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Hercules      November 01, 2011

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (Inspired by Beloved Hercules)
November 1, 2011
2011 Ghana Pilgrimage
Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa

Further Cosmic Clock Understanding
Through the Heart of Hercules

So Hercules' teaching today is that each of these signs, as we know, represents an astrological focal point in our own cosmic clock. And it's the mastery of these beasts within ourselves—the subconscious, the unconscious, all the elements of our lower nature—while simultaneously accessing the divine beasts represented in a higher order of spirit.

            We know in the Bible it talks about the man, the lion, the calf and the flying eagle on the cardinal points of the cosmic clock. And these are represented in Sanat Kumara's teaching through Mother actually at the cardinal points—I believe the 1, 4, 7, 10, too—the ruby cross. So Hercules' teaching today is for our moving into our adeptship. And after we work on our subconscious and master the subconscious, we begin to penetrate through the conscious planes into the superconscious, we begin to access the siddhis, the divine gifts of the Holy Spirit. And we've had an understanding of these gifts through the teachings of the Maha Chohan and even through his lieutenant, Carol's twin flame. And we even move beyond these gifts into the superconscious God-power that the Elohim access when we are ready.

Now most of us may not even feel ready. Have we mastered the siddhis? Have we fully mastered our subconscious? Well, the vision today is for us to understand what's at stake and what we can do when we fulfill this high and holy calling. And we can chart our life even as an ascended master now. The masters have asked us to do that. Plan for what you feel you're calling will be even after your ascension. For most of us, that will be fairly soon. And in consideration of all of our lifetimes, if you look back and say, “I've been on Earth for a million years or half a million years, what's another twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years? It's very little when you consider the totality of all of our lifetimes. So moving in the ascended realms, relatively, will be very soon for most of us. It's time for us to cast our consciousness into the future within the eternal Now to begin to realize what Hercules actually did and what we are called to do at this higher level of our own adeptship.

Twelve O'Clock Line: Cerberus 

            As we look at—and I'm going to start with the teachings of the cosmic clock as Mother released it with the twelve o'clock line: Cerberus, the three-headed dog. What does the dog represent? Well, “dog” has the same letters as “God.” And a dog, the God-star, the dog-star, is Sirius. So we can in a sense be serious about our initiation path and put our focus completely upon the divine to the extent that we access Alpha's light, Alpha's current, the New Blue energies of Spirit, which, when we do that and we understand creation itself, the big bang, the First Cause, we move into this awesome co-creative vantage point of being. We become in a sense an Elohim by contributing to the creation itself. So, from that stand point we transform the “dog” into “God.” We become God. We have completely subsumed all the lower nature into the divine nature.

One O'Clock Line: The Augean Stables 

Moving to the one o'clock line: the Augean stables, the mastery of water, even though this isn't a water sign. It's Aquarius, which is an air sign. It's still the transformation of water to clean those stables. Well, this is the level of Elohimic power that allows complete transformation, complete transmutation through that light of the violet ray that Hercules was able to do by redirecting a river through those Augean stables. So what does this mean to us? It is cosmic transmutation on a planetary level. It is being able to hold the focus of the violet laser light at such a high frequency that we literally become intercessors at this new level of being. We can transform a home or a village and entire nations by our presence of stability, divine stability. We are cleaning up the planet, cleaning up the planet.

Two O'Clock Line: Geryon's Cattle 

On the two o'clock line: Geryon's cattle. For those who have mediated upon the two o'clock line in Pisces, the mastery of the emotions is key. Well, what is a higher aspect of water? Vapor. But even beyond that, water and the self-mastery of the emotional body is actually the mastery of Mother at the most sublime level of beingness where Mater-realization first occurs, where God's energy of the Spirit is transformed within the Tai Chi from that white to the dark to the black, and where that point manifests where things begin to emerge. They are from the unmanifest to the manifest state.

So when you understand who and what the Mother is and what water is at that level, you look at the Bible and the creation story in Genesis. God separated the light from the darkness, the firmament from the heavens, and the waters of the higher planes of being in that heaven world. There was this separation and that's where the Mother first comes into indication or into manifestation. So, this is an understanding of alchemy to bring the divine into existence in matter. This takes an understanding of creation itself and of being a focal point for precipitation. How many of us have mastered precipitation where instantaneously we can bring that precipitate into conscious sight? So, that level of mastery is something I think we are striving for. We will not get our desires until our desire is absolutely pure, unadulterated, perfect in God's heart, in the Mother's heart, in being.

Three O'Clock Line: The Horses of Diomedes

On the three o'clock line: the horses of Diomedes. So, Aries is a very important sign, as Rapheal shared. In mundane astrology, it is the beginning of the clock. And it is the onset of what has been in ethers, in the etheric plane, beginning to descend into the mental belt, the mental plane, the mental quadrant. And when I see a horse, a divine horse, it could be considered, what? A type of Pegasus that flies. Well, through riding that horse, attuning to the horse, being one with the horse, we do ride more quickly. And we begin to fly. We begin to soar. We begin to really reach the heavens where Aries represents the air—Aires, Aires and Thor. We're in the mental quadrant, the air quadrant. And we transfer the energy of ether into the energy of air.

And there is another type of precipitation that occurs at that level. It's a subtle precipitation. It's Aires as a fire sign, but at the beginning of the air quadrant. It's kind of an interesting thing because you are taking the entire fire from the etheric fire quadrant, and you're taking that fire, and you're initiating that fire into the air quadrant. And so, it's in a sense the sublimation of fire into air. And yet, it's the coalescing of the fire energies of spirit into air. And you can mediate on what that really means when you really delve into that.

Where fire meets air, a change occurs. Now in chemistry, some of you learned what happens when fire meets air. Without air, there is no fire. Without oxygen, there is no combustion. So, air is essential for fire to act and to be. Without air, the fire is completely suppressed. It is unmanifest. So, it's interesting that fire and air are actually friends and playmates. And when you consider that, it's really amazing, because when fire does consume air in one sense, and we‘ve seen this—anybody have a wood stove at home?—what happens when you have a fire going all the time? It sucks the oxygen right out of the air and it becomes very dry. It sucks the water vapor out of the air and your home can become very dry. So, now you have water that's within the air and fire acting on water through air. Interesting, eh? So, to discern through the subtleties of the initiatic path what this action of fire is within the air quadrant is something that you can meditate upon. And in your meditation, which is kind of an air experience in the mind of God, you can discern more as you focus on that.

Four O'Clock Line: The Cretan Bull

The Cretan bull, the bull of Crete. Now, Crete is just south of Greece. It's considered, I guess, kind of part of Greece, even though it's a separate island. We went there, those of us who went on the pilgrimage. I had an interesting time. I wasn't feeling well. I remember it pretty intensely and had some kind of—must have had karma there. Well, part of it was the Minoan civilization that was there. The Minoan civilization itself is the bull, right? So, what does the bull represent? Those of you who are Tauruses could probably get up here and propound on that. To me, it's another type of stability, a very deep anchoring in Mater as an earth sign of the light of Capricorn and Taurus and Virgo, whereby within that air quadrant, earth coalesces for building, for formation, for integration.

Taurians typically, although some people may think of them as stubborn, like a bull, they actually have an ability to cognize and to bring into physical reality through the power of that will, a tremendous amount of heaven's energy and light. And it's like this investment of eternal substance within our dimension and plane. So, as you translate that to higher adeptship, you can see how point-counterpoint we are now drawing up earth into heaven. So it's almost the opposite of what occurs for adepts because we are literally drawing the particles of this earth up into the divine world through our adeptship and transforming the Earth in the process.

That is the higher initiation that's involved in mastering the four o'clock line and the energies of the bull. Do you see what I'm saying? In this case you are not materializing spirit, you're spiritualizing Mater by drawing this Earth up into heaven. And I think of that scene in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, where, at the very end the fire just draws the ark up into heaven and everything around, and just draws it up. And it's all purified and it comes crashing back down to the earth.

People who are able to spiritualize matter are amazing individuals. I think we saw that in the video on George Washington Carver. He was able to discern from within matter what that matter in the soy bean, in the peanut, in the sweet potato was able to allow us to use in our civilization. Amazing! He was an alchemist, a total alchemist! And I can't recall when he was born, what sign he was—does anybody remember when he was born? But I'd bet that he had one of his major signs in Taurus because he was just an amazing man in terms of being able to draw out the divine from within form.

Five O'Clock Line: The Golden Apples of Hesperides

The golden apples of the Hesperides. I think we could speak on Gemini for hours. To me what the twins represent at this level is that we are merging the twins as one. We're not separating them any longer from one into two. We're putting the twins back together. We're mastering both loaves of our higher mind, our higher brain functions. We're not just left-brained or right-brained, we're whole-brained. We're bringing both aspects of our selfhood, the masculine and the feminine, into complete oneness through that Gemini mind that no longer is really focused on cataloguing and dividing. It is a complete synthesis. So this is the higher aspect of Gemini—the ability to synthesize from two into one, from duality into unity.

I think that this is one of the core teachings of The Hearts Center—that we are in effect like a Buddhic movement because we are realizing that we are synthesizing all these teachings from all the various religious and even new age ascended master movements into a higher synthesis of spiritual integrity and understanding. We're no longer focusing on what divides us—evil, good and evil. All is really God-good, which is a higher good than good and God-bad, which is a higher form of evil, or bad. We've translated the energy veil from evil into live. So, in mastering Gemini at the level of Hercules, I think that we are completely resynthesized into our Higher Self. And it's a beautiful experience when you begin to feel all those soul parts coming back into you to the point where at a certain energetic level, the magnet of your being is so powerful that you are not even focused on remagnetizing soul parts back. It's happened almost automatically and you are fully integrated.

And once you reach a certain thermodynamic and cosmo-magnetic level in having that magnet of your being there, then the rest just comes into place. It comes into perfection and you are in the zone permanently. And everything comes to you that you require as an alchemist—you instanteously draw to you the people, the money, the supplies, whatever you require to fulfill everything for your adeptship. And most of you, I believe, are seeing that happening over and over. Some of you here received the supply through the generosity of others within our Hearts Center to come on this trip. But you magnetized it. You did the spiritual work. You made the calls. And some here also answered and were very generous and gracious to supply. And they're alchemists, too. Because when they give at that level, they are accruing an awesome amount of spiritual energy in their causal bodies for their future use. They're actually—it's enlightened self-interest because what's happening is you're opening up new portals in the divine world of your Higher Self so that from your ascended light body after you ascend, you are going to be drawing up a lot more people because of the gift of your selflessness.

Six O'Clock Line: The Hind of Ceryneia

On the six o'clock line: the hind of Ceryneia, the doe of Ceryneia. When I look at Cancer, I think of someone who is very sensitive. And look at a deer or a doe. They are so beautiful, so serene, so unaware of danger about them. They are living in the simplicity of nature as a most beautiful creature of light. I believe that in this level of innocence, divine innocence and purity, the purity of the Mother on that six o'clock line, we are shielded from all evil. We are in the perfect integrity of our oneness with God because when you are in that pure white light, nothing can harm or touch you. You're uplifted. You're supported. You're living in the crystal-diamond liquid light. When we experience that during HeartStreams, during our mediation, during our prayers, in nature, it's like the rest of the universe disappears. And we're with the Divine Mother in this intimate conversation and communion. And it's absolutely beautiful.

So, whenever I think of any deer, especially the does, I think of purity. And so, you can discern what purity is for you as an adept. What and how can you become more refined to be your Higher Self always? The little tidbits of our lesser self that still at times trip us up have less magnetic force when, through the magnet of our purity, what we are magnetizing now is more of heaven. And all of those little iron filings of our yesteryear, our yesterday's self, have no more pull on us and they just kind of drop into nothingness.

Seven O'Clock Line: The Lion of Nemea

The lion of Nemea, the Nemean lion: another fire sign in the emotional quadrant. Fire meeting water is interesting. It creates steam. Or water meeting fire creates steam by suppressing fire. So, the roaring lion, the heart of God himself/herself is something to witness. Even in the Chronicles of Narnia, God appears as the lion. And for those of us who have mastered our heart, truly mastered the heart, we begin to fathom what God's heart is, the composure of God's heart as well as what it is composed of, which is a new rarified level of love that we can only humanly begin to touch. And yet, in our higher meditation, we go into a bliss state when we are wrapped in that love.

I'm seeing the triangulation between Aries and Leo and Sagittarius of such an intense fire as these fire signs that when the mastery of these three signs whirl together, it creates like a cosmic whirlybird that literally lifts us up into the highest of the Sephirot of the Sephirah, which at the very top is what? Keter? So what Hercules is saying is that if you desire to know Keter, master the heart because you will be drawn up in a vortex of God's love through your heart, through your crown and out of your crown into true courage, true bravery as the king of heaven understands the lion king, the Lion who wears the crown of all life who is God.

Eight O'Clock Line: The Belt of Hipolyta

The belt of Hipolyta, or Hipolyte, however you pronounce it: chastity belt of the virgin, the Virgo virgin, an earth sign in the water quadrant. Again, Virgos, though they may be at times seemingly bereft of understanding because they are so focused on details, when you master that level of specificity on the path of adeptship, you attend to every erg of energy that is flowing through your being as an eternal being, as a solar being. And you know when the sun spots will erupt. And you know when the solar flares are going to occur. And you are so sensitive at that higher level of beingness that, as a sun being, for thousands of years into the future, you project your consciousness to see the results of your ideations. And then it becomes tens of thousands of years—millions of years, like Anastasia, seeing through the dark window of time and figuring out what was essential to do to bring our world into a golden age.

And it begins with people having two and a half acres and getting back to organic gardening. Amazing! She saw what was happening with civilization, with the corruption of the earth through chemical fertilizers and the mono-crop system, and what this has done to the streams, the rivers, the lakes, the water—the life-giving waters of the earth. And as a Virgo in the water quadrant, of course, she and all true Virgos, true virgins of the Spirit, understand Mother Earth, what's at stake, and having our planet pure and free for our life upon our Earth.

Hercules says that Anastasia is the purest Virgo that we can conceive of living physically upon Earth and what she has discerned and has been able to accomplish by the high vibratory rate of her divine mind emanating forth these pure frequencies and giving birth to a new age tangibly through her spirit. So if you haven't read those books, read them. Yes, take them with a grain of salt because they still came through Vladimir Megré. But go deeper and understand what's really at stake through those teachings, and you will find eternal truths and divine principles. 

Nine O'Clock Line: The Erymanthian Boar

Erymanthian boar on the line of Libra. When I see through Hercules' eyes the Karmic Board, I see those who weigh very carefully in the Libra scales of divine justice and mercy, all—all of the myriad interactions between the lifestreams on Earth and understanding all these intricacies at a cosmic level so that their judgments or their offerings to souls as they come before them between lives as they plan future lives, are so beautifully orchestrated and manifest, so that the lifestreams have everything at their disposal when they incarnate to fulfill a glorious and beautiful mission. True mastery of the Libra line is becoming like a member of the Karmic Board and having such a balance of an understanding of divine justice and mercy simultaneously that every decision empowered by the Holy Spirit is righteous. Every decision is righteous, uses the right energies of Spirit, God's energies in perfection with alacrity, with complete love.

True Libras desire there to be harmony amongst peoples, nations, planets, solar systems, galaxies. And when you can have harmony, such that the suns within an entire galaxy work together toward one purpose, think on that level of what must be known of cosmos science, of higher divine physics, taking into account the emanations from each sun, each star, and at a very high energetic level—balancing that. This is what the Elohim know. They are so beyond our physics that they understand the most subtle movements of the stars and the vibrations—of just how fast those stars have to revolve around the sun of that system, which in turn revolves around the Great Central Sun so that all comes into perfect alignment and play for there to be the ongoingness of creation throughout the cosmos. When you start to fathom that level of an understanding of higher physics, it kind of makes you feel humanly insignificant and yet raises your consciousness to begin to perceive just how important it is for us to master our emotions, our mind, our being.

Ten O'Clock Line: The Lernean Hydra

On the ten o'clock line, the Lernean hydra. Boy, Scorpio is such an important sign. And in some astrological circles, it's the eagle. I love the eagle more than the scorpio. I think in new age astrology, we're really going to be talking more about the eagle than the scorpion and use that symbology. And the hydra is a little closer to the eagle maybe than scorpion, although with all those heads appearing and reappearing after one is cut off and another appears, it's like a dragon. Well, the true dragons are divine beings, and there's a lot of mythology using the dragon concept.

The mastery of water within the earth, because Scorpio is a water sign, allows us to have one of the most physical experiences, which creation is. Scorpio rules the sex organs, as we know. This is the power of creation. It is not base, evil, bad. It is life. It is the creation of life. And what I see for adepts is the transmutation of that co-creation to such a high level that when we integrate with our Beloved, when we integrate with God, it's as if a brand new type of creation occurs. When we are subsumed into our Presence, through our meditation, through our oneness with God, God reenergizes the entire creation through us.

Did you know that? When you return to the heart of God in your ascension, there's like a new big bang that occurs. And it's your bang! And you're getting a big bang for your buck. And this is the recreation of the cosmos—when you become one with God again. I mean, it's the most awesome experience.

And it is like a cosmic orgasmic experience. And I use that word very spiritually here. It is a synthesis of divine light at a very high frequency of what occurs when you are united with your Beloved I AM Presence. And even while you are on Earth with your human beloved, you can have that type of spiritual enterprise of the merging of your heartfires that raises the entire creation and all living on Earth. When you engage at the most spiritual levels of that union, and for some of you, you understand exactly what I'm saying, and it is not something dirty. We've been taught to believe that sex from our youth is bad. It can be completely holy and you enter your wholeness. So I encourage those of you who are married to devote yourselves to the most holy experience of this union—where you draw those love fires of the creation through your chakras, through your being, through your hearts, and expand the cosmos as this is occurring.

And for those who are not married, you can always merge with your Beloved in your consciousness through your heartfires. Some of you have twin flames who are ascended. And you can meditate with them and merge with them consciously through your mind's eye and through your heart. It can be a glorified union that you don't have to speak about to anyone. It's very personal for you and yet it is completely awesome when you understand it, when you experience it.

Eleven O'Clock Line: The Stymphalian Birds

Finally, since I know many of you are tired, the Stymphalian birds: a mastery of the eleven o'clock line. When you do this, you take flight like that arrow of the archer as a bird of paradise. And you soar, you ascend on new skeins of light that you have created by your intension. You create the pathway by which you will soar by the projection of your consciousness up in an ark of light. And you fly on that ark that you have won by the grace of God and each act of kindness, beauty, mercy that you've offered unto life. We create our own worlds. We create our destiny and our flight by every conscious beautiful loving gift that we offer one another and the universe. We have no one to blame but ourselves for our state of affairs. And yet we have ourselves to thank for that which we have co-created by every conscious word, act, thought. So we can project ourselves forward, upward, onward in this new trajectory by which those arrows and by which those birds can fly to new cosmic heights.

Hercules invites us all to a new level of adeptship. And this teaching today will be shared to a greater audience during his class in California next year during his Meru University class. You got it first here in Africa. So God bless you! Thank you!

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