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David Lewis      January 28, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 28, 2012   8:30-8:57 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana


The Work of Soliel and Astrela
in Regulating Photonic Currents from Our Solar Presence

            Good morning, everyone. I'd like to speak today a little bit about the work of one of the archangels of the crystal rays that we haven't heard from very much except in general HeartStreams from all of the archangels and archeiai of the crystal rays, and that is Soliel. And Soliel is spelled S-o-l-i-e-l. In a letter I penned on December 15, 2007, I wrote, “Soliel and Astrela regulate and gradually increase the starry photonic currents that descend to us from our I AM, or Solar, Presence as we work with the secret rays.” Of course now we are terming the secret rays the “crystal rays.”
            So what does this mean to regulate and gradually increase the starry photonic currents that descend to us from our Solar Presence? To me, what this means is that as we are authorized by our devotion and by our presence to have a greater release of light from our Solar Presence [and] we can be trusted [to use] the energies from that Source  conscientiously and appropriately in this dimension and world. [It also means that] these beautiful angels [of the five crystal rays will] inspire us and guide us and educate us in how to turn up, through a divine thermostat, that light and to use those frequencies for the betterment and the benefit of mankind.
            We develop this trust by obedience to the law of the One, obedience to our inner voice, obedience to the ascended masters and our sponsoring gurus. We develop that trust by proving that we will always qualify the light in the highest way, with pure motive in mind and heart, and that come what may in terms of initiations, we will never curse God or curse others. We will submit to the higher walk with angelic beings and our blessed elder brothers and sisters on the path to ennoble God's light here within this footstool kingdom, [and] we will serve and be of great service to all life by sublimating our own human desires, propensities and those things that bring us great joy [personally] to the greater unfoldment of God's plan upon Earth.
            You see, the angels have to submit to the dictates, the directives of the Godhead. And they are obedient to that holy will, wisdom and love [in terms of] what they fulfill in their dimensional planes as they are focusing that light through the crystalline nature of their beings to bring light to the cosmos. We can do likewise. As we learn the sciences of the sun, as we develop intuition and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, [as we claim] the siddhis of the adepts and as we judiciously use them to benefit life, then we are entrusted with these higher frequencies and the empowerment that comes because of that trust.
            So as Soliel and Estrela regulate and gradually increase these photonic currents, we can do greater spiritual work on our Earth. First, the domain that we work in is primarily our own individual world, and we master ourselves. And of course this process goes on throughout our life because we are constantly working on balancing our karma and directing these light frequencies into the deepest recesses of our own being to cleanse, wash, purify, transmute every aspect of our own being in order to be the richest and fullest conveyor of spiritual light to our Earth. We desire to be pure vessels, washed clean in that Spirit, in that light.
            At a certain point, when the trust is there because we have proven over many years, decades, through an entire life and over lifetimes that we will qualify the light and the energies vouchsafed to us appropriately, then we begin to use these frequencies for the enlightenment of mankind, the freedom of evolutions here; and a greater and increasing portion of that energy provided to us from our Source is expanded outward into creation as a blessing, as a boon to other lifestreams and to all of life. The amount that is distributed through our chakras and auric field is in proportion to our purity, our pure motive and our self-mastery.
            So if we desire to see change in the world, [to see all] that we desire come [fully] into manifestation, it is incumbent upon us to continue to cleanse and purify our worlds so that the reflecting energies through the crystalline nature of our chakras is magnified by that level of purity. [Thereby] the effectiveness of our spiritual work grows because of the greater harmonic frequencies resonating through our being that can emanate out. If we were to receive these very high energy patterns from the Source through our being and there was still a lot of refuse within us, then we [could not] be the transmitters of great cosmic light to the world. A greater portion of that energy [would] kind of bounce around within our own auric field to take care of those elements within us that [had] yet to be transmuted.
             We've heard the phrase “Be the change you desire to see in the world.” It has become almost trite, in one sense, because [many] New Age thinkers and believers accept this, and yet do they really do that deep, personal spiritual work, psychological work that is essential to bring them to the point of being a Christ, a Buddha, a type of crystal being in order to have this level of planetary change manifesting through their consciousness?
            Everything we are learning on our spiritual journey is there as a tool, an opportunity for us to grow spiritually, to expand our awareness, our consciousness, to bring greater levels of presence and the power of that presence into play through our lives to grace this Earth, to literally dress this Earth in light and to benefit all sentient beings.
            So [what] we are learning [in the current class of Meru University] through the science of Ho'oponopono, this greater inner cleansing work and its import, is essential for us as we move, at the beginning of this year 2012, into those dimensional frequencies that can be ours as we master ourselves. And then the greater change that will manifest upon the Earth will come because individually and collectively we have transmuted more and more, [and] we [have] take[n] accountability and responsibility for the entire Earth through ourselves from the point, the nexus, of our own reality.
            Now, Soliel obviously works with the light of the sun because s-o-l means “sun” in Spanish. And one of the key components of what Soliel and Estrela do is to act as a type of cosmic harmonizer and regulator, like a thermostat, to allow our I AM Presence, our God Presence, our Solar Presence, to deliver to us more as we are capable, based on where we are in consciousness at a given point in time and space through our days, our weeks, our months, our years. And it is a very important process to be able to regulate this because we go up and down in the biorhythms of our life, often according to lunar cycles and solar cycles and, as we increase in our self-mastery, certain starry cycles of other systems of worlds. And those who gain greater self-mastery and inner gnosis begin to work with the energy fields of other starry systems.
            I received an email yesterday from Raphael Fitch. He was looking up in the heavens and he saw a certain configuration and how it impacted us. And through a great attunement he was able to understand certain cosmic cycles and the rays that were at play through these starry bodies and then to qualify those energies through the giving of certain prayers to amplify them and to use them to benefit life. This is the type of sensitivity that the true magi have in understanding cosmic frequencies and solar cycles of other starry bodies.
            Now, you may not think that you are qualified right now, humanly, to be able to understand the rays that come from other sun systems. And yet your Solar Presence, your God Presence, which is a Solar energy field of great magnificence and virtue and power, does understand these rays, these powers, these frequencies and cycles. And therefore in our higher bodies we do this work, even though humanly we are not always aware of what is at play.
            Soliel and Estrela work with our Solar Presence in this way. And when there are events that occur such as solar flares, as we've seen recently, and there [is] a huge impact on the atmosphere of the Earth—the electronic field, or auric field, of the Earth itself—and even the shifting of certain tectonic plates within the Earth as a result of these vast protuberances from the sun that flow out, we can be those advocates for the Lord in terms of holding the balance and embracing that light by bracing ourselves to be a nexus for the streaming forth of these higher energy patterns [and thereby] be a protector and a regulator in our own right within the Earth.
            Now, again, this is solar science 101 for our Higher Self. We may think it's more like rocket science in this human plane, and yet it is teaching as in the nursery grades for these great Solar beings who are able to understand these cosmic frequencies. When we study astrophysics, when we study heliophysics and understand the sciences of light at these vast dimensional planes of being and within these higher realms, we begin to be able to work with the ascended masters and these great archangels, these crystalline beings of light, to be prepared in every way to be instruments for the shift that is occurring on Earth and [to be] advocates for God's work in this plane so that the kingdom of God may come upon Earth as it is in heaven.
            Those who visit the sun in their finer bodies in their meditation receive certain solar patternings, [engrams of light],  that [they] bring back to the Earth, in time and space. The more you meditate, the more you solar gaze and increase the level of light-energy that you are able to hold and sustain within your body temple; within your chakras; your higher mind; your higher inner vision, or your third eye; and your physical eyes, [the more] you become the nexus for this greater flow and the currents of God-power that can grace our Earth.
            The purer your diet is, the more you exercise and have an infusion of prana within your body temple—through ample sleep; proper regulated exercise on a daily basis; yoga; [the] ingest[ion] of the essences of prana from the atmosphere, from the sun, retain[ing] them within your solar cells, your physical cells, [your blood, the red blood cells, the corpuscles, your lungs; et cetera—the more you are able to benefit life by being a solar being, by growing into that holy office of light of a true sun, S-u-n, of God, whether you are a son or a daughter, a man or a woman, a lady or a knight of the flame.
            I believe that these photonic currents are like little packets of light that are concentrated with Solar fire. And at times we may feel almost a swoon within our spiritual being when it is given to us to handle more light-energy in order to stabilize the greater auric field of the Earth and, [as] we say, hold the balance for life upon Earth. If you feel at times an uncomfortability in your being—either emotionally, mentally or at some level that you haven't quite put your finger on within your greater auric field—simply quiet your mind, your outer being, breathe deeply and feel the currents of fire, the photonic light energies from your Source, descending through the crystal cord, empowering you to be that point, or that nexus, for the stability of light in your domain. In this way you become a greater resonator of this Solar fire and Solar light.
            The crystal rays are ever changing, moving, transforming, repatterning or, as some would say, shape-shifting. Why is this? Because God is continuously changing. We are growing, expanding, morphing into a greater divine being all the time. And you can't necessarily put your finger on the crystal rays and say, “This is the color of the eighth, the ninth, the tenth, the eleventh, the twelfth rays, and it's this specific color pattern or frequency,” because they interpenetrate and move, crystallize and recrystallize, go back into the liquid state and then come back into form temporarily.
            So there is this constant state of change that is required in order for us to be able to access the Solar radiance. If you were to look at the sun as an astrophysicist or a solar physicist, you'd see the constant streaming of these great solar gases that move within the sun. And to understand these patterns and the cosmic geometry that's involved in this is a great solar science. Well, if the sun is ever transforming and changing in its physical makeup, so to speak, and in its spiritual beingness, how much more are we required to be ready for change and transformation in order to accept these great Solar frequencies of light within our being?
            Pliability, flexibility, being able to shift and, at a moment's notice, move with the ascended masters to fulfill a particular initiation, calling or directive is important. We've heard the term “Mobility is a sign of the initiate.” To be flexible and movable and changeable is one of the things that is a requirement for disciples of this coming age. Those who are stuck in patterns of belief systems, matrices of yesteryear will have a difficult time embracing the patterns of Aquarius and the changes that are essential [in order] to evolve and to grow into [their] true Solar Selfhood. Those of you who are willing and able to accept change within your being are more likely to be receptors for these higher frequencies and currents, because that is the nature of life itself.
            So all of the dualistic systems of mechanical physics are falling away as we realize that consciousness impacts physical substance. Energy, through awareness, shifts, changes and affects everything. I believe that our divine mind is the great co-creator, through consciousness, of our beings. [And] as we meld our higher minds with the divine mind, [we] allow the quintessences of that beautiful radiant intelligence of the universe to flow through our being, to inspire us, to grace us with the most beautiful harmonic understandings of what life is, of what love is and of what the true nature of God is.
            I pray that we will hear more from Auriel and Alena, Celestel and Celena. We've heard from Christiel and Christyla, and we've heard recently from Virtuel and, by and through his being, his beloved Vestrea. As these crystalline archangels and archeiai assist us as we transit into the new Age of Aquarius, let us be available for their inspiration, for their truth, their teaching to work through and flow through us so that we can be true advocates for the new Age of Aquarius and the quintessences of the Spirit that are rightfully ours to employ as Solar beings.
            God bless you. Have an awesome day, and I look forward to being with you again tomorrow during our Meru University course and our Sunday service. Thank you.

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