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Peter Deunov      August 05, 2011

Beloved Peter Deunov
David Christopher Lewis
August 5, 2011   10:15–10:35 local time
Solar Evolution through Divine Music
Bollnäs, Sweden

Through Silence You Can Hear the Sound and Vibrations of God

Beloved Ones,
            The science of celestial sound is yours to experiment with each day as you accept your own status as a co-creator with the Lord and enter into that science by knowing the light from your Source, hearing its manifestations, and allowing the coursing of the melodic strains of its essence to flow through you. Each world as well as each soul and each cell and each sun has a tone, and through this tone it is known of the Lord.
            The entire cosmos is the song of the Divine Mother, because matter is composed through her words, through her music of light. If you would be a composer with the Lord, know the Divine Mother, first by knowing your soul, by allowing your soul to have a voice, to sing; and then by allowing your soul to journey through life through a conscious presence of new possibilities for your melody, the melody of your soul, to be heard by all life.
            Some speak of the music of the spheres. And yet in your Solar Presence you are already a sphere of light, a sun of God in your own right, blessed hearts. If this is true—and it is—then 
the music of the spheres incorporates your melody within the greater melody of life as a whole that is the cosmos. And thus, when the toning of your keynote is true and incorporated into the greater complex of the orchestration of light of the cosmos, then the divine science of light, of music may be known by you. That which David spoke earlier¹ was inspired by me, blessed hearts, and I used this occasion to create within your auric fields new light patterns, new frequencies of joy, of inner beingness, of peace, of presence.
            If you would honor the legacy that I have left within Earth, you may, if you choose, seek to purchase the CDs that are available of my music played by the Vera Choir and other individuals, as the music of Paneurhythmy and as other inspired music.² For many of you know that I played the violin; and I used this instrument to create wave patterns of the new-age consciousness and as harmonic frequencies that bless life. Many of these were in 3/4 time as waltz music whereby the rhythm of the stars themselves was captured through my heart, through my own cells in order to give birth within Earth to that new celestial science of sound. The choirs and the individuals who have sung this music, both in the Bulgarian language and in other languages, have allowed an investment of light through music into the atmosphere of the Earth whereby there can be purification, there can be transmutation through the 3/4 rhythm, and there is the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit manifesting through that rhythm for the blessing of life.
            You know the waltz, for you have many tunes within your culture and other cultures that are composed within that rhythm. When you enter into the waltz itself and the sounding of the notes through your voice, through your movement, there is a new comprehension of cosmic spheres that may be yours as you attune to the stars, the suns of light in the heavens, everywhere, and allow the frequencies from these solar worlds to be yours, blessed ones. Yes, every star is emanating a frequency of light that is specific to that star, just as every snowflake has a different pattern. “Can there truly be this many frequencies in the cosmos?” you ask. And yet, yes, there are, and each one may be identified and understood by your soul if you are willing to enter the science of the solar worlds by listening deeply within yourselves to the music of the spheres.
            What did we who meditated upon the solar worlds glean from this time of communion with these celestial spheres? It was, blessed hearts, an understanding of the very voice of God that emanated through these star-fire beings of many solar worlds. And each toning was a part of that which the Lord spoke to us as a word, as a phrase, as even a syllable or a sound, a consonant or a vowel that represented a tone that, when strung together, created a message of light, solar essences imbibed by us. Truly, dearest ones, this experience may be yours, first through your own self-mastery by entering into this science consciously and even in communion with others who resonate with you as you discuss what you have heard, what you have felt, what has enriched your lives, what has become a part of you through this music, this song, “Celestel.”³
            Now, dearest hearts, I would speak something of that ritual which you have translated into Swedish, which is the Rosary of Divine Quintessence.4 For within this ritual there has been captured, through the names of the archeiai of the five crystal rays, higher spiritual flow-fields and quintessences that, when ingested by you through the speaking of the words and the singing of the songs within this ritual, bring to you a new investiture of light deep within your being. Through a greater sensitivity you will feel the impulses from far-off worlds and from these archeiai and archangels that will allow you to be even more sensitive to spiritual fire and light and thereby be able to then have the impressions from far-off worlds blessing you as you meditate upon the divine science of music and celestial sound.
            In the great silence you can feel the music, for it is a feeling sensation, blessed hearts, that allows you to then hear. Why, even as you study the components of your ear and your inner ear, you see how vibration affects the eardrum and results in the hearing process that you all experience. It is therefore the feeling of the vibration that is important in attuning to this celestial sound all about you.
            How do you develop greater feeling and sensitivity? Through the acceptance of higher frequencies of light within your being through silence. Through silence and stillness, you can begin to feel the most delicate energy patterns that wash upon your being and that give you a new heart-mindset whereby you can discern and interpret these patternings of light-energies. Why, even the angels are trained in this process of discernment as they wing their way through your atmosphere and across the galaxies to serve God in whatever domain and office they are assigned to. Many of you are angels, and it will be easy for you to re-experience and re-know this science at the soul level when you take that time of stillness each day to be in communion with the angels above and around you and to develop this level of new spiritual sensitivity.
            When this messenger returns again to Scandinavia, we expect that you will have developed, each one, a greater sensitivity to light through self-mastery and this science, and thereby be able to receive even more powerful frequencies from these solar worlds, dearest hearts, in order to then ray them forth to bless and to raise life in Scandinavia and throughout Europe and beyond. See yourselves as co-creators in this way, know yourselves within this science of the spirit, and feel–through your chakras, through your skin, through your organs and the systems of your body as a temple of light–that which God invests through you as a co-creator.
            Why, some of you may even decide to create a melody or a song yourself and play it or sing it to this group or to a larger congregation in the future. Don't be timid; accept that what has been inspired upon you is true and worth your sharing. And even if you are a little shy, no one will laugh; they will simply enjoy the rendering of your creativity through your voice, through your own musicality as you have decided to capture something of your own divine essence and the music of higher spheres as your offering to the universe. [Peter Deunov chants the AH melodically for 68 seconds.] You see, dearest ones, even with one phrasing there may be a melody shared as your spirit journeys through sound to accept the light and to allow it to flower as the wind within your world. Was this the dance of a butterfly or the flight of a bird or the journey of my soul? I will leave it for you to discern and to know God within.
            I thank you.

1. Before this HeartStream David led a meditation. 
2. Peter Deunov (1864–1944). Bulgarian mystic, composer and violinist. A selection of his music and melodies, performed by the Vera Instrumental Ensemble, are available on CD through The Hearts Center online store: Sounds from the Balkans: Melodies by Peter Deunov arranged for Violin and Cello, Volume 1: Item #3200-7-0068, $10; Sounds from the Balkans: Melodies by Peter Deunov arranged for Chamber Orchestra, Volume 2: Item #3200-7-0069, $10; Paneurhythmy, Volume 5: Item #3200-7-0063, $10. Additional CDs by the Vera Choir are also available through the online store.
3. “Celestel” is simply a poetic way of saying the word "celestial."
4. Rosary of Divine Quintessence, recording in English available on CD through The Hearts Center online store: Item #3200-7-0026, $12.

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