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David Lewis      September 27, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse (Inspired by El Morya)
September 27, 2011   7:18-7:25 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

A Teaching from El Morya on
Establishing a Last Will and Testament

Last night during our team leader meeting [El Morya] shared a n[ew] understanding [that will allow us to increase our collective abundance.] [We are encouraged to] tithe one-tenth of our earnings to God through a nonprofit organization, or in whatever way we are inspired—in other words, giving it back to God in some way. Of course we would love for it to be [to] The Hearts Center, and yet El Morya realizes that in some cases people feel called to give to other charitable organizations, movements, churches, et cetera. The key is to give.
            El Morya shared that [it is important for] all of us [to] create a [last] will and testament, especially those of us over fifty who are moving on in our lives. We never know outwardly when our time of transition may be. It is very important that we have a [last] will and testament and a living will that allows our children to have what they require from our assets and also [instructs them on] how to deal with us in [a] situation where we become unconscious, in a situation where we have to have medical treatment. By knowing exactly what we desire to have done, documenting it, having it notarized and put in our will, there will be clarity and there won't be major issues for our children, relatives, et cetera.
            El Morya is recommending that we as servitors, partners within this movement, heartfriends and those who are active in following these teachings, presented as the progressive revelation through this movement, put within our will that we will have 10 percent of whatever assets we have at the point of our transition given toward our Hearts Center movement. This is, in effect, a tithe of our earnings, what is left, our net worth at the point of our human demise and, hopefully, our divine ascension.
            So for those who do not have children or relatives to pass on [your] assets to, El Morya is saying that you can give much more than 10 percent if you desire, 20 percent or even 100 percent to our Hearts Center movement. He is encouraging us to put this within our will because we earn the great good karma of what that money will do for the planet spiritually through our Hearts Center movement.
            And this money keeps giving and giving in any way that you desire. You can consecrate this money toward a particular cause that is meaningful to you or to the General Fund of The Hearts Center. It could go [to] a scholarship fund. It could go to set up some sort of a trust, a trust fund, so that the interest within that trust fund is used, and maybe the principle remains there gathering interest, or whatever you desire. It could go to the Pilgrimage Fund or the Messenger's Support Fund, to the Multimedia Fund or any type of scholarship for the youth, whatever, or, as I said, to the General Fund.
            So this can be a great, great boon to our movement and to your soul and the balancing of karma, the fulfilling of dharma. Now, obviously, those who have children and relatives, you may desire to give the most to support them, especially if you're younger, [in case] something happens [to you] and you pass on before the normal lifespan. And this is also true, El Morya says, if you have a life insurance policy, whether it's term life or the other type of life insurance, which is whole life insurance. So you could name The Hearts Center within those life insurance policies or[have] it [clearly stated] in your will that a portion of the life insurance policy would go to The Hearts Center. This can be a huge boon for us.
            Now, none of us expects to pass on today or tomorrow, and yet, as I said, we never [outwardly] know what our time is.  Our soul knows, of course, that our days are numbered, and God knows when we will make the transition from this plane. Yet it's important. As I shared last night, I know of a heartfriend in our movement whose mother passed and her property was basically, because she did not have a will, taken and went into probate, and her children couldn't inherit it properly. They didn't have the resources to do what was essential to get it out of the situation. And based on the laws of the land and the laws of the states, if there is no will, lawyers can get involved. It can be a messy matter and you're basically placing the burden upon your children to deal with this and [with] the state. And who wants money to go to the state or attorneys? We'd rather keep it in the family, our children and the family of our Hearts Center movement.
            So El Morya's assignment today to anybody fifty years old or older, and to anybody younger than that [who] feels so moved, is to establish a [last] will and testament, and if you desire to follow his teaching, to put in it this statement. And if you desire assistance in any way, we have Steve Miller on our staff and also Deborah Timberlake, both attorneys, and also Jackie Fleder. Any of the three of them I'm sure will be willing to assist you in this matter if you require any assistance.

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