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Virtue      February 04, 2012

Beloved Virtue
David Christopher Lewis
February 4, 2012   8:30-8:44 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

You Are a Bright Star if You Accept the Rays of God as His Virtues within You

The Angels of Integrity Come to Clear
All Ideations of Self Outside of God

Radiant Ones Who Would Understand Who You Are in God, 
            I alight in your midst and shine forth the radiance of the Sun here within you. For, dearest ones, I perceive that because of your work on yourself and your desire to be of greater service to humanity, my coming is essential. And therefore in this hour I extend my heart to you and radiate forth the flame of integrity, whereby as you continue to work to cleanse and clear your own flowfield of light, your own subconscious and the very soul particles of your selfhood in God, there is a cosmic reward as a gift of Spirit. And this is a magnet of light that will allow you to draw to yourself, simultaneously as you release all aspects of self that are less than your perfection, those God-virtues of light in your world.
            You have called to me, and I answer. I am Virtue, and I bless you, each one, with a radiance of sacred fire that is indicative of who you are as a God-created one. You are a ray of God! You are a virtue of the Almighty as you live in your Presence and suffuse out through your being the quintessence of your own Solar reality, dearest ones.
            Some of you may not always feel virtuous, and this is an unnatural state. For in heaven all feel the connection with the God-reality of the Almighty One. Therefore as heaven is infused within the Earth, a new reality is born and more among mankind may feel virtuous, one with God, full of light and joy and radiance!
            Dearest ones, when you release all sense of lack, of want, and even all human desire and accept the complexity and virtuosity of the Spirit in all of its glorious radiances of light, then you can know your Selfhood in God, you can realize your beingness in the center of your identity.
            Yes, it is time for mankind to accept God within! And this will be the washing clean of the entire Earth of all that has transpired in the past which no longer serves the highest and brightest beingness.
            You are a bright star if you accept the rays of God as his virtues within you, shining forth from you, dearest ones. This magnet of fire will magnetize every virtue unto you as you remain humble in your Selfhood in God and rely fully upon God to direct the course of your life. Some of you go here and there, not knowing exactly what your mission is. And you continuously seek something else outside of yourself that will lead you to the one who will value and validate you, or you seek systems, teachings or demonstrations that will somehow give you a sense of peace and inner stillness.
            Blessed ones, the key to your victory is knowing yourself as God now within your heart and entire being! When you accept the frequency of love, every virtue is available to you, flowing through your heart into every avenue of selfhood, every cell of your being. And the momentum that is required for you to rise into your true reality, and to experience that always, comes to you through the light of Virtue, I say.
            Every ascended master is virtuous, for he or she lives in the full integrity of the Godhead. Living in light, living in God, living in presence is your goal. Accept now virtue within every cell of your being, blessed ones. Accept it! Realize it! Feel it! Know it! And this day the angels of integrity come to reintegrate within you the sense of your own blessedness, your own brightness and the light that is present here.
            I charge you now to be virtuous! And I accept on your behalf virtue within you, each one—night and day, day and night, throughout your hours. And even when at times the weight of the world comes upon you and something outside of yourself that you sense as not virtuous temporarily besets your heart and being, it is in this hour that you must fully accept the light and push out from your chakras, push out from your aura all that would level you to be as nothing.
           Dearest ones, you are everything to God, and God must be everything to you, within you. When you accept this equation that God is present within you, one equals One and there is the causation of beingness in your entire auric field and the flushing out of all non-sense.
            Burn through, O angels of integrity, now, and clear, clear, clear from each one all those vestiges and ideations of self outside of God. Live in the hallowed circle of your beingness, O holy ones. Flow with the Holy Spirit in conscious awareness throughout your day. Feel the integrity of the light burnishing you as that bright star who you truly are now!
            The disciplined ones lack nothing. The bright ones feel joy. The starry ones shine as the sun. And the ascending ones are constantly on the rise, enfired in the kilns of heaven, living in that fire of integrity and virtue always.
            This morning I stand simultaneously where each of you are, and especially in the solar plexus of America, Detroit. And I fan forth the fire of virtue in 360 degrees and more, in all directions and planes of being and consciousness so that this nation under God, in God, living as a God-nation, shall come under the rod of fire and fulfill its mission. You have called it forth this morning, and I have answered; and I will continue to shine forth through anyone who desires to know love and virtue within.
            The action is ongoing throughout this cycle of time and space. And I recommend that all of you listening and participating this morning also, if possible, be present for the messages from the Masters El Morya, Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director at the noon-hour broadcast through Sweden. For I, Virtue, will be listening and emanating my Solar light. And there will be a conflagration of sanctity, blessedness and grace through many hearts to raise this Earth in sacred fire this day, Morya's day, every day until all are free in the light. I thank you.

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