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Allegra      February 01, 2012

Beloved Allegra¹
David Christopher Lewis
February 1, 2012   8:00-8:15 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                 If You Desire a New of Level of Understanding, Presence and Perfection, 
                                         Fly with Me on Wings of Light to the Sun of Your God Presence

Gracious Ones of Light,
            I am here, magnifying the light of the Sun within the center of your being for you to feel a new upliftment and spiritual support as you undergo change, transformation and all that is essential for your resurrection and your union with your God.
            I am a master who you have not heard from yet, and I reveal my name as Allegra. For within the light I live, and I leave a legacy of perfection through the dance of light, the rhythm of movement and an infusion of a feminine touch whereby fragrances from the divine world are brought to bear within yours and there is new opportunity for self-transcendence in spherical awareness.
            Dearest hearts, would you develop a new awareness in God as that spherical beingness whereby your own Sun Presence manifests throughout the day and throughout your night? If you desire a new level of understanding, presence and perfection, then fly with me on wings of light to the Sun of your own God Presence. [There] you may feel illumined in  [the] way that we the angels of light experience as we attune to the frequencies of Solar worlds and great God beings who infuse us with multidimensional awareness of Presence and the sunniness of light that recharges our Spirits and allows us to fully engage in our spiritual work with those whom we serve.
            Yes, dearest ones, there are many angels who await your call; and as you utter our names in your prayers, as you attune to the frequencies of light that we bear, there is new possibility for your advancement on the initiatic path. For we guide you, and it is our great pleasure to lead you to your highest calling, your most noble mission of light.
            Do not despair when changes in the world about you may leave you temporarily without support. For, dearest ones, when you put your faith in God, there is a way out. There is the key given to your Higher Self that open[s] the lock of the door of opportunity, [which] provides a new way, a new path of virtue and victory.
There is a pause now in time and space within the worlds of the lightbearers for [all] to consider [your] path—what is essential to engage in on a daily basis, and even hour by hour, to bring about the highest outpicturing of your Selfhood in light. If you feel in any way that you are not outpicturing exactly what you came to provide this Earth with in this hour of your life, be quiet and listen to your own Solar Selfhood and feel and know from within exactly that which gives you your highest happiness because you are fully engaged in your highest service and work in the light.
            Many make compromises in order to earn the coin of the realm to earn a living. Yet, dearest ones, God has already vouchsafed to you your life and beingness. What is there to earn? Simply, you must be who you are and arise each morn with love in your heart, with joy in your step, with a holy vision manifest[ing] through your eyes to conceive of this new world that is dawning within your consciousness and within the world at large; [and know] that you can assist in bringing [this] about through your highest creativity, your most beloved givingness and the sacrificial offering of selfhood to the whole of humanity for the outpicturing of God's will, wisdom and love in your domain.
            When you put your trust in God, God sends us, the angels of light, to thrust forth that which you require at every hour to be who you are. Compose yourself in Spirit. Dress your auric field with light radiances, multifaceted colorations and frequencies of your true nature, your victorious beingness, your virtuous self. And in this, blessed ones, the co-creativity that will manifest through your heart, through your entire being will be magnificent. And you will simply step into the reality of your Presence, glowing with light and flowing with the flowering aspects of the angelic ones, who love you so and whose joy it is to grace you with those holy quintessences of sacred fire spirit-energy.
           Yes, I am Allegra. And in this moment in time and space I am here for you, each one, with Inspira,¹ to inspire you both to do your best in a new and creative way and to understand the nature of your Presence, the nature of the One, and the nature of all who have transcended the earthly plane to enter into God's domain of pure light.
            In Presence, you may feel and know all and be one with all in the moment. [Allegra breathes in.] Therefore breathe in spiritual light and the holy fires of God that we offer. Feel the beating of our wings, the impelling frequencies of our heart fires and our cherishment of your souls, and grow in your true integrity, in selfhood, in Spirit, to understand your nature as a Solar being and your victorious sense of godliness with us.
            [Allegra hums an aria for just over two minutes.]
            The angels of love have woven around your hearts, through currents of compassion, a tapestry of beingness and a sacred space that you may enter through meditation to know God-love and all of these virtues within your hearts to bless life and to grace this Earth with the sun-fire beingness of your Presence.
           Thank you, dearest ones, for listening to my message and my aria. I love you always.

1.  Beloved Allegra is the twin flame of Beloved Inspira, who revealed his name and presence in our midst during his HeartStream delivered on January 24, 2012 during the morning broadcast service at the Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart.

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