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David Lewis      August 13, 2011

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
August 13, 2011   9:32-9:59am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Right Concentration Allows Us to Be the Nexus
for the Flow of Light into Our World

Consecration Is the Key to Concentration

The Importance of Our Broadcasts for the Stabilization of the Earth

            Good morning, everyone. I would like to talk about right concentration because this is one of the seminal, important aspects of the eightfold path of the Buddha—right concentration.
            What does concentration really mean for us as devotees and spiritual aspirants, initiates? To focus through a lens is imperative when we desire to bring the highest vibration into anything to manifest our purpose. The lens of our attention allows for this level of focus and concentration to occur. And yet at a certain point it moves beyond being a mental activity into a very supernal heart activity, whereby concentration is composed of a pure stream of love that flows through our chakras, all aligned to accommodate God's light entering our world.
            When we focus, through our attention, upon our Presence we are concentrating on the highest essence that we can know within our domain and realm, because our God Presence, our Solar reality, is one with God at the highest level. Concentration, if it is only a mental activity, does not allow for the expansiveness of the light to enter our domain. And therefore there must be the heart-mind connection, which activates, through feeling as well as the Christic patterns of the mind of God, that which is true, that which is noble, that which is divine to bless us and to grace all that we engage in in our spiritual activity.
            When the Buddha was sitting under the bodhi tree and concentrating, through his meditation, on the divine world, a portal was opened into the highest echelons and reaches of cosmic space whereby he was able to access through higher mindfulness the Way—the Middle Way—which provided a means whereby mankind could bridge the gap between the human and the divine worlds and make that leap into a new era of beingness.
            We are at the nexus of a new opportunity for a new leap in the evolution of our planet and of all lifewaves evolving hereupon. Right concentration is, in my estimation, right consecration. In other words, we consecrate our hearts, our lives, our sacred energies of Spirit toward the one purpose that is the divine purpose of life itself, and then it is easier to engage in this level of concentration whereby that light of God, through the lens of our awareness, is focused into any activity that we desire, into any work, dharma, sacred labor to fulfill its highest purpose.
            I believe that consecration is the key to concentration, because when we allow God to hallow, through the blessedness of the Holy Spirit, any activity that we engage in, then there is that flow, there is that portal, there is that nexus through which the Above comes into the below. The heaven energies of Spirit flow into the earthly energies of matter, and in this figure-eight patterning, the Christic, the Buddhic light enters our domain and life is healed, raised, sealed in divine glory.
            Many people attempt in their meditation practice to focus on one point, to focus on a particular thing, and this is important. Let that thing be God. Let that focal point, that locus of our attention to which and through which the energies of our beings engage and move be our Divine Source so that we are accommodating within our being the beingness of God.
            When we consecrate, which means when we bless through an active engagement of allowing Spirit to manifest through us in this way, we become the hands and feet of God where we are. We become participants, active members, team players of God's great entourage of light in our realm. We become servitors of fire. We become instruments through which the divine spiritual-fire energies of godliness co-create in our realm that which God has already created in a higher matrix and realm and which we are reflecting and bringing into beingness where we are. When we allow God to engage us in this activity, then we are suffused with that Presence, we are blessed with that beauty, we are graced with that joy that allows for concentration to be fulfilled in our work and service.
            What is the purpose of our concentration? It is to allow for the flow of light through this nexus to manifest in our world. As we concentrate on God, God immediately reflects back, echoes back to us the light of his eternality, and we are blessed in the process. It is a divine love exchange; it is the meeting of worlds Above and below. It is a new creation that manifests because we are entering into the co-creative framework where we are. We understand that God, as the All-Creator, has vouchsafed to us through free will this same opportunity to create in our domain, and that we have been given this footstool kingdom within which to experiment and to discover the principles of life, the scientific application of the laws of the One within our realm in order to learn what it means to be God, how to experience the Divine right here, right now within our realm.
            All of us who have become parents have at times entered into a certain godliness as we have engaged our children in understanding the purpose of life, attempted to teach them the divine laws: the law of karma, the law of the circle, of balance and harmony. And so when we engage with our Lord in co-creative actions as lightbearers, then a greater focus of light is ours because we have understood the eternal equation that things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. If this is true, then God truly can live in our domain through our hearts, through that nexus of light that is our birthright to know and to use in this sacred work.
            Right concentration is imperative for heartfriends to master on the eightfold path in order to move into the higher reaches of our adeptship as initiates. Right mindfulness is the next step, or spoke on the wheel of the eightfold path. Concentration allows us to reach these new Christic and Buddhic levels of divine mindfulness, and ultimately we are subsumed into the Divine; God accepts and receives the energy of our individual spirit-spark within the great ocean of his beingness. And in that moment of the union of ourselves with the Divine, there is a new phase of light and life created because of this divine absorption that occurs as we meld and blend with the eternality of the One. Our minds are fused with the mind of God and we lose all sense of human selfhood and gain the new senses of the Spirit as our Divine Selfhood, as our Solar Selfhood.
            Each prayer session that we have, each meditation opportunity presented affords us an opportunity to focus as one toward a holy purpose in blessing life. Those who lead these prayer sessions or host them become, at a certain energetic level, a nexus for this experience. And so you are all learning to become masters in this sacred art and science of light as you host these sessions and become that nexus point for many angels, angelic ministrants, divine beings to use your home, the electronic gear that you use in broadcasting and the flowfield that you have created around you through many hours, days, weeks, months and years of service.
            So each and every one of our hosting centers should become a sacred portal, and is becoming a sacred portal and a focus, a locus of light through which the divine world enters our world again and again in these sessions and broadcasts. When you consecrate a space for this purpose, when you hallow that space by only allowing spiritual work to be done in a particular area of your home, then there is a light-energy that is vivified and that is accelerated within that locus of light that accommodates this co-creative work. It is the altar for alchemy. It is the place where the ark of the covenant, as a spiritual flowfield, descends from the heaven world and enters your domain and you are bringing a little bit more of heaven unto Earth where you live and where this experience and this broadcast is manifesting. The ark of the covenant in some spiritual activities was understood to be a sacred and consecrated broadcasting center, like a giant radio, that received the frequencies of God and also sent them forth to hallow and bless life in Israel or wherever the ark was carried.
            So as we understand the science of Spirit and how we can arc the light from our hearts in union with our Holy Christ/Buddha Self, then we become that nexus through which the covenant with the One is reestablished and that sacred bonding of man with God, and God with man, occurs. And we bring forth a new, a holy testament through this covenant of our oneness unto all the Earth and her peoples through the teachings of the Brotherhood, which are conveyed through  a progressively higher and more refined understanding of light and the use of the science of the spoken word in our sessions, and which allow us to bring forth higher consciousness and rekindle the light within the hearts of all.
            When the masters ask for the devotees within various cities to broadcast, I'd like us all to understand what is at stake and how important these broadcasts are for the stabilization of the Earth in those areas and for the lifestreams, lifewaves, the economy, the entire social fabric of life in those areas. When we create this ark of the covenant as this broadcasting station, those rays of light begin to flow and begin to grow and glow in those areas. And so long as you maintain harmony and so long as the broadcasts are sent forth on a regular basis, that flowfield becomes more vital, powerful and dynamic in its ability to assist in the transformation of our Earth. And there is this interconnectedness between all the broadcast stations that engenders a firing of the grid, the antahkarana, toward the holy purposes of establishing the kingdom of God upon Earth through the right use of our energies, through the righteousness that manifests through our words consecrated to God.
            We have formulated a number of prayers and rituals that allow for Spirit to move in our domain through their words, which have been carefully crafted, inspired by God through me and through others of you and which bring forth spiritual fire and divine desire into our realm. Keep on keeping on, O knights and ladies, O heartfriends, partners with God and servitors of the masters in this science of the Spirit; for you are anchoring within our Earth high spiritual energies. And for some of you who have been on the path for many years and lifetimes and have begun to enter into cosmic consciousness through the application of the word, you know and feel how the energies of Spirit are moving through you in new and powerful ways as you broadcast in these sessions. And, energetically, often you can feel how this grace of the Spirit is infused within your neighborhood, your city, your state to stabilize life in a very powerful spiritual way that goes beyond just the physical and moves into all these multidimensional realms.
            When devotees come together and engage in this work, a beautiful new field of beingness is formed and created. And as I've explained in the past, when there is constancy and when numerous hearts do this, there can actually be the instigation of new foci in the heaven world, in the etheric planes—including the creation of palaces of light, cities of light, even retreats of the Brotherhood—through this action and union of our hearts with the divine heart of God.
            Boyd and the multimedia team have trained numbers of you and provided equipment for this demonstration of light. Those of you who have this equipment and have not fully utilized it, I am today, and El Morya is today encouraging you to consider learning what is essential and experimenting—yes, at times making mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes. We learn from what doesn't work and how to refine in order to bring forth the highest, and this is all fine. No one condemns anyone for trying. And though there may be hiccups here and there, what is important is that you are engaging and allowing the spiritual essences of the divine world to enter your arena of activity in this way.
            Lanello long ago saw this dynamic and called forth these broadcasts to manifest, first on a national basis and then on an international basis. In just a few short minutes there will be an International Council meeting, another important juncture of our work. And so the interconnectedness of lightbearers, lightworkers, lightsharers across the Earth will continue and will grow and expand as we develop and learn from one another and as we utilize new technologies, new ways of working, new apparatus that can allow for a smoother conveyance of the word, a more harmonic and blessed broadcast.
            So thank you so much, those who have begun this process and those who have continued, through constancy, to broadcast on a regular basis. God bless you. God keep you. I look forward to sharing with you again tomorrow what the Brotherhood of the ascended masters and our great friends of light in the heaven world will provide as inspiration and blessing. God bless you. Bye-bye.


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