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David Lewis      February 05, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 5, 2012   8:00-8:17 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Using Ho'oponopono for the Resolution of Everything in Our Worlds

Embracing Irritants
as Messages from the Cosmos and Our Oversoul

Good morning, everyone. We have our final class of the current Meru University course that begins in about a half hour. It has been, in my opinion, an awesome four-week adventure within as we have meditated, as we have given the forgiveness mantra—I love you; I am sorry; please forgive me; thank you—throughout our days and evenings and begun to really shift into a new gear of spirituality by accepting our responsibility for everything in our world, what we have co-created both in this life and in all lifetimes.
Now, the teaching that I'd like to present is that this work will be ongoing and we will enter into an energetic work that will take us and move us simultaneously through our past and into our future for the resolution of everything in our worlds. When we are truly resolved, we are one with God and there remain no irritants in our world.
            The irritants that we experience in our daily lives are there as messages from the cosmos and from our Oversoul. An irritant is something that brings our attention to an issue, a problem within us. We've all had the experience of having a little pebble or rock in our shoe, and we have to take off our sock and shoe to get it out. This represents something very deep. Through our feet we have understanding, and by baring that foot temporarily to dislodge the irritant, we have a fresh new opportunity to perceive with new understanding and awareness.
            If we begin to look at every present, past and future irritant as an opportunity for learning and growth, our lives become sublime because there is much less drama, reaction, angst and wonderment from the human vantage point as to why things are the way they are. If we have problems and issues in our lives, we need to look no further than ourselves to understand why they are there. Sometimes the issues that arise in our worlds with pain and suffering and relationship problems are God telling us that we have opportunity now to really focus and charge forth to become and to merge into our true Selfhood. At times, the greater the drama and the greater the issue right before us, the greater the resolution can be and the transmutation that can occur.
           Some of the greatest individuals who have ever walked the Earth had the most intense problems and challenges, and they used them to move into their true Selfhood. Had they not had these challenges, they would not have risen to the occasion, mastered themselves, moved forward and become a master or an adept.
            So if you feel that all hell has broken loose in your world—you've lost your loved one, you've lost your job, you've lost face with other people because you've made mistakes or embarrassed yourself, like I did the other day in a meeting when I said, “Ah, I didn't know what extension to call,” and there it is was right in an email from the person who was coordinating the meeting—so I had to humble myself and apologize. We all lose face at times. When we can laugh at ourselves, be humble, be true to our inner nature, then the universe somehow magically comes to our aid and the light bows to us even as we bow to the light, and God's grace kicks in in that moment to charge us with what we require to move forward and to resolve our conflicts and issues.
            We begin our meetings with humor for a very important reason, and that is so that we can laugh and at times laugh at ourselves, not taking ourselves too seriously from the human vantage point. Humor is a great instrument and tool to loosen us up so that we can be free to experience the Holy Spirit and joy. If we're too invested in trying to do spiritual stuff to the point where we are rigid and we judge others, we judge ourselves, we analyze ad nauseam, we're not in the Now and God can't get through to us.
            Let's stop our Western analytical, left-brain mind matrix and open up to the universe with new potentialities and miracles that teem in the atmosphere around us by being present, forgiving ourselves and others fully, letting go, letting God, releasing ourselves from the grip of our own idolatry of ourselves whereby we put ourselves first rather than putting the great God Self of all first.
            Every irritant becomes a nexus in the Now, a portal for our advancement on our journey. Pearls develop because of the irritant within that mollusk, which ultimately results in that beautiful life form creating this iridescent sphere of light because of the substance that is projected out from within to encompass that irritant and, in a sense, to neutralize it.
            We can take this as a metaphor. Do we really desire to get rid of the irritant, or do we simply wrap it in love and light and allow it to be that point for the luminosity of our Presence to manifest? The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov has brought forth a beautiful teaching, which many of us haven't yet fully understood, on the nature of good and evil. When we get it and understand, like he did, that all of these things that we go through that seem bad, problematic, evil, dark are for our edification, learning, then we use them for the highest purposes and we bless everyone and everything that comes our way, because each and every person, each and every situation, incident becomes that nexus of opportunity for our becoming.
            Yes, at times we put our attention upon the irritant. We don't stay there, however, and focus on it to the point of identifying with it so much that we become embroiled in an untoward relationship with that issue. We love it, and energetically it dissolves, even though it may remain around us, within us to a certain extent. Then when God sees fit to fully dissolve and erase it from our being, it may be so. But rest assured that another irritant will come up that triggers something within us that requires resolution.
            The process is ongoing until we are free and clear of all reaction, we live in our Buddhic beingness and essence and we are not moved by that which is stirred around us. Though all around us is chaos, we remain in the eye of the hurricane through equipoise, presence. And, yes, even at times when we misqualify energies, we simply come back to that quiescent state, become mindful again, meditate, love all and move into our true nature of light.
            Let us embrace those irritants. Let us embrace our enemies, love them, cherish them, show compassion to everyone. In this we follow Jesus and Gautama in the deeper mysteries, the higher teachings, whereby through this process we embrace who we truly are, we surrender fully the not-self and we embrace and become our true Self.
            So God bless you. I look forward to sharing with you in a few minutes and with Pamela this last class in moving forward in this new year to be victorious in all ways. Blessings.

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