will also lend the momentum of my light body to you for the duration of this lifetime to help you accomplish God's holy will in your life and what you told the Karmic Board before your incarnation that you would fulfill. Some of you are behind schedule, and a few of you are actually ahead of schedule, such as this one, who determined no matter what to stand firm in the light to fulfill his destiny.
            Dearest ones, I see the bridge between heaven and Earth established by cosmic links of the Solar Selfhood of each of you standing in your position, holding that fire day by day, determined to be one of the creative ones who will give birth, through your consciousness, to the New Age. And I am here for you; I am there for you; I am everywhere for you when you stand firm in this resolve to be and to manifest the victory consciousness in your life.
            I tell the new council of this movement that you require a volunteer coordinator, someone who is able to handle more than what the current director of operations can manage with the load of his responsibilities. For I see dozens of heartfriends now stepping forward who are determined to give something to this mission. Therefore consider my request and assign someone, even a volunteer, to be that one who will assist in the nurturing of each one for the fulfillment of his or her mission.
            The volunteer spirit of Victory is yet present in America and in some nations upon Earth through those who have seen the handwriting on the wall and who would give of their hearts to provide a nexus of light for the New Age to manifest here and there upon Earth.
            Burn through and release all defeatist attitudes and consciousness lodged in the subconscious of lightbearers upon Earth, O God, this day. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through and consume it now by the power of the will, wisdom and love of the Almighty One. And release the light of Victory as a permanent focus of golden, liquid, fiery Solar light in their worlds, blazing through their crown, manifesting through their consciousness so that each one's ascension in the light will be assured.
            For each of you who assents to work for truth in the law of the One, affirming your reality and setting the seal upon your vow now by your hand, the angels of Victory now surround you and will remain with you so long as you are true to that word through daily action, givingness and the presence of love in your life.
            I am Victory! I stand with those who stand for God—in God and in the fire of the Eternal One. I thank you.


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