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David Lewis      October 20, 2011

David C. Lewis
October 20, 2011   6:45-7:05 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Nada, Divine Strategist of the Spirit
Co-Creating with the Chohans to Give Birth to a Golden-Crystal Age

            As we were singing that beautiful mantra, what I saw clearly is that beloved Lady Master Nada is a divine strategist. One of her lifetimes that we may not have heard too much about—because we think of her [almost] as this tiny waif of a lady being who exudes a delicate fabric of rosy love—is an incarnation on Atlantis when she was a warrior-priestess, and possibly even a ruler. And Tom Miller has painted an image of her with a helmet, so this is interesting.
            In that lifetime, Nada was what you could call a commandant, a commander of forces of light, and a great strategist. And she has carried forward an understanding of divine strategy as a chohan. To be a chohan of [one of] the rays you have to have long-term vision, an eagle-eye view of life, one's surroundings, the divine plan of millions of lifestreams who serve with you on that ray—in her case, the sixth ray of peace, service and ministration, brotherhood and all of the virtues and qualities that arise and resonate with that purple and gold ray tinged with ruby, with that ruby love, [which] is behind service, [which] is within sacred ministration and the priesthood.
            So Nada's strategy, her long-term use of God's light and energy is manifest through divine love, because love is the greatest strategy. [It] can win friends and influence people, as Dale Carnegie said,¹ or, from a divine perspective, win divine friends—the angels, the ascended masters, the hosts of the light—and influence people for the light, for good, for positivity, for their own enlightened state of being.
            You can consider [today] what your strategy is for your lifestream and consider what your divine plan is, what the movement of light through your being qualifies you to [both] master, nurture and demonstrate, and what the movement of light, of God's energy, through your being also requires you to fully become in order to fulfill your divine plan, your reason for being.
            So as we individually strategize and then we collectively strategize, we can co-create a more beautiful world. And it takes all of us, all of our co-creativity, all of our talents, gifts and graces to nurture our Earth with this co-creative spirit of light in order to give birth to a golden-crystal age.
            When you consider what the chohans do and their grand perspective on life and of the lifestreams that are entrusted to their loving care and attention, you can see how magnanimous they are in their resolve to assist, to teach, to direct and lead in a very dynamic way that impels the soul higher, that launches us into a more beautiful divine orbit around the central sun of our own being and around the Central Sun of God's eternal heart.
            The chohans are magnificent God-beings who have given so much of themselves in service, in love and in caring for life upon Earth that God has vouchsafed to them the authority, the responsibility to lead in this powerful way. So the chohans are really the leaders, the spiritual leaders, of the races that are evolving upon Earth, along with the manus of those races, who are the God-men and -women, the divine examples, the perfect models for our Solar evolution. The chohans take their cues, really their orders, from the higher commanders of the Spirit, who are the manus of the races, and they, in turn, [take theirs] from great Solar beings, including the Elohim, the creators of worlds.
            Now, the chohans, including beloved Nada, are so demonstrative of self-mastery that we can look to them, we can call to them, we can implore them to take us under their wing, to assist us throughout our days—[remembering] especially [to call to them] on the day consecrated to their work—[and] to aid us in our Solar journey, in our evolution. When one bonds with the heart of a chohan and a master such as Nada, the quintessence[s] of [that one's] divine frequencies begin to wash upon our being, our auric field, through their higher mindfulness and draw us magnetically and cosmo-magnetically up into our Higher Self. They are more invested in [our] becoming who we are rather than [in our] simply being attached to them. They assist us in developing our inner talents and graces so that we can sustain our Christhood, we can develop and maintain our Buddhahood and our eternal nature and live, move and have our being in that divine, gloried Presence of light.
            [The] chohans' work is accomplished when we are fully subsumed into our reality and no longer require their loving presence overshining us; [when] we have the ability to emanate light as sun centers ourselves; [when] we have developed and sustained such a flowfield of beingness, divine joy and radiance that we ourselves move in higher fields of consciousness and we interact with ascended beings at a higher energetic level of our spirit. Of course, we are already doing this, and yet we are not always fully conscious of it. And so when we enter, through a superconsciousness, our Higher Self, then we begin to have intimations of these experiences. We begin to remember fully who we are. We begin to engage in the higher work that we are called to as spiritual beings and advocates for our new age.
            The chohans meet regularly and plan and strategize with each other the evolutionary course of life upon Earth as sons and daughters of God and all of the evolutions on this planet are engaged in life itself. They consult with one another. Just as we have meetings and work on our projects and endeavors and our long-term goals, they have very long-term goals and strategies that they are always aware of, cognizant of how they are outpicturing on both a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, and even beyond that into decades, centuries and even millennia.
            Now, a chohan's reign, if we would call it that, or term of holy office, may be for two thousand years. Consider [what it means to] mak[e] a commitment at that level, to be in that office for that length of time, of Earth time. It's tremendous. It takes a great superconsciousness, a God-consciousness, to conceive of life and the movings of the Spirit through our world—with all of the cultural dynamics and changes and the way that civilization is evolving—[and] see the Earth and the consciousness of lifestreams upon Earth with such a vision and a holy mission [that it] involve[s] them in the affairs of God and the Brotherhood and allow[s] the dynamic of this metamorphosis and this renaissance of life upon Earth to manifest.
            We involve ourselves in the affairs of the chohans when we are first aware of their beings, when we learn more of who they are and when we attune to them by praying and singing and meditating upon their hearts, their light, and asking to be involved in their sacred work. If we are only in the mode of adoration and adulation of ascended beings, without entering into the spirit of the co-creative work and involving ourselves in the affairs of God as servitors of light, then we miss part of the opportunity presented to us as adepts and masters in the becoming.
            So you can pray to El Morya or to any chohan, to Nada, to conceive within yourself what is essential for you to master and model and become in order for you to be an example for others and to grow in your potential, to fully master the lessons of life [and] the laws of beingness [so that you may] move into your divinity and be expressive of God's virtues, God's light and God's eternal love.
            Nada, as a divine strategist of the Spirit, is always offering her heart, her roseate, shining heart, to bless life, to serve life, to effuse God-love wherever it is required to allow souls to evolve and to develop and to learn what love is, what it requires, and [what are] all of the nuances and the shadings and the gradations of this holy essence that flows eternally from the heart of the One. She has meditated upon God's heart so intensely, in a concentrated and yet gentle way, that God has revealed to her the very intimate secrets of the universe as it manifests through the law of love.
            As we cherish our spirits, our work and our right—through the divine right of our own lifestreams, the inalienable divine rights that are invested within us as co-creative beings within this universe—we can engage ourselves in a deeper and deeper and more refined work, a more rarified sacred dharma. When you become who you are by knowing yourself, resolving all of your psychological traits and inconsistencies; when you master your relationships with others by coming always from a point of seeking to understand and listening and participating with others in life itself rather than attempting to always be the one to influence others and to direct things; when you are in the receptive mode as a feminine instrument of God's love by accepting God's radiation and feeling and [then] emoting the quintessences of Spirit, then you will learn what it is to model the Mother Light as Nada has done as a feminine chohan. [You will] emit such frequencies of holy beingness that you, too, can influence people on a grand scale, in a universal way with such a divine bliss and beingness.
            Let us simply meditate now for a few moments on beloved Nada's heart and feel the currents of that love, smell the aroma of the roseate odeur that flows from her heart. You may desire to close your eyes and enter perfect love.
            [Audience enters into a few moments of silent meditation.] 

1. Reference to Dale Carnegie's classic best-selling self-help book How to Win Friends and Influence People, first published in 1936.

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