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Godfre      September 02, 2011

Beloved Godfre
David Christopher Lewis
September 2, 2011   8:30-8:55 pm EDT
America's Rebirth in Freedom: The Truth Shall Make You Free!
Washington, D.C.

I Cast a Vision before You of Two Destinies of America

Your Mighty I AM God Presence Is the Key to Your Victory
and America's Freedom

Accept the Full Benevolent Energy Field
of That Great God Presence within Your Life

Beloved Friends of Freedom,
            Your beloved mighty I AM God Presence is the key to your victory and America's freedom, her destiny for the ages and the fulfillment of all that we together have embodied within this nation to see [manifest.] Your self-realization within your great God Presence is essential to the fulfillment of our common destiny and the victory of the light.
            You have embodied in order to be an example for thousands and even millions of souls. And within this nation and the freewill experience of your life, you have opportunity to reach up into that great God Presence, which is yours here and now to know in order for the light to flow through you, you see!  Some of you feel at times that there is a disconnect. And so this night I come to reconnect you with that mighty I AM Presence through the fire of my being so that you will always know the eternality of God within you, blessed hearts.
            Yes, I am here tangibly in your midst! And I am determined that this nation will not go down in infamy! I was the first president as George Washington, and we carved within the very sacred documents of this nation those rights, inalienable rights, that we saw that God had invested within the freewill experience of all.
            Blessed ones, it is time that more Americans realize the truth in this hour in order that all realize their eternal destiny. What are these truths that are supposed to be self-evident and that some have forgotten or do not even know, for they have not even read the Constitution in its entirety? They have not read or forget the Declaration of Independence, and there is a rewriting of the history of this very nation from the viewpoint of those who would alter its destiny by hiding that which we invested so much of our energy within, you see.
            Blessed hearts, the solution to the crumbling of your freedoms, your sacred freedoms, is that you become freedom itself, you see. And the only means for this to occur is for you to rise in consciousness to accept the full benevolent energy field of that great God Presence within your life! When this empowerment comes within your world, then nothing can destroy your destiny or interfere with the righteous use of God's light within your world. For when you are trued to that destiny and to that virtuous energy of your great God Presence, it will move you exactly where you are required to go and be. It will inspire you to accomplish exactly what you have the gifts and talents to manifest. It will bless you with its cosmic benevolence in order that your soul may emerge as a true enlightened soul, destined to be God where you are.
            If you study the messages of the Master Saint Germain released through me, through any dispensation, you will know just how important your focus upon the great I AM is to the fulfillment of your destiny. And this, blessed hearts, is integral to America's capturing of that freedom fire for all time and space.
            Yes, that light has almost gone out. And within the hearts of some of your leaders it has not been fully realized, for they do not understand the completeness of our vision for a nation and a people free to pursue the higher walk with God. Much has been clouded over through politicizing that which occurs in the capital in the sacred halls within this nation's master city of light, whose architects saw clearly what could be a shining alabaster city of light as an example to the world.
            Yes, dearest ones, many come from around the world to see of what America is composed in this capital, and yet many who have embodied here have forgotten that which is the foundation upon which all has been built. In some cases, [both] those who desire [their citizenship] and [those who have] fulfill[ed] all that is required [to become citizens] appreciate this nation and her freedoms more than many of you who were born here, you see. For they have studied; they have determined that they will be a part of this destiny. And many have become complacent who were born here, who take for granted the freedoms, the liberties that you have.
            It is time that many more of you become enfired again with an understanding of what was required to found this nation [in] the laying down of our very lives, our honors, our property, our very beingness, our souls, dearest ones. If you could realize what was at stake and what we simply had to do in those hours and you worked within your life from the same matrix, from the same level of intensity, you would deliver into the world a greater light of freedom that would move many more toward that truth that is required to understand and to be known in this hour. But since many have lost sight of the sacrifices that were required, they do not feel energetically involved. And so there is a laissez-faire attitude, there is a que sera sera attitude and people do not feel invested in what citizenship truly is and what is required for each man, woman and child to [truly] be an American.
            Yes, dearest ones, I am the original American! For many look to me, [as the first president], as an example [of] lead[ership]. And yet that same example of what you are destined to be as a God-man or -woman [is within your mighty I AM Presence]! Look not only to the examples of  the founding fathers or those of your leaders who seem to be all-wise, even though some seem to be all-ignorant, but look to the great God Presence of your own heart to know what is true wisdom, true love, true power in manifestation.
            Within your Mighty I AM God Presence is the solution to every problem. Within your mighty I AM God Presence is the energy to fulfill every God-desire and project. Within your mighty I AM God Presence, blessed hearts, is the specific equation of light that is essential for the full glory of God to be given birth [to] within you in any moment of time and space when you require a boost in order to fulfill your calling, your mission, your holy purpose.
            As you believe in God, so the mighty I AM Presence sends a ray of light as eternal faith into your heart, into your being to invest the cosmic energies of that Presence through your spirit into the crucible of action for the fulfillment of what is essential, you see. Where that light of faith and the true-blue spirit of oneness exist, the light of God-freedom emerges and is born again within your experience of life. This is so again and again through every initiation, through every situation that requires discernment, discrimination of the Holy Spirit in order for you to make right choices.
            It is your destiny to be God-free, I say! And that destiny can only be realized when you are fully aligned with your purpose through your focus upon God as the mighty I AM THAT I AM. This Saint Germain taught to me, to Lotus and to others, and it was so inscribed within our being that nothing could divert our attention [from] that mighty I AM Presence, even amidst the challenges of the twenties and the thirties and beyond, [of World War II], blessed hearts. And, yes, I stood where Lotus stood when she stood upon that altar and invoked the light during World War II. And together our twin flames manifest[ed] the light of freedom on behalf of Saint Germain to sustain this nation as a sovereign nation and America as that signet of freedom for the world, going to defend freedom in Europe, in the Pacific and beyond.
            Dearest ones, some think that there should not be any involvement of America around the world, that we have invested too much of our resources through the militarization of the forces here and there throughout the globe. Well, I say, what would you do if these bases were not established [and] the forces of darkness [did not see] them as counteractive to their own evil devices? You see, where there is a torch and a base of freedom, there we stand and the light of freedom exists. And, yes, though in some cases in some nations America is not desired any longer, yet, blessed ones, there still is the requirement for the light of freedom to be sustained in some way. And so although there is in some cases a misuse of the light and an overreaching into certain areas where it is not essential for America to be involved, yet there must remain these bases in certain areas to secure that light of freedom for peoples that have come under the boot of anarchy and tyranny.
            And so be careful, O America, in this hour that you do not give to the forces of darkness in various nations, [by your own ignorance or an appeasement of the forces of darkness through fear,] a means to wrest from the peoples of light, especially in Taiwan and in other areas that are essential to America's freedom, that which they require to defend themselves.
            There is nothing to fear but fear itself! And there is no fear in the mighty I AM God Presence, I say. Therefore through love you conquer all. And through an example of shining light, through a merciful heart and a true American spirit of givingness, those nations and their peoples will feel what freedom is composed [of], what America truly is. And if each and every representative of America in the military and in other fields of activity truly have become what the American ideal is, then these nations' peoples will not feel stomped upon or intruded upon; for they will see that [the] resolve [of these individuals] is the truth and that [their] motive is pure, and it is simply to be of service to that light of freedom for them and for all peoples.
            Yes, dearest ones, I cast a vision before you now of two destinies of America, of this nation. The first is what could happen if Americans, and especially [their] leadership, continue on the current course through division, strife and all of the animosities that come between men as equals and as co-creators of light. And the second vision is of what could be if people put aside these divisions, if they embrace the light of truth and freedom, and if they work together toward a common destiny of light, going beyond their personal preferences toward the highest good through the rule of that golden rule within this nation and following those principles and eternal values that we set forth in the founding documents.
            Which vision would you see fulfilled, O mankind, O America, in this hour? The choice is up to you! We the ascended masters lay it before you, before your vision. And each of you must choose day by day, through your own choices and actions, what you are investing your heart's energies, your mighty I AM God fire into [and thereby] empower[ing].
            Those of you who have been given so much in terms of spiritual teaching have a greater weight of karma, in one sense, to provide the example and the platform by which the right choices will be made and the higher vision will be secured. For you know the truth, and the truth has set you free, you see. And those who still remain in ignorance do not have quite the level of karma through their wrong choices as you the lightbearers of America have. And so you must be the counterweight for the mass ignorance of those who do not understand these eternal truths or have not incorporated them into their life experience. And through the power of the mighty I AM, you must deliver them unto the light of truth and freedom, you see.
            When you are tapped in[to], when you are in the zone of your true God Presence, then you draw forth that fire that may be invested through any co-creative work in order to bring forth the higher destiny envisioned for America, you see, blessed hearts. Therefore, together my angels work with you in this hour, using the light of your decrees and songs of freedom this night, to highlight this higher vision within the higher mind and the inner vision of all Americans. And the choice will be set before them in their souls day by day, and especially [in those of] the leaders in the Congress of these United States and in the executive offices of this land, as well as the Supreme Court.
            The karma upon the leaders is great, and yet, as a whole, America has chosen them. Therefore, study well your leaders' lives and their stands on the various issues before you go to the polls. Understand by speaking with them, writing to them and knowing exactly where they stand how they will vote. For you, O America, have the karma, as well as your leaders, for their wrong choices as well as their right choices. And therefore when true leadership emerges and works as one toward the light, then all of America is blessed by the righteous works of your leaders.
            So in this hour, I, Godfre, kneel before the mighty I AM God Presence of each and every American. And I ask you and the souls of those Americans who are before me to consider what you will sacrifice, what you will give so that this nation may be retained as a free and sovereign nation under God, I say, to fulfill its divine destiny. What will you give of your life's energies, your resources, your spiritual fire? Some have given all and made the ultimate sacrifice, and they have gone on to other worlds and levels of service. Some shy away from any level of givingness to their nation through public service, and therefore they will also receive their just desserts of a lack of integration with the divine will and the holy purpose of this nation.
            Even if you are not involved in the affairs of state or truly within the political field, blessed hearts, through the voice of the I AM and through your own voice, through your prayers rising to the altars of God you can enfire the truth in a new reality within this realm and you can be causative of change on a national and planetary level because of your oneness with your God Presence.
            Therefore, the call has gone forth. I want you, O America, free in the light. I desire you, O America, vigilant in this hour. I command you, O America, to fulfill your destiny. Godfre has stated it and energized, through the will of God [and through beingness], this cosmic affirmation. And these who are witnesses to my word, O Lord, will make it so through their lives lived to the glory of God and to the victory of that light of freedom forever.
           I charge you, O souls, to be who you are within the eternal spirit of God, [which] is always God-free. I thank you.

Messenger's comments:
            Godfre says that anytime you give or sing the prayer “I AM God-Free,” for the duration of the time that you are involved in that prayer or song he will place his Electronic Presence over you and empower you to be who you are. So if you desire to give it once a day, even once, for that time, that minute of time, you can feel the fire of his being, the intensity of his resolve to save America. And you can assist him by going forth and in some way helping to illumine this world with that great God I AM light of love and freedom.

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