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Gautama Buddha      December 31, 2011

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 31, 2011   11:49 pm-12:08 am MST
2012: The Year of Mankind's Awakening:
A Spiritual Retreat for Those Who Would Lead Earth into a New Age of Enlightenment
Carefree, Arizona


The Thoughtform for the Year 2012:
Two Eagles Holding the Sphere of the Sun

Assisting the Sun in Her Journey by Becoming a Sun Where You Are

Gracious Children of My Heart,
            I alight here in your midst to bless you with a new radiance of peace, born of the Spirit, offered from many Lords of Fire who have seen the plight of Earth and answer through the Buddhas who come at the juncture of a new year to assist you in developing a way out of suffering and a way in to the heart of pure understanding and enlightenment.
            In the stillness and from without the eternal Void of pure beingness, I speak to the essence that is you, to the virtue who you are, the blessedness that you have always been in the mind and in the eye of the One. From this point of perfect stillness, there is, by God's grace, within you an acceptance of a higher level of presence, a more gracious aspect of self as equanimity and an ability, through the first cause, to avoid reactivity and to enter, through that presence, your divinity.
            Many are the masters who await your enlightenment and freedom in order to begin a new series of life lessons in higher realms of light, blessed ones. There is an expectancy within heaven that those who have vowed to serve to set life free upon Earth must first attain their own freedom in order to be true attendants to those to whom they have been sent, in order to bring the highest light, the most refined and perfect teachings, the Way of the Buddhas.
            You all have the ability to maintain this harmonic state as you choose to live in your Buddhic essence and to practice the art and the science of stillness each day. When you accommodate within your being this new level of holy attention upon what is real, as the eternal flame within you, this night signified by the physical flame, you may more easily enter into the true spirit of who you are as an eternal one.1
            Dearest hearts, love is real; light is supreme. And though you may live in a surreal world of illusion in this plane, you may in an instant accede to the divine will, which raises you into the all-perfected state of the Buddhas of light whereby that which is manifests within you. And your outer waking consciousness then accepts the higher Buddha-wakefulness, and your ability to maintain presence expands and is fortified by those who attend you, watch over you and continuously bless you with their Presence of light.
            We are those who, within the Great Silence, maintain that harmonic field of beingness for an entire planet and each lifestream evolving thereupon. And it is our great, great joy to maintain that thread of light with each and every one of you, dearest ones, to allow you that extra impetus to also know your connection with your Source—the source of all light, all energy, all Presence.
            Now there is delivered to me upon hands of light from the great Buddha being Kartikeya, from higher realms of light, the thoughtform for the year 2012. And it is this: two magnificent golden eagles flying together, a talon of one intertwined with a talon of the other, and together both holding the sphere of the Sun.
            Yes, dearest hearts, the Sun is the key to the year 2012. For within this perfect ideal, you have the answer to every question. You have the source of life and light. You have vouchsafed to you all that you require to sustain your being and your connection with the Almighty One through your own Sun Presence of light.
            The Sun shines upon Earth and brings new awareness, higher teaching, greater understanding, which all require in order to abide in that new spirit of light that indicates exactly where our Earth must go upon her spiraling journey within this galaxy to fulfill her destiny in light.
            The Sun asks you this night, will you assist her in her journey? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Then discern what this means in terms of you becoming a Sun where you are. For in that, blessed ones, you rise in light within your true nature to that point of being able to sustain a new dimension of consciousness to support exactly what the Sun will provide as holy nourishment to the entire Earth and her evolutions.
            When you understand the Sun—the physical sun, the spiritual Sun behind the sun, and the Sun of you own God-reality—then you live in that light, you support all that the Sun does, all who the Sun is, and you ascend in consciousness to participate with the Buddhas in our divine plan for all.
            The new reality is here, present before you in this thoughtform. Who are the eagles? That is for you to discover as you meditate upon this thoughtform throughout the year and commune with me in moments of silence in order to understand your true nature, your highest being.
            I emanate love. I emanate wisdom. I am within you, even as you are within me, within the "I", the great I that is God.
            Now look into the fire that you are holding and see that which signifies your eternal nature, the unfed flame, the radiance of true beingness, and live in peace evermore.
            [Gautama Buddha chants the OM.]
            A new wave I send to encompass the Earth in cosmic joy and the radiance of my heart's love for you.

1. During the delivery of this HeartStream, each member of the audience held a lighted candle.

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