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David Lewis      September 03, 2011

David Christopher  Lewis
September 3, 2011   9:50-10:03 a.m. EST
America's Rebirth in Freedom: The Truth Shall Make You Free!
Washington, D.C. 

Families of Angels and Angels in Embodiment
Working Together to Create a New Eden—a New Divine Garden upon Earth

          As we were giving the rosary, it came into my heart and mind that we haven't heard too much about how the angels have families. We think of the angels as somewhat amorphous beings who flit and fly around the cosmos and engage in spiritual work. Sometimes the archangels appear to people on Earth, like Mary, or we read about them in the Bible. Yet what Mother Mary desires us to know is that the angels have families just as we have families.
            We've heard that Micah, the Angel of Unity, is the son of Archangel Michael and Faith. What about other families of angels? What angels are children of other angels? When angels procreate it's not like what we see on Earth. There is simply the blending of their electronic bodies, their light bodies, when they desire to bring forth progeny. And in this great co-creative act, through pure love there is born a new angelic presence instantaneously.
            Now, the angel that's born is a child angel and must go through training and a certain type of evolution within the angelic kingdom's laws of beingness. There is not the same level of karma that we have here because angels, as a rule, don't make karma. They have a different type of experiential life than we have, in the domains of Spirit, where they are always in attendance to the very beingness of God, the face of God or an aspect of God's awareness spread throughout the cosmos.
            There are different levels of archangelic beingness, from the tiniest little angel devas to the most stupendous beings of seraphic and cherubic light who attend the very throne of God. We know of the various choirs of angels. We have them listed in our Rosary of Faith and in our Rosary of  Divine Quintessence.
            Many of us are angels who chose to come into embodiment. Therefore we see that even the angels have a type of free will, having volunteered to enter the human domain, the human kingdom, in order to gain experience in these realms [and] to then bring that energy of life into the higher domains of the angelic worlds to bring [it] to bear in the work that we will do after our ascension. [At that point,] we have, in a sense, implemented God's will in these planes and brought that will, wisdom and love to a new experiential level so that we can more ably apply the lessons learned to assist mankind.
            All of this is part of our journey. And as we live in these realms—[which] some of us don't always feel comfortable with because of what we see around us as violence and inharmony, decadence, et cetera—we can bring the angelic presence of love and the feelings of God to bear in order to bless life, in order to care for life, nurture life and to raise the consciousness of mankind.
            So being an angel in embodiment is a great gift and a great responsibility because we have flowing through our beings a vast amount of the resources of Spirit as God's energetic emanations and feelings that we have been vouchsafed with to represent and to use as a holy resource in order to bring the kingdom of God upon Earth, you see. We have been commissioned to harmonize all within this dimension and plane through our hearts. We have been  given such an intense level of God's energy within our auric field that it is imperative that we fulfill our mission as angels in embodiment in order to raise Earth into a new, higher domain and plane of being.
             So the feelings of God flow through us and all angelic families of light, and these feelings can be magnanimous in their expression, in their beauty, in their glow, in their fire, their celestial fire. If we allow our hearts to be used on behalf of the Lord, as the great avatars, teachers and sages have allowed [theirs] to be used, for a continuous outpouring of love and these beautiful feelings and quintessences of the divine worlds— when we do this through our prayers and songs, there is a gradual uplift of consciousness that wafts through the atmosphere, that caresses the Earth and all the elementals and all of the nature kingdom, and they themselves are happy that we as angels have entered this domain and are engaging in this sacred work.
            The precious elementals are so, so happy that some among mankind get it and that we realize that with this level of the expressive love of the Divine and all of the virtues and qualities of God, we can simply assist them in doing their perfect work. They also do similar work and yet in another kingdom—the Earth kingdom, the blue kingdom, the kingdom of the Elohim and the nature spirits. So [I believe that] working together it is our destiny to create a new Eden, a new paradise, a new divine garden upon Earth through, first, the work of our hearts and then the work of our heads and our hands.
            When we are expressive of pure, unadulterated love in all of its qualifications—kindness, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and all of these beautiful ideations from the very heart of God—then gradually this garden kingdom of light is being given birth to in new and beautiful ways. So each song that we sing, each expression of devotion from our hearts in one sense creates a new angelic presence as a possibility for others among mankind to embrace and to feel and to be emboldened and uplifted with and in. These are the fruits of our spiritual heritage as angels in embodiment. The fruits of our work are the little secrets that we share amongst one another of our experiences in God's consciousness.
            I believe that as we rededicate our lives each day through our work with the sun, with our meditation practice, with our songs and prayers and devotions that gradually there is a little bit more of the descent of the divine world all around us and a little bit more of the raising of this Earth to that divine domain. It's a gradual process. And one day, so much of heaven will alight upon Earth and so much of Earth will be subsumed into the divine world that there will be this almost invisible matrix of this blending, [this] co-creation of light that gives rise to a new world, a new Earth, a beautiful, glorious planet.
             So thank you, each and every one, for doing your part in engaging the Spirit and being the angel who you truly are in embodiment who cares about life, who nurtures life, who in every possible way brings conscious awareness and presence to every situation, to every person, to every being upon our Earth. It is truly a privilege to be embodied in this age to do God's work. It's a privilege that God has vouchsafed to us through our free will experience. And lest we get too caught up in the burdens of this world and the darkness here that at times we all feel, if we can simply remember that we are part of God's family, part of the greater archangelic and angelic families of light—these beautiful choirs of angels that care so much for this Earth and for every lifestream upon it—if we can just hold this in our consciousness through thick and thin, through all of our initiations and trials and maintain that level of beingness, of presence and of the new possibilities for a golden-crystal age emerging, then we will more easily enter into the spirit of joy, happiness and our true divine estate of angelic beingness, [which] is our right, our heritage to experience always.
            Mother Mary desires us to always remember and cherish her heart and the heart of every archeiai and archangel. If we can simply focus on the hearts of these great beings, in the brooding presence and in the magnanimous essence of these glorious God-hearts, we will be buoyed up, surrounded with joy and love and strengthened in our resolve to keep on keeping on, to maintain our spiritual disciplines and to live a life so dedicated to the Lord of all.

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