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Sanat Kumara      August 07, 2011

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
August 7, 2011   9:32–9:36 am local time
Solar Evolution through Divine Music
Bollnäs, Sweden

Arise and Shine Forth Your Light!

            I, Sanat Kumara, come with my Venusian entourage to bless this body of lightbearers once again who have stood for the truth, who have stood for the light and who have attempted with all great joy to understand the path of light and to know God within. We pray that you have benefited from this time together this weekend, that you have felt the blessing of angel spirits, many master presences and your friends of light from Venus, and that you will carry home a new understanding of the laws of love and of how through love all will be fulfilled in due time and throughout space as you ascend in consciousness daily to partake of the offerings of your God bestowed unto you each morn.
            Arise and shine, O soul, more brightly each day as you face the sun and receive the scintillating and invigorating rays of light from your God Source. Arise and shine, O holy ones, and be the receptors for cosmic currents and frequencies and sound waves from Venus that will give you peace and a surcease from all struggle. Arise and shine, O blessed ones, and know your oneness with your holy brothers and sisters on your home star who are ever-present with you in cosmic mindfulness—inspiring you, at times cajoling you, and always smiling upon you with their Venusian light-energies.
            Yes, arise and shine forth your light, for you are winning from the beginning unto the ending of all cycles of time and space as you merge with the Spirit and become again a spirit-spark within the bosom of the great Lord of All. We are with you in love. We are with you in Spirit now and forevermore. The Ancient of Days are we, Venus and I, ever-present with you, loving you from the within out unto your victory. Thank you.

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