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Krishna      August 05, 2011

Beloved Krishna
David Christopher Lewis
August 5, 2012   7:50–8:00 pm local time
Solar Evolution through Divine Music
Bollnäs, Sweden

As I Play My Melody, All Are Called To Love

Beloved Ones,
            The clearest path to the Lord, as I see it, is through devotion and through the raising of that Mother Light within you that comes when you are one-pointed through your love and entering into the bliss of oneness as you pour forth your entire being and light to your Source. Through the lens of your devotion, through the light that is focused through your heart in this way, you enter the very beingness of that one eternal light—Brahman. And through the entry point of the heart of God, your spirit is merged as one in the Cosmic Egg and in the central point within that egg of light.
            I have played my flute as you have sung through all of Scandinavia. And I am calling to souls who have lost their grounding upon Earth—calling them, through devotion to the Mother, to be awakened now by her wand of light. And as she touches many souls throughout this land, there is a quickening even of the Earth itself, a purification of the elements, and her blessing is bestowed by the sacred touch extended from the Starry Mother through the Earth Mother to you all.
            Few are the shepherds in this day and age who understand the artistry of loving all the sheep. Few are the cowherds across the lands who revere the sacredness of what some call a beast and which is yet an aspect of the One Light through elemental life. Few are the goatherds who know the bleating and the message of those who may seem to eat just about anything that is before them and yet who are also persnickety in their behaviors and in their conduct. Yes, blessed hearts, I walk among elemental life, for this is where I feel free—free to be Krishna, free to play my flute, even at times as a fife or a piccolo, calling you higher to aspire to your Godhood.
            Now I play my melody upon the ethers, and through the weaving of the strains of this song
even through the words of the Bhavagad Gitathe song celestial will be heard by many who once embodied in India and who have reincarnated in these lands to bring the light of levity and mindfulness to a people of the sun. As I play my melody, all are called to love. All are called to love with a greater depth of soul and heart and spirit—for, blessed hearts, love is the key to your divinity. And when, through devotion and praise and thanksgiving and gratitude, you enter the heart of God through your love, then the light shines brightly through you, you fulfill your purpose in being heartfriends of God, and all is well within the temple of your own being.
            Now I have a little secret to tell you. You may not have thought of Jesus as a musician, and yet after his ascension we got together and had a cosmic jam session. We were not eating jam or jelly—I was playing my flute and he, the harp of light.¹ Whereas he is an angel of light himself, many angels came and nurtured his sheep throughout the world, even as I, in the guise of a cowherd, nurtured many in the land of the East through my music and my light and my love.
            Yes, dearest ones, our music is still flowing forth across the ethers, calling the sheep and the cows to come to the divine pastures of the Spirit and calling the conscious ones to be the Christ, to be Krishna through love. Be that love in all that you do and all that you say and all that you feel magnanimously toward life in all realms. For in this, Krishna, Christ will work through you, and your light will shine brightly to bless a universe in motion through your song of the Spirit.
            I thank you.

1.  Jesus was embodied as David, the psalmist, who played a harp-like instrument as a young shepherd and later became King of Israel.

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