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Luara      November 16, 2011

Beloved Luara
David Christopher Lewis
November 16, 2011    7:30-7:58 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

A Dispensation for the Blessing of Elemental Life and
the Transmutation of the Waters of the Earth and within Our Beings

Beloved Friends of Light,
            I come forth from within the great ocean of God's being as a Mother of you all, as a very field of that water/Mother flow through which you may experience the integrity of your own soulfulness, the blessedness of your being, one with all life.
            You have called for the purification of the water—the water of your own being and the waters of this Earth—in answer to Hercules' request for a focused action, a conscious presence manifest for the healing of the water element. We have heard your calls; we have felt the energy of your spirits reaching up, reaching out and reaching within to ascertain exactly what is required for you to move this Earth and her waters into a new age of divine bliss and beingness.
            Dearest ones, when you focus on the aqua-teal ray and when you pour forth through your being streams of that light-energy, there is an action of healing that manifests as all within the water is brought back to its natal state of perfection. You see, the Great Mother, as the oceans of your Earth, accommodate[s] all that is deposited into her; and yet there is the groaning and the travailing to deal with the polluted elements that are often very unconsciously and also very deliberately dumped into this lifestream, the sacred essence of the water element that nourishes all life.
            The undines themselves have felt the burdens, and all the precious beings that reside within the oceans at some level or another have to deal with this anomaly of mankind's ignorance of the law of harmony.        Therefore a dispensation has arisen as a result of your prayers whereby an accelerated action of transmutation may occur within the waters of your Earth and within your being as the action of the aqua-teal ray manifests. And there is the dissolution within a specific phase of life—a region [or] a vibration [of consciousness or existence within the elemental kingdom]—of the toxic elements that accompany the physical pollutants that have made their way through the rivers, the waters, the streams, the lakes and even the atmosphere unto the great oceans of your world. There is a protective action of the undines manifest also whereby they receive a stream of light to secure their auras from these toxic elements, [which] could, if they would, destroy the very fabric of civilization within the waters of the Earth as you know them.
            You have already seen the concentration of heavy metals and other pollutants within the fish that you ingest. Yes, dearest ones, mankind cannot ignore for all eternity that which he does. And therefore there is the result of his actions manifest as this pollution come back to him in that which he ingests from the seas and the oceans, the lakes and the rivers.
            The dispensation that we have received involves a blessing to elemental life so that all life does not feel the intensity of this depressive spirit that comes as a result of this ignoring of the law. And so it is for a [specific length of time, for a] “holy” season of life that our blessings upon the precious ones of the seas [manifest]. And you, dearest ones, focused in your intent to allow this dispensation to continue for years and decades, may simply invoke Luara's light within the oceans with the aqua-teal ray to secure all elementals in the spiritual integrity of their essence, unaccosted by the pollutants of mankind.
            This is a grace won through the efforts of you who have invoked that light. And even a portion of that which you invoke daily with beloved Arcturus is utilized in this way because, dearest hearts, all life requires water to live. And so that violet stream, that violet-laser-light current moves, weaves its way into the waterways of the Earth and transmutes, transmutes, transmutes darkness, density and resolves all in that seventh-ray action of Holy Spirit joy and buoyancy—the same buoyancy that you feel as you swim and abide within the waters of the Earth, that buoyancy that raises you above the floor of the oceans and seas unto the air so that you may know that which is real, that which is true, that which is true-blue and aqua-blue within the waters.
            O aqua-teal light! Flood forth through these beings bright this morning so that each may feel, as they ingest the purity of that Mother flow through the liquids that they ingest, the beingness of her love, the essence of her kindnesses, the qualities of the soul, of self, [which] when raised up unto the Father Light will give birth to the Son consciousness and the allness of the mind and the being of the One.
            Yes, dearest ones, water is sacred, and pure water is required, especially [by] those moving in their adeptship to the highest heights of God beingness. When the water that you ingest has a specific, appropriate concentration of those particles manifest as the mineral elements, then you have clarity of consciousness in your mind, harmony in your emotions and health and vitality in your physical being so that you can manifest miracles through your sacred work, through your dharma and life.
            There are particular elements—[cell] salts, [or] mineral salts—that are essential for the balance of the electrolytic harmony of your Higher Selfhood, dearest ones. And even as you see this requirement in your physical makeup, so there are in your Solar body these higher cosmic cell salts that are distributed by the sun and the stars above you into your causal essence so that you may have those refracting points of God-identity through which to cognize the things of God, the loving intents of the Creator and the blessed elements of higher mindfulness that come to those who have put God first, and yet who also abide upon the Earth in a harmonic field of grace because they attend to the details of their diet—their spiritual as well as their emotional, mental and physical diet.
            Yes, dearest ones, that which you see upon Earth is reflected in the heaven world. And when you ascend in consciousness to understand the nuances of the truths, the eternal truths, of light that we bear for you, you will ascertain through your own integrity and meditative spirit higher awarenesses that bring you to the great “aha” knowingness that is the joy of every ascended being: to live in eternity. You may have fleeting delights of understanding the very nature of life in these transient spiritual experiences, and yet the challenge for you is to maintain this higher state of beingness 24/7. And so these higher frequencies are there for you to drink in as cosmic liquid-crystal light. And when you do, blessed ones, there is the [ingestion] through your being of the glorious rays from the Source that allow you to live as fully God-realized ones—Buddhic and Atmic beings.
            Yes, this is the destiny of every soul: to know when they have put aside all sense of separateness and [to] enter into the ocean of God's being by allowing the Father-Mother light to give birth within them to a new and true Selfhood in Spirit.
            Do I speak words that evade your understanding? I hope not, for in the feeling of the expression of these phrases and the words as cups of light, I offer each one something of myself and of Neptune's own God-joy so that you, raised up, may know who you are in the integrity of your full beingness.
            Drink to the light! Drink to the truth! Drink to the way that is clear, whereby [once] free, you may understand your nature as a spirit-spark, a sparkling one in the ocean divine all about you.
            This messenger and a number of you have experimented with a new product¹ that I, Luara, also recommend that you consider ingesting for greater harmonization and balance within your system, allow[ing] for greater mindfulness and vitality. It is a subtle science that one and a number of others have brought to this Earth, sponsored by the scientists within various retreats of the Brotherhood, dearest ones. You will see more of these discoveries that will allow the miracle light of God to manifest more tangibly within your body temples to meet the requirements of this age [for dealing with] the pollutants all about you in the atmosphere.
            Yes, dearest hearts, when you have this type of resource available it would, in a sense, be foolish not to utilize it to the max for your highest opportunity for self-transcendence. We see the results in the electronic field of those who through experimentation [with this product] are able to cognize with us at a higher level of being. That which you ingest directly affects your spirituality, blessed ones. And though you may combust within your body temple certain pollutants and certain toxins that are within the foods that you take in, yet even this combustion takes energy away from that which you could utilize toward your enlightenment and for service to life.
            Therefore consider all that enters your stream of beingness through your sacred bloodstream and allow, if you would, the highest essences of this Earth to be yours. For vibrating within your temple of light, the little cellular bodies that comprise your greater being allow you to maintain the integrity of your lives when you love your food, when you eat it consciously in presence. And, dearest ones, all of this is to allow your temple to be the temple of the living Lord of Light and for you to glorify God in all things.
            There is the energization within your bloodstream now of higher patterns [of light] as we work with the molecules of your blood, purifying, washing, cleansing, transmuting all for the victory of life within you.
            Pure water is essential for your highest spirituality, dearest ones. Some of you should study the makeup of the water that you drink in order to ensure that it is of the highest quality. Do not, I say, trust those bottling companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi and others who offer their wares to you which are not always purified, as they claim. Do your own study, be wise in your decision making and realize that many beings are counting on you to think clearly, to act consciously, to emote harmoniously. And when you have the necessary energy and the necessary nourishment within your lifestream, all of this occurs more fluidly, gracefully and beautifully.
            I have been preparing this message for many months, dearest ones. And on this day in the cycle of Scorpio I release my love to you, each one, valuing you as a holy one of God, raising you up, blessing you and giving you every boon possible that I am karmically and cosmically able to provide.
            You are so loved of God; you are so valued and cherished in the Divine Eye and in Cyclopea's gaze. Study his words; do your homework; complete your assignments.² For, blessed ones, the Elohim to do not mince their words. They are living realities and it would be in your best interest to become A students in every respect in order for this university of the Spirit to receive all that it requires to move forward the teachings and the opportunities of the Brotherhood through you all.
            I am Luara. My name [means] Love of you as the Alpha ray accelerates through the water of beingness.
            I thank you.

Messenger's comments: Luara says that when we give the Om Mani Padme Hum, the Mothers of heaven bless us with their radiance. The Om Mani Padme Hum spoken both silently or aloud throughout the day will allow the blessings of the Mother to flow to the Earth. So let this mantra be on our lips throughout the day, Om Mani Padme Hum, as we carry Luara's message forward and bless life. God bless you. Have a great day. Bye, bye.

1. The product alluded to by beloved Luara is called Asêa. See for further information.

2. At the time of the release of this HeartStream beloved Cyclopea and Virginia were sponsoring a five-week Meru University course called The Divine Science of Co-Creation through Pure Vision.

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