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David Lewis      January 25, 2012

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 25, 2012   9:00-9:25 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Meru University:
“144 Virtues” and “The Mystic Path of Adeptship with El Morya”

Etch Out Your Destiny as a Solar Being

            Good morning, everyone. Tonight we have a great opportunity to engage with many cosmic beings—the Virtues themselves, the being Virtue, the being Virtuel with his beloved Vestrea—in a discussion on the virtues.
            Claire Brown has prepared magnificently for this time of communion and sharing, interaction and blessing, one hour per month of time, for us to, in a very conscious way, bring ourselves to the altar of God to bask in the Presence and the light of the Virtues as we consider these 144 rays of light, which are indicative of the very Godhead, are expressive of the beingness of the One, the Creator, our Source.
            We will meditate, we will go within and we will discern with the Holy Spirit and our Divine Presence, our Solar Self, what these virtues are. I encourage all of you to take time before each class to consider these, to meditate and then to bring to the class what has come to you in your deepest contemplation in this time of silence with God that would be a blessing and a boon for others during our time of sharing. I look forward to this evening's class and being with each and every one of you and feeling the impulses from our Source and entering into this space of God-power and what that means for our Earth in this time of the shift to a new awareness and consciousness.
            In addition to this wonderful free event and series of twelve events, we have upcoming on March 4 a Meru University one-day course with beloved El Morya on adeptship, with a focus on the New Blue energies of Spirit and the frequencies from Sirius, the Great Central Sun of our known universe, our sector of the universe.
            What will this class entail? Why are we communing with the Master Morya El, and what will this mean for the springtime of this year, the cycle of Pisces moving into Aries, et cetera? I have not received the full syllabus for that one-day class yet, and yet El Morya is here today to share with us an inkling of what will transpire in our communion together.
            I believe that our focus on the virtues allows us a portal to the very heart of God so that we can receive the light-energies from the Sun, from our Sun Source, with greater clarity, with a new opportunity for going higher and going further within ourselves to feel what it means to be a Solar being. What does that look like? What does it feel like? What are the sensings of our Oversoul as we begin to merge with and blend with our True Self, our Solar Self?
            Those of us practicing the Solar sciences have begun to sense what it will be for us to live as immortal beings, as fully conscious and awakened, enlightened sentient beings in this way. El Morya will bring to us his own sense of what it is like to be a true master of one's self, a true devotee of the Sun, a true Sun of God, a S-u-n. And imparting his wisdom, his faith, his understanding and the integrity of his love of God and for God and in God, he will illumine us with this ancient gnosis, teaching that will allow us to, in a deeper and more comprehensive way, etch out our destiny as Solar beings; because we are all destined to merge with the Great Central Sun.
            Now, many masters have gone to the Sun after their ascension to receive an impartation of cosmic light. So El Morya will share with us what it was like to enter the Sun and to bask in that eternal glory-light and to feel the currents and the radiation of the one who represents God within our known universe, to commune with Alpha and Omega and receive a new sense of mission and purpose as an ascended being.
            I read a little bit from a book by Phoebe Marie Holmes, which Wayne Purdin loaned me and I just sent back to him. I read this during our conference. It is a beautiful book because this lady, who lived in the early twentieth century and is an ascended lady master, as I discerned later upon reading most of the book, went to the Sun in a very conscious experience. And what she brought back was astounding and beautiful. It was the same type of celestial journey that John the Beloved made when he entered the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. She saw the Sun dimensionally, felt it energetically, entered into it spiritually in order to know what is in store for all of us, to give us a glimpse of the beauty, the radiance, the patterning, the perfection of this eternal city of light that is within the Sun.
            Our purpose upon Earth is to bring the Sun into play in all of its dimensional and glorified patterns and rays and quintessences to bless life, to raise life, to heal all life that we have been sent to serve. When we are Sun centers, living in our integrity, we know our Source, we have that full connection with our Presence, and then what manifests through our life, our awareness is beautiful, radiant, of God. We talk of people having a sunny personality, being radiant. These are true qualities of the virtuous ones, sons and daughters of God, whom we all are.
            El Morya will lead us to the center of our being in an experience of power. And later in the year, the other two magi, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, will augment his teaching with their own to give us a triad of teachings on adeptship that will move us deeper within to know ourselves, to become our true selves, to be God in manifestation.
            I see many treatises of light being released that are for this millenium. The teachings themselves that are being presented through our movement through publications, through video presentations, audio books, et cetera are beautiful, energetic releases of light. And when we have releases such as what El Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul will give us, it is imperative that we first be there in an experiential way to witness to this release; because we are a part of that release, as the master will convey through our consciousness elements of these God-truths that will benefit all of humanity.
            You see, when we are present, particles of our Solar essence and radiance enter into the equation of what is released because the master uses our consciousness in this sacred modality of teaching to present to a greater and wider audience of lightbearers upon Earth what is essential for them to know, to receive, to become in this hour of Earth's journey in history. Because we are living beings, entities upon Earth, the master must use some through whom he can radiate and anchor that light. So when we are present, either physically or participating intentionally, reverently and consciously over the broadcast, we are a part of the release. We are more than just a passive audience; we are an active audience and a witness. If John the Beloved had not been able to transcend this Earth plane and go to the Holy City, we would not have his witness to what that eternal abode of light in the heavens is like. It required one to be there in order for that teaching and blessing to emerge.
            The truths that come through each of you are essential for your legacy to be left upon our Earth and akasha so that all souls to whom you are tied are blessed and elevated, sanctified and graced by who you are as a Solar being. My purpose is to facilitate this and to be there as a witness, as an advocate and as a mouthpiece for the master. It is truly the master who releases the light, and he in turn receives from his own Divine Presence and from his sponsoring masters what can be commissioned and released to us by dispensation based on the realities of today, based on the attunement and the attainment of each lifestream that so desires to enter into this experience.
            The more individuals we have participating, the greater the possibilities for an energetic release to the Earth. It's a simple equation of the geometrization of our causal-body momentums. So when more people are there and conscious, the energetic release for the Earth is greater, and what is left in the akashic records is more bountiful as a blessing and boon for all life.
            Yes, we desire to grow this movement for this very purpose. And we should always be cognizant that this is why we desire to reach greater numbers of lightbearers; because the movement, the growth allows a greater geometrization of light across the Earth, a firing of the great God-grid of beingness in many dimensions. And this facilitates our golden-crystal age coming into manifestation.
            The awakening is a process. Enlightenment manifests as a gradual blending of heaven and Earth through the awareness of the quickened ones upon Earth. Yes, there is a point of critical mass where the seeds that have been planted really do come to fruition— sprouting, growing and manifesting their fruit for all life. Yet this is, according to the laws of nature, a sacred process that happens over our time, through our space in order to bring the greatest benefit to all.
            We go through our time of gestation, our infancy, growing as a toddler, through our elementary years into the pre-teen and then teen years, our adolescence, our early adulthood and then the wiser times of our life when we have gleaned much life experience and have more to share of our wisdom with life, and then ultimately move into our full mastery and adeptship. All of this is essential to gird this Earth with the underpinnings of cosmic truth, to allow the New Age to dawn majestically, beautifully, with great cosmic originality and beauty.
            The functionality of the spiritual path is manifest through the conscious awareness of every lightbearer. And when we function as one, as a whole, as united, synthesizing eternal truths into a composite of conscious presence, then we will see a tremendous upsurge of light that finds its way into every avenue of expression within our Earth, into the culture itself. And this is the transformative power of the New Age of Aquarius through love that brings the dawning of the Solar world that we all desire to see in our midst.
            El Morya is a great baker. He brings the leaven to make us rise within the loaf of the world body of heartfriends. He is the leavening agent itself: his awareness, his consciousness that he pours into our beings. And if you desire to more assuredly, more swiftly ascend and soar with the master, be there with him, commune with his heart and mind, be present as he delivers the fire, the Promethean energies of Spirit from on high, to grace us with all that he is, has become and knows.
            The path of adeptship is a path of light, of Solar reality, beingness and responsibility. The most responsible beings in the cosmos are those who continue to emit light nonstop for millennia, for millions of years and eons of time with unabashed power, with magnificence, with omnipresent joy, with God-glorious radiance. And this light nurtures all life in its aura. Beholding the Sun and feeling the rays, the knowledge, the wisdom, the power, the love and all the virtues of God flowing from that Sun nonstop is amazing to experience.
When we blend the energies of our beings with the Solar Lords, the chohans, the archangels and archeiai, the Elohim and all of our higher mentors and advocates, we enter into the very being of God, the very core of identity, the very center of reality. This brings us peace, presence and the possibility for our co-creation of light through our beings.
            It's a wonder to behold each of you in your Solar reality, to experience your light, your energy, your Presence, your radiance, even as these words are being spoken, and to feel energetically what you are feeling when you are resting in Presence, in your Buddha nature, in your Christic Selfhood, in your Mother Light-field—and through this connection to know who you are, even as the master knows you, senses your vibrations, your love. This is true brotherhood/sisterhood; this is true community. And when we can collectively maintain a greater symbiotic relationship, laying a foundation through love, our communities will form physically and all those who resonate with us will be drawn naturally to our hearts, by God's grace.
            May the virtues of the Spirit be upon you and live within you. May the graces of the Lord of all bless you this day, keep you always in the light.

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