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David Lewis      February 08, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 8, 2012   7:30-8:00 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Update on Hearts Center Developments

Fulfilling El Morya's Request to Name the Hearts Center
as a Beneficiary in Our Wills

            Good morning, everyone. At times I like to talk a little bit about what's happening in our Hearts Center movement to give context for our spiritual work. There are changes that are always occurring and new matrices that are unfolding that I believe are wonderful and indicative of the co-creativity of all of our heartfriends, our leadership, our staff, all of our volunteers who are working so conscientiously and consciously to bring about a better world through this activity.
            One change that we are implementing now is that for the transcribed HeartStreams we will be eliminating the use of virtually all of the little brackets that show the word changes that have been made in the edited version of the transcript vis-à-vis, or in reference to, the original audio file. The reason for this is that speech is obviously colloquial, a different medium than the written word. And when the HeartStreams and discourses and sharings are transcribed, we have to take into account grammar, word usage and what I've observed as run-on sentences. The nature of speech and off-the-cuff conversation is such that it is different than the written word.
            So in order to facilitate an easier reading experience for you, all of our heartfriends, and future generations, we're going to eliminate the use of these brackets showing the edits and simply state in the footnote at the bottom of the transcriptions that there have been changes made based on an approval from either the masters or me because of the editing that is required for this. So this is one change that I desire to bring to light to all of us because I'm very deeply invested in the final approval, in the final editing of the various transcribed HeartStreams. And there are a number of people along the way, including the transcribers and the editors, who are also involved, and this will actually save us a considerable amount of time because of the very nature of this dynamic of editing.
            Also, I've been communicating a little bit with some people on our promotion team, and I know that some of my communiqués may be a little bit testy at times because I desire everyone to know that I believe that this movement is truly about the ascended masters' teachings, about all of us as a community, and I don't desire to be held up on a pedestal in any way, promoted as an individual. It's really about community, about our oneness, about the teachings that are coming forth through the ascended masters, who are our elder brothers and sisters, and not about me.
            I've seen how other organizations and movements really promote an individual, and of course that person is the nexus through which the teachings come. Yet there is a fine line between promotion of that individual and the essence of the sponsorship of the masters that is behind that individual. In the case of our movement, if there's too much emphasis on me, the fact that I'm a teacher, et cetera, I get very uncomfortable. That's because I always desire for people to first focus on their own God Presence, their own I AM THAT I AM, the source of light for their own spirit and soul and their connection with their Source; their connection with their elder brothers and sisters, the ascended hosts, angelic hierarchies, cosmic beings; and then, lastly, on that which is the nexus of the voice that is provided for the ascended masters through whatever vehicle they desire to use. In this case, of course, it is through this orifice, and yet it may change.
            When we focus too much on an individual, the personality rather than the divinity that uses them, there can be a degeneration. This is what has occurred in Christianity and Buddhism and other spiritual teachings and religions. People have focused too much on Jesus rather than the Christ consciousness and that which worked and moved through him by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. People are making too many statues of Buddha. Yes, they can be used as talismans and beautiful icons for devotion, and yet the Buddhic essence, the teaching, the dhamma is what is truly important. Neither Gautama Buddha nor Jesus the Christ desired that people emulate them or put too much focus on their personality. And we've seen this occur and make a travesty of their teachings, which are their legacy. So I defer to the ascended masters in this situation so that we always focus on what is important, true, vital rather than getting too much involved in focusing on the vehicle.
            I just signed and sent to virtually all of you a beautiful letter encapsulating what we accomplished in 2011 through our movement, which you all made possible by your contributions, your very generous donations, your investment of your time, your energy, your love, your devotion and your prayer work. I was amazed to see just how much givingness there is in our movement. And it took me upwards of eight hours to sign all of these letters and write little notes to each of you, to fold the letters and put them in the envelopes and then to mail them. And I can assure you it took Jeanette Wallen  upwards of two days to print and prepare the letters and evelopes and send them to me so that I could sign them for you.
            You've been seeing on a monthly basis letters signed by various council members thanking you for your contributions. And in these letters there's usually a very nice, thoughtful update on what your contributions have allowed us to do within our movement—the upgrades, the new initiatives, the sacred work that we are involved in. And when I reviewed, based on what was presented to me, what we've accomplished, I was truly amazed to see just how far we came in 2011. And I am very heartened to know and to view in advance, based on our business plan and our budget, which are an alchemy, what we are destined to fulfill in 2012.
            When our guidance committee met recently, we discovered that we're a little behind in some respects in our alchemy for this year and in terms of what we desire to bring in with abundance and, of course, as a result what we will be able to accomplish. We are moving forward on many fronts. We've made some awesome progress in certain technical areas, especially with the website and what is going on behind the scenes with various software applications that will make life easier for everyone. So I desire, on a regular basis, to have one or more of our council members keep you abreast of how we are doing in this endeavor so that we can be real about where we are in the process, so that we can enter into this alchemy as one community in order to really push forward the plans of the Brotherhood and make sure that we are on-target and in line with their desires, their goals, their vision.
            One of the reasons that I asked for the adoption of the practice of reading the mission and vision statements each morning during these broadcasts is so that we can all memorize them and energetically hold that field of our mission and vision collectively in a very powerful way. When we do put forth the thrust of light through our word and say those words together, there is the building of a current of spiritual fire from the nexus of our voices as one, which does co-create a new grid and matrix of light. So this is what we are doing on a daily basis. And the more we repeat this, the more repetitions there are of this, the greater the momentum that is built and the more the fire and the integrity of that matrix is established in the world of form. Elemental beings, builders of form come, the Elohim work with us, and there is a tremendous surge of God-power, God-love, God-wisdom that is manifest in this, which is really miraculous to behold on inner levels.
            Some of you have seen the dynamics of this through your inner vision. It is amazing to behold the work of angelic hierarchies, devic beings, the precious elementals. And when the three kingdoms—the Elohim (including the elementals), the angelic hierarchies, and humanity (or mankind)—work as one, there is the establishment of God's kingdom upon Earth. So we do become invested in heaven's work, even as heaven is invested in our work in this footstool kingdom. This is really one of our basic and fundamental goals, that we do bring heaven to Earth in this way.
            So I would like to thank you, each and every one, for all of your participatory efforts in so many ways that have unlocked your higher power through your Higher Self, through your great God I AM Presence, the Solar reality of your true nature. As we continue to do this sacred work on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, we will see the gradual investment of heaven in our domain, and once certain things have been accomplished, we will look back and be amazed at the progress that we have made.
            Jackie has spoken on the will project, and a letter is being prepared. Some of you received an email yesterday from Jackie. And I have to tell you, I just recently sent in the information on my adjusted will because I felt that I had to do this first. To date we've only received four answers to this request of El Morya's, and I have to say that I am somewhat startled at this point in time at the nonresponse of our leadership and of heartfriends and servitors as a whole to El Morya's request. I have spoken on it on at least two or three occasions now. And I have to tell you that if we do not meet this request of the Master, in addition to the fact that he will not be able to sustain the awesome dispensation of the multiplication of our donations by that double factor of the normal tithe response, there could be a certain withdrawal of the intensity of the messages coming forth through my heart and my being.
            When a master such as El Morya has given so much in terms of laying down on the altar of humanity his heart, his fire, his determination to save America and to save the Earth and to save all sentient beings, it is truly incumbent upon us to enter into the equation of the master's work and God's will working through that master in order to assist that one in the highest possible way.
            I am directing, on behalf of El Morya, the leadership of our movement to contact every heartfriend who has given to date very generously, and to facilitate this project moving forward now victoriously. I am so invested in El Morya because he is my father. I revealed a while back, kind of with great trepidation, the fact that I was, as I understand it, embodied as Isaac, the son of Abraham. I have to tell you that El Morya, our great Bapu, our great Master, is phenomenal in the power, the energy, the virya that he wields on behalf of God in this evolutionary journey of our Earth, and I cannot even imagine not fulfilling the Master's request.
            Now, some of you feel that you do not have anything to give at all. You have no assets, or virtually no assets stored up as a result of your life. And you feel, “Well, why should I do a will? There's nothing for me to give.” Well, that is exactly the opposite tack that we must take. Because when we are obedient to the Master's request, it sets in motion a matrix, through our words, our lifestream, our energy, that fulfills the Master's request and actually magnetically and spiritually draws to us the virtual and the real abundance that we require to be victorious.
            Everyone has clothes. Everyone has something to give—books in their home, on their shelves, a bed, food. Most of you have cars or other vehicles. These are assets. And though you may have debts, when your transition is made, there has to be a will so that those who come after you are not burdened by having to deal with the resolution and the dissolution of your assets in a way that could embroil them in legal battles, et cetera— getting lawyers involved, getting the government involved. I've spoken on this already. I'm bringing it back to our attention because many of us are aging. And as we get to be in our 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, it's incumbent upon us to have our house in order, and part of this is being in God's will in this matter.
            Now, some of you live in other countries, in Canada, in Sweden, outside of the United States. And what Jackie will be conveying to you is that it is OK for you to give a portion of your abundance to a local Hearts Center or heartfriends group if it is a legal entity that is established by law within that nation or state and there is the reality of an actual group that is manifesting, meeting on a regular basis, communing on a regular basis, doing spiritual work as one, together. If there is simply the name of a Hearts Center or heartfriends group but you never meet and there is no plan of action for your city, for your nation in terms of what you are doing collectively to fulfill God's will through the masters' words, then it would be better if those funds came to our central Hearts Center to use for the highest output of the Brotherhood's work.
            So you have to have a plan. You have to have structure in order for, karmically and cosmically, that law to kick in within your nation, for you to be able to give locally. I understand the dynamics of how people feel about sending money overseas or to another nation, that you do not necessarily get credit for that donation within your own nation because of the laws of the world. However, there is a higher law, and the higher law is the law of the One. And feeding the source through which that Word flows and nourishing the vehicle through which that manifests is important. So unless there is a true vehicle in your nation, in your city for that to manifest, again, it is better to give where it will be utilized for the highest good.
            So I desired to clarify this because some of you have asked, “Can I give locally?” And of course, the answer is yes if there is that vehicle. And the Master says that if you don't have that vehicle set up yet, he encourages heartfriends to get together and do it and make it a reality. So it's actually an encouragement of you to bring this about by conscientious work, by study, by contacting the authorities, the law in your area and fulfilling that particular mandate.
            Now, in cases where there are only one or two individuals, it's very difficult to have the constancy, the continuity to have a real Hearts Center set up. And so we've set up in our bylaws, in our guidelines, that it takes three or more people to actually have a Hearts Center. You have to have a council or a board. And typically, legally, most of these require three or four: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, et cetera.
            If you have any question about this, we have a team of wonderful leaders in our movement—Jackie Fleder, Steve Miller, Deborah Timberlake—who are all very well versed and knowledgeable in the laws of the land and can assist you in both your will and in forming nonprofit communities, as you see fit.
            How we will implement this directive that I am giving today is for us as a council and as the leadership of our movement to implement. There is ample information on the wills page on our website for this. All of what you require is there for you to fulfill the Master's directive. And to share again what Jackie shared, we don't desire to see your entire will. We simply desire to have emailed to us or shared with us the information that you put in your will in the portion that names the Hearts Center and who the executor is of your estate. Of course this is simply to give us the understanding, the knowledge that you have fulfilled that requirement of the Master to name the Hearts Center as being a beneficiary of your will for at least 10 percent or more. And when this is implemented, then we can put your name on the list to give to El Morya on or before March 21st of this year. So we don't have a lot of time, and there's going to have to be a lot of work involved by many of you to implement this.
            Again, even if you feel your debts are more than your assets, it's important that your word be heard, that you fulfill the Master's request. It's a little daunting for me to share this message with you because, of course, it deals with finances; it deals with personal matters of considering one's transition from this plane, which can be very intense for some people. Yet I can assure you that it is important for us all to have a will and to deal with this, and many people that do not deal conscientiously with preparing a will leave a great burden upon their heirs.
            El Morya desires that we all take care of this quickly so that he can go to cosmic councils, secure the dispensation again for that multiplication factor and additional dispensations. El Morya is deeply involved in the work of our Hearts Center movement. He cares. And lest anyone think that this is some pie-in-the-sky scheme, I can assure you it is not. El Morya is involved in every aspect of our movement as we call to him daily, as he is invested in our work, in our teams and the daily affairs of the Brotherhood's outreach effort through this movement.
            Leadership is key for this age. That leadership is heart-centered leadership. This coming weekend, this Saturday, we have the vote for our new council members. And I ask you to pray for our council to be overshined by the Brotherhood and the masters to elect those officers and people for our council who can truly provide the resources for us to move forward this year.
            I think I'm OK in saying that two of the current council members are stepping down and not running again. As a result of having open positions, there will be four individuals chosen, and we have actually at this time four applications. So it may not be rocket science to figure out that the four applicants may be elected because we have four positions. And yet still it requires the attunement of the Holy Spirit to discern whether every candidate is fit for office, so to speak, and is capable of fulfilling the duties and the work of that office.
            In addition to that, we have the voting for our new directors, which are the president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. There will be change in this dynamic because our beloved Carol Wells is not running again. She has very graciously and generously served as our secretary for a number of years, fulfilling that sacred office just tremendously. And it's time that a new secretary be voted in. And of course we still have to have the election of all of those four positions. So it may not remain exactly the way it is today. It won't, and yet we'll see what happens.
            So this has been my update to you this morning from my heart. I pray that each and every heartfriend hear this message with Godspeed and that we collectively work as one to move with El Morya, to stand in his fire, as we say in our prayer, and to really be true-blue and resolved to fulfill this master's request. I believe it is real. I believe it is sanctioned by cosmic councils. I am personally invested in this. I have fulfilled the request of the Master. I don't think that I can expect anyone else to fulfill it until I do. So I desired to tell you this morning that I have done it. And I am encouraging—if I could use the word demanding, I would, yet I won't—I am encouraging you with all of my heart and being to be obedient to this request so that together, as one, we may move forward. God bless you, and have a great day.

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