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Shiva      October 11, 2011

Beloved Lord Shiva
David C. Lewis
October 11, 2011   8:03-8:08 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Shiva Blazes Fire into the Earth to Free Disciples from Patterns of Error

, Shiva, come this day and stand in your midst, for I have received the energies of your devotions with the Kali Mother and with the magnificent Elohim Astrea and Purity.
And in this hour, I direct currents of sacred fire into your auric field for the cutting free of your being from all discarnates, entities, and vile and dark beings that have inhabited the very folds of your garments of light. Burn through, O sacred fire now! Burn through, O sacred fire now! Burn through, O sacred fire now! Release these forces of darkness from these devotees, O God! Carve away now! Carve away now! Carve away now ancient forcefields of darkness, of ignorance and their involvement in activities which have not served their souls. Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire!
            There is now the repolarization within sons and daughters of God and those who will view or hear my release of vestiges of the not-self that by your free will you may release, let go of, and determine never to embrace again.
And I, Shiva, will remind you, O soul, that when you may be in some way tempted to again engage in practices that do not suit your Solar evolution, I will appear in your third eye and re-engage you in the sacred works of light to avoid the nonsense, the ignorance of your dark days of old.
Yes, burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire and free each one from the shackles of that which can be no more if these will accept their divinity and move into higher consciousness. Shiva is here. Shiva surrounds you. Shiva frees you! Shiva liberates your soul in this hour!
Now go forth, free to engage in works of beauty, in kindnesses of joy and in that which will bring a golden- crystal age into manifestation by your conscious will to be God.
            Shiva I AM. Shiva I remain. And centered in the One, I return to the fire of the heart of the All.

David: Shiva now stands on the top of Mt. Kailas and is turning 360 degrees and sending forth a ray of cosmic fire to all life, touching the hearts of every devotee. This is both a blessing and a clearance. And Shiva says that whenever you may feel ill and you suspect that you are not in your full right mind, or that something is afflicting you in your body temple, you may play this HeartStream again to receive this action of light which can bring about, if you desire, instantaneous healing. It is your choice to live whole and perfect in the light and therefore Shiva can assist you in this way. Thank you, Lord Shiva.

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