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David Lewis      December 10, 2011

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (inspired by Beloved Kuan Yin)
December 10, 2011   9:40-10:00 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Sharing Kuan Yin's Rosary and the Message of Mercy Worldwide

            I'd like to speak this morning a little bit about beloved Kuan Yin. We have a beautiful rosary to the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin, both in audio and in video, thirty-three minutes, thirty-three seconds. As Mona and I were giving it this morning in our family room and I was before a beautiful wooden carved statue, which came from the East and which we have on our coffee table, I was engulfed in the radiance of the blessed, the beloved Goddess of Mercy and felt waves of stupendous energy entering my being as I poured forth my devotion to her and to what she represents of God as this beautiful quality of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, love and, of course, all of these wrapped in the light of mercy.
            When Kuan Yin came a number of years ago and inspired me to create this rosary using the familiar cadence of the Hail Mary prayer and changing the words to accommodate her being and to honor her essence, we fulfilled that request, and now we have this beautiful representation of this ritual with songs and prayers. And it was accomplished by the very conscious work of many people—the Creative Arts Team, Maria Min, Boyd and Nancy Badten, Carol Wells and others who were directly involved in editing and working at many levels on this project.
            What I received as I was engulfed in this essence of her love and light was an inspired directive that we can use this tool in a greater way to accomplish more throughout the Earth than what we have accomplished so far. And what I saw very clearly was that we could take a portion of the video, one of the chrisms and maybe clips of parts of this beautiful rosary, and condense it into a shorter version with an introduction such as what I'm sharing today and put it on YouTube, send it far and wide to give people a taste of what this beautiful spiritual ritual is and hopefully elicit a greater response from devotees throughout the world to join us in the giving of this sacred prayer.
            I believe that if all of us are invested and involved in a particular project together that we can make an impact on the world. And because much work went into this video, with the Ho'oponopono song and the dancing at the and our rerecording of it at our World Freedom conference, and it is a more representative version than what we put on the first DVD—which to my knowledge hasn't been incorporated yet into a newer and final version—we can still work even during the remainder of this year to accomplish this victorious goal and see what dispensations can occur once our goal is reached.
            We know that Kuan Yin is on the Karmic Board, a very important member of that august body. Often when dire situations in the lives of individuals are shown through the akashic records and cosmic justice is ready to descend in a certain and particular way, Kuan Yin, because of the momentum of her attainment as a great cosmic bodhisattva, steps in and softens the blow of that karma, which is really self-inflicted, if you would use that term, or self-monitored by the Higher Self of every individual lifestream. And she allows the return to us of the light-energies that we all at times have misqualifed so that lessons can be learned, so that we can requalify them for good and so that a new and higher pathway may be taken by us all to reach our God.
            We have talked recently in some of our deliberations about what we will be doing for 2012, about creating project-oriented work. And I believe this is one project that all of us, each and every heartfriend within this movement, can take part in in some way. And so I am asking on behalf of Kuan Yin, our beloved Goddess of Mercy, that, first of all, each of us has in hand the booklet, the CD and the DVD to know exactly what it is that we have co-created together and that we use this beautiful resource on a weekly basis, if not a daily basis, to effuse our essence into it.
            I would like to receive, within the next week, from all heartfriends who feel motivated a story of how this rosary has impacted you, how you feel when you give it, what it has done to your soul experience to commune with Kuan Yin and very intimately receive the ministering currents of her heart's love within your life. So I'm asking for a portal within our forum to be created today so that many stories can come forth. And if you would like to share your story via audio file, you can record yourself, record a video, send snapshots of statues that you have in your home. Let this be a Kuan Yin week. Let this be a week of mercy and of understanding. And let us fulfill this request of the master, because we did this video recording nearly six months ago and yet there is not that new version of this video that the Karmic Board is expecting to be completed.
            I know that it may be on the timeline for 2012, and if I look at all the projects that are being worked on within our movement, I see this one as one of the most important, if not the most important, for the duration of this year for us to together strive and work to fulfill so that we can bring that light of mercy to the world. And we all know that the world requires mercy in this hour, mercy within the governments of the nations, in the way that leaders in the Middle East are assessing what is occurring and deliberating and making decisions as to how the citizens of those nations are being treated in the public squares as they demonstrate, et cetera.
            We require the softening of the blow and the brunt of the energies upon Earth, of the karma that is descending in this hour so that people can make right choices and rise in awareness and consciousness. We require this energy of mercy to flow around the Earth to quicken hearts to the inner call of the Spirit, to the voice of God within. We require the essences of the sub-virtues of love—mercy being one of them—to be infused into every aspect of life upon this Earth.
            We know that Earth is destined to be Freedom's Star, a planet of violet energy and joy. And if this is true, and I believe it is, then the quality of mercy—as an aspect of God-freedom and what Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director and Kuan Yin and Portia are directing deep within the Earth and suffusing all around the Earth—is essential for us to become, to master and to exemplify in our spiritual lives.
            When we have mercy flowing through our being, through our very bloodstream, then the decisions we make are always softened by the grace of God, by the harmonic frequencies of our Higher Self, consciously applied in every situation to bring forth the highest, the most noble and the most beautiful, and the most understanding. Mercy has within it a quality of understanding—understanding of the soul and its plight, understanding of the nuances of life as it is lived through the reference point of each lifestream and all cultures and all nations everywhere.
           Mercy is a very important aspect of the sephirotic tree within the Cabbalah tradition. And when we study that sephirotic tree and know just how important it is to balance justice with mercy, we can choose to be in the unity field of beingness and the zero point of perfection. We do this by using all of the tools, the spiritual resources that we have to effuse our love into every situation, that which we are undergoing, blessing life and working continuously on cleaning ourselves from the inside out so that our planet also is simultaneously cleansed, beatified, beautified.
            When we embrace Kuan Yin's light of mercy, we are instruments for the golden-crystal age of Aquarius to dawn upon Earth, first through ourselves, through our lives and beings, and then moving outward. We must embrace mercy; we must become mercy. And in all of the deliveries I received from the blessed, beloved Kuan Yin on the quality of mercy in those 33 Missives of Mercy a while back, the light of mercy was qualified through all manner of teaching, which we hope to codify into a small tome of light, a mini-book, in 2012. To do this we must first become that mercy, and we must take this tool that we have of the rosary and make it real in the world, spread its message far and wide and bring everything within it to the fore.
            I believe the teachings on Ho'oponopono are really all about mercy and healing. And when we learn from Sujata Kumara next January, along with the other sponsoring masters of this Ho'oponopono class, how we can use this resource of this ancient kahuna teaching—which evolved originally from Lemuria, and from Lemuria harkened back to Venus—we will see with greater clarity how we have chosen to be instruments for the cleansing, the healing of our Earth, the restoration of balance and harmony. And as we simultaneously use the gift and the understanding of Ho'oponopono, augmented by our understanding of the light of mercy, we can even more powerfully engage in the alchemy of the Spirit through our spiritual work to bring this balance and harmony back to the Earth.
            So again, I'm encouraging all heartfriends to reinvest themselves in the light of mercy, to somehow be involved. You can send artwork on mercy that you draw yourself with crayons or colored pencils or paints or watercolors, whatever, to us, depicting what mercy means to you. Let this be a week that transforms our Earth through the lives of each one of us as we honor the request of the Karmic Board, through Kuan Yin, to really make this happen.
            Now, many of us are involved in many projects and some must continue, such as the songbook being finalized and printed before the new year, and we have a couple of audio projects, CDs that we are also in the process of completing. These can move forward, and yet the Creative Arts Team and others among us can focus on this, bring it to fruition. And I am seeing it manifesting, and I am seeing placed on the altar at our New Year's conference before Gautama Buddha's presence, before the clock strikes twelve on December 31, moving into January 1, a compendium of the offerings of heartfriends as we move into the new year with a clean white slate, a clean white page and offer our hearts to the Lord for the victory of light.
            So thank you for hearing my plea, Kuan Yin's plea to me this morning. God bless you. God keep you. Bye-bye.

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