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David Lewis      November 27, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
November 27, 2011   9:59-10:16 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana
Broadcast through Winnipeg, Canada

Plans for the Expansion of Meru University

Consider Doing Everything Possible to Attend as Many Courses as You Can

            Good morning, everyone. Yesterday we had a HeartStream by beloved Saint Germain delivered through Malta, which is an island off of southern Italy, where heartfriends from Sweden are visiting on vacation, or, as they may call it, holiday. During the HeartStream from Saint Germain, he mentioned expanding Meru University's offerings through Europe, through Scandinavia and especially Sweden.
            As I was meditating this morning in preparation for our Meru University course, our beloved Mother, Clare de Lis, came to me and shared her vision of the expansion of Meru University, [which] I believe is essential for our movement to embrace throughout the world. And as we now have the Master Saint Germain involved, [as he spoke of it] in his HeartStream yesterday, it behooves us to consider what we can do collectively to make this happen for God and for the Brotherhood.
            As we know, Meru University is really the primary focus for, the primary delivery mechanism for much of the teaching that is coming forth from the Brotherhood through this dispensation now. And various masters, including the God and Goddess Meru and Mother, or Clare de Lis, have given us a vision of what they see as possibility for Meru University to really become this beacon of light, understanding, teaching, illumination for the world.
            We have 2012 coming up very soon, in just a little over a month. The masters have called it “The Year of Mankind's Awakening.” What is awakening? It really is illumination, as we know with Gautama Buddha and the Buddhas. Buddha said, “I AM awake.” His enlightenment was really the full awakening of his Godhood. All of the higher powers from his Higher Self, his Atmic Presence, that manifested as he meditated under the bo tree resolved everything within his being and [he] was illumined and awakened.
            Meru University is a vessel for each soul's awakening and quickening, for the liberation of the soul and the spirit through wisdom teaching and, particularly in our dispensation, love-wisdom teaching.
            Now, we have had many Meru University courses, and we've had them one after another [laughs] for a number of years. And it's almost too much for some people to consider how they can attend every course. Part of the reason why so much teaching and so many courses have happened is that as long as I'm in embodiment, the masters desire teaching, teaching, teaching to come forth so that we can release as much as possible during the fourteen years of my messengership through this dispensation. It was originally twelve and it got extended two years. And so as much as I am able to be the receptor for these teachings, the masters are delivering [them].
            Of course, not everyone can attend every course because of situations in your lives, monetary realities and the specifics of and the dynamics of living on Earth today. However, for those of you who have been able to attend most, if not all, of the courses, I know that you've benefited from them, and there has been a very deep foundation laid within your being of these mystery teachings, these progressive revelatory words of the Brotherhood. [This has] allowed you to shift into [a] dynamic [whereby a greater] soulfulness [may] arise from within you [and] you can really be your best, move into your adeptship and become your true Self.
            Now, our friends of light in Sweden have not been afforded, on the whole, this opportunity. Only one or two individuals, generally, from Sweden attend some of the courses. And so Saint Germain came and is investing himself in this, as [are] the sponsoring masters of the Brotherhood [through Meru University] because he sees it as essential for the illumination of the brothers and sisters of light in Europe, in Scandinavia and ultimately throughout the world.
            We have begun offering Meru University courses in Spanish through Chile, and next year we hope that some of our courses can be presented and broadcast through Spain. And, as I see it very clearly through Mother's eyes, this will continue to expand and grow in all manner of domains. [In one of the recent HeartStreams, I believe,] the masters called for a representative in Australia to come forth to assist us in this endeavor. And we will see continuing growth in a number of domains as we put forth our plans, build [and] have staff who can be paid to do the specific work that's involved in allowing these teachings to manifest. So there is much going on behind the scenes with a number of personnel as we plan for the new year and beyond.
            What's important for all of us to know is that when we have the sufficient number of students to take these courses—and we are planning to increase those numbers because we know that it's essential that this happen in order for us to grow—then there is the foundation of the causal bodies of those who are benefiting by these words, who are participating in the Brotherhood's teaching, [which] actually hold[s] the balance for the teaching to come forth on the Earth.
            [When] a certain number of people attend these courses [regularly] and do the work, reading the required text—and some of you read the recommended books and participate on a weekly basis as you're able to carve out time in your busy lives—there is this building of the foundation of the university because of the energies that are anchored through your lives as you invest your consciousness, your supply, your attention in these courses.
            All of this is part of the plan. And although some at times simply don't feel that they can take the classes because of financial reasons or otherwise, I urge you to consider doing everything possible to attend as many as you can in order to be there with the masters for these foundational teachings to be presented, to emerge and [so that we] have [the benefit of] your sharings within the classes. [These will form a] part of what we are accumulating, documenting [and] transcribing and will eventually be part of the repackaged courses [that,] in many cases, will be presented to many more souls of light across the Earth in coming years and decades.
            When you are there and through your participation your intuitive wisdom is shared within the university, you earn the great karma, the good karma of being the receptor [of] the Brotherhood's teaching. And in some cases it's essential that your own understanding be shared within the classroom, the electronic classroom, in order for these truths to augment what the masters are sharing with us. In some cases very profound sharings have occurred. As you [as students] meditate, as you go to the retreats and as you remember some of what occurs to you on the inner planes, it's really imperative that [your] sharings be a part of the whole, the greater whole of what our university is about, and [be part of the documentation of] these courses so that we have this as a legacy for future generations.
            Now, just think of what would have happened if some of the disciples of Jesus had not asked their questions. Jesus would not have commented on certain things, and the Gospels would not be as rich as they are because of the questions and the deliberations of the disciples. The same dynamic occurs within our movement. We've had many darshans, both where you ask questions and where the masters ask you questions. And often in those sharings in darshans, there is great instruction that comes forth that can benefit people at all different levels of consciousness. One key may be [just] the thing that helps [a soul or many souls] overcome a very difficult problem in their lives and can move them higher on their path to earn their eternal freedom, to move beyond the not-self and to reach the enlightened state of being. So the examples of your application of the teachings in your lives [are] imperative for us to document and to have as this legacy of light within our university.
            Now, I'd like to let the students know that when you have a webcam, please, when you share during the course, click on that little icon where you share your image, because even this is a part of the electronic energy field that is recorded through our webinar technology, currently Elluminate. We are in the process of experiencing another technology that some of us think may be even better than what we're using and [that] has some other features. So we hope to always increase our ability to provide the resource through the technology of today that will allow the greatest amount of interaction, sharing and blessing to occur.
            Now, I can truly say that some of you who have not had the opportunity to attend Meru University very often are missing a tremendous resource. As you're able to purchase some of the previously packaged courses or ones that we will keep online available for you to experience when you're able to, you will benefit by these teachings and it will help your spiritual life. We don't just do this as a means of making money or anything like that. This is really the core teaching of the Brotherhood that's coming forth.
            This is really where the rubber meets the road, for the masters to use this vessel of Meru University to bring enlightenment to the Earth. And as I see it through Mother's eyes, there's a great distribution of Solar wisdom, Solar radiation across the Earth each Sunday as these courses manifest. And Celeste Miller long ago, Dr. Celeste Miller, said she thought that we should do these courses on Sunday. And some of us at the time didn't think that that was going to be appropriate to actually charge money on a Sunday when normally on Sundays we always had free services. Well, Celeste caught the vision, inspired by Lanto and other masters, and this is what we've been doing now. And it really is an opportunity for this illumination flame to blaze forth across the Earth. This is part and parcel [of the mission of] Mother and Mark, or Clare de Lis and Lanello, as they are almost ready to take their position about a year from now, basically about thirteen months from now, at Lake Titicaca as the hierarchs of that retreat.
            So this is what I desired to share with you today from the heart of Mother, because Meru University is near and dear to her heart and to many masters' hearts. I can tell you that Mother herself is working assiduously behind the scenes to bring the people to us who are essential for [helping] our university to be the best that it can be.
           When all of this manifests because we consciously apply our hearts to this endeavor, we will see our university grow and expand [and provide] many more offerings, many other courses. And many of you are and will be the teachers of these courses; not just me and the masters with their comments. You will be the ones to expand this university through your wisdom and through what you have gleaned in your studies.
            So God bless you.


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