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God Harmony      August 05, 2011

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by God Harmony)
August 5, 2011   16:00–16:44 local time
Solar Evolution through Divine Music
Bollnäs, Sweden

The Seven Octaves of Vibration

On Spiritual Preparation to Contain More Light, More Energy, More of God

Let Your Keynote Be Harmony

            I'm going to read a very important teaching from a book called Initiation. How many people have seen or read this book? The author, Elisabeth Haich, lived in Hungary for many years and then she went to Switzerland and taught yoga and spiritual teachings there for many more years. She wrote the book Initiation in her native language in 1953. So this book was written before Mark Prophet was directed by El Morya to found The Summit Lighthouse. Initiation was Haich's bestselling book and it has been translated into seventeen languages. The first English translation was published in 1965. It is a fantastic book, an awesome book. I've recommended it recently, and I believe that we will have a future course that will focus on this book because the teachings are so great.
            The reason I'm reading from this book is because we're talking about music. This is from a chapter on the seven octaves of vibration and the ark of the covenant. Seven octaves of vibration—the word octave means “eight.” Just for a moment, think about an octave on a piano. There are eight white keys from C to C if you count both Cs, or seven keys if you don't count the higher C, which begins the next octave. There are also five black keys, the half-steps in between the seven. Within the octave there are twelve different keys, twelve semitones. So when we speak of seven octaves of vibration, we can think of seven times twelve, or eighty-four, gradations of vibration. And when we think of seven octaves, we might also think of seven chakras, each one encompassing an octave.
            So, this reading is a little involved; however, it's an awesome teaching and I think you'll love it. This is from Initiation, chapter 32, “Ptahhotep's Instruction: The Seven Octaves of Vibration and the Ark of the Covenant.” The teaching is delivered in the words of the high priest Ptahhotep:

All energy, all the forces of the universe, are movements which emanate from one point—their own centre—and radiate in circular waves in all directions, manifesting themselves as vibrations or oscillations. These manifestations of force cease only when the forces that have got out of balance regain their primordial state of equilibrium, the divine unity. Hence when we speak of the “primordial state” we mean the state in which all material phenomena have ceased to exist. In its true essence, matter, too, is motion, and if this motion comes to a stop, matter must necessarily cease to exist. As long as the three-dimensional, material world exists its immutable law is that of unrest, of movement.
            The fact that the creative force manifests itself on each and every level of innumerable possibilities means there are countless different wave lengths, wave forms, and frequencies. And as long as we are in the body, with its limited perceptive ability, we can perceive only a certain number of these wave forms because our organs of sense are limited. Whether some form of vibration appears to us as “immaterial energy” or as solid “matter” depends upon our own idea and the impression of something which is basically nothing but “movement”, “vibration”, or “frequency”.
            The shorter the waves in which a form of energy manifests itself the less our consciousness records a sensation of matter. To the vibrations that are transmitted directly to our consciousness by our organs of sense we give names according to the sensations we feel: matter, sound, electricity, heat, taste, smell, light. The still higher, immaterial energies and radiations, perceptible only by means of our brain and nerve centres, we call thought waves, idea waves. Beyond them there are still higher, more penetrating rays and frequencies, all the way up to the very highest all-pervading frequencies of the divine-creative power: life itself! We can only perceive these frequencies as a state of consciousness.
            So, throughout the universe, countless varieties of vibrations are at work, ranging from the shortest to the longest wave length. Every form of creation, beginning with the celestial bodies and ranging all the way down to the tiniest monocellular creature—all the myriad manifestations of creation are the effects of various forms of these rays. We live in these various rays whether we know it or not; even more, these forms of energy have built and formed us human beings and are constantly at work in our body, our mind, and our entire being. The whole universe consists of these various vibrations. The source of these creative vibrations we call God.
            God himself stands above all manifestations of life and rests in himself in absolute equilibrium without time and without space. But he is constantly radiating himself out into material forms in order to give these forms life. As God is omnipresent and fills the entire universe, everything that is in the universe is penetrated and filled by God. Nothing can exist without being in God and without God's penetrating it, as God is everywhere present and nothing can displace or dislodge him from his own presence. Consequently, every point offers a possibility that God may manifest himself through it, and everything that exists in our perceptible world carries this point as its own centre within itself. From this point, there began its first manifestation, its creation, its fall from equilibrium.
            This aspect of God who creates the material world and gives it life by penetrating it, that is, the actual life in us and in all creatures, we call the “higher self”. Expressions like “God”, “creator”, “universal self”, “higher self” or the “creative principle” all mean one and the same divinity in its various aspects.
            The energies radiating from the centre are still highly spiritual in the centre and of the highest frequencies. But the farther out they radiate from the centre, the more material they become . . . until these radiating energies are gradually changed into matter. In this way the radiating power limits itself, and at the edge of manifestation farthest removed from the centre it becomes a hard, material rind or crust. For this reason, the picture—the “name”—of God who manifests himself in the visible world is a circle, an inner circle of higher powers surrounded by a hard, material rind or crust.
            Expressed in letters, the symbol is OM.
            All creatures, from the central suns down to monocellular beings, are built according to this principle. Look at a cross-section of our earth. In the centre, the mighty forces are still in the evolutionary stage of the fire circle. Next come the gaseous regions, then those of the molten or liquid circles, and the outer-form is the rind of hard matter. But I want to tell you too that another opposing force—centripetal force—is also active at the same time, drawing all material manifestations inward towards itself. And if hard matter were not sufficiently resistant, all manifestations of life would be drawn into their own centres and disappear. Even our earth, with all the forms of life upon it, would suffer this fate. The resistance of matter prevents this from happening, and only for this reason is it possible at all for creation to exist and life to have come forth here on this hard, material crust of the earth. Don't forget the resistance of matter, because we shall talk about it again.
            Here is another example to illustrate the inner structure of material forms: a section through the spinal column of any vertebrate shows the same construction, the extremely fine substance of the marrow of the back bone carrying the creative power of life, developed and protected by the hard crust of bone. Whatever bone you cut—be it skull, vertebra or leg bone—you will find the same cross section.
            If you cut the stem of a plant, you will come upon the same pattern. Have you ever looked at trees after they have been felled? The inner structure of the tree is exactly the same: radiating from the centre are circles of vital energy, fed by the finer matter of the tree's innermost substance. The annual rings reflect the yearly radiation of life in the tree that takes place every spring, surrounded and protected by the outer ring of hard bark.
            Growth always starts from the centre and radiates outward. The innermost source of all powers and manifestations is God.
            This aspect of God, who is clothed in matter and makes living beings out of created forms and which we call the higher self (Logos) is what draws us back into our own centre, since we have fallen from the divine unity, from the state of paradise. It is the heavenly bridegroom for whom the human soul longs. One should never mistake this divine self for the personal “I” which in itself has no true existence and is merely an imaginary being.
            The vital source behind every form of manifestation, be it a sun, planet, human being, animal, plant life or inorganic matter is one and the same God, the same divine self.
            Although the same God is everywhere present in every creature, he is manifest in countless different variations, because God reveals himself on every single level on which manifestation is possible and the created forms manifested on these various levels reveal only as much of God as each form can consciously experience and bear of the divine creative force, corresponding to its own level. To consciously experience force means being this force and simultaneously radiating it in all directions, including into one's own body. For this reason, the body too must have adequate power of resistance; otherwise the radiations of the self would burn and destroy it.
            Hence the bodies of the various manifestations of life are not made in the same way. On the contrary the matter composing them is of different degrees of resistance, corresponding in each case to the level of consciousness of the manifestation of life concerned. You know that the chemical composition of matter determines which vibrations a body can support. When a body is subjected to a radiation in excess of its resistance, this harms its entire nerve system, and can lead to a nervous breakdown and even to mental derangement. When the number of vibrations of this force exceeds the scope of an octave the force even becomes lethal. This is why, when we want to initiate a person into a higher degree of divine power, we must first prepare his body, subjecting it among other things to a chemical process, in order that the difference will not be more than one octave at the most. Otherwise he dies.1

            Now, I would like to explain something about my work and my preparation to do what I do. It took many, many years of prayers and decrees and of study to get to the point where my body temple could actually withstand the vibrations of an ascended master who would deliver a HeartStream through me—because the radiation, the wave patterns, are so intense that if I were vibrating down here [gestures to indicate a certain level] and the masters were up here [gestures to indicate a significantly higher level], it would burn me up to be able to release that much light through their presence. So, through disciplined spiritual practices, I had to step up the radiation, the vibration of my being to the point where I could actually receive the higher impulses of the mind of the masters.

            And the same is true with you. When new people come to events, many times what happens is that they fall asleep, because the radiation from the masters' releases is too high for their bodies to bear at that time, and also because they may have physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual impurities in their being that simply don't allow them to bear the energy being released. The first time many of us came into the teachings this happened to us. I remember one of the first conferences I went to—I looked around and people were nodding off left and right. Have you experienced this? [Some reply: “Yes.”] Falling asleep is not a sign that someone is a bad person or even that they are tired, although it could be that they're tired. Rather, it's often the fact that the release of the energy and the light is from a certain plane and we may have to work on ourselves and purify and cleanse our physical bodies first in order to receive it.

            Many of us got on the path first by cleaning up our physical bodies, right? We may have become vegetarians, we started to eat healthier foods, we started putting aside white sugar, white flour, and other toxic foods and dense foods. And so we cleansed ourselves. I became a vegetarian when I was fourteen, and for many years I tried to watch everything I ate and only eat pure foods. Now, I've latched on to some things later in life; there's also practicality to consider, and it's hard in this day and age to eat only pure, living food. You can do it if you're very disciplined, and yet, when you travel a lot or when you have a family, you make certain compromises and you do your best. But we can each decide, we can choose to put aside certain dense things in our physical diet, in our emotional diet, in our mental diet, in our spiritual diet. And we can choose to consciously take in only things that are pure. By doing this we become more spiritualized and then we begin to be able to bear these higher vibrations.2
            So this book, Initiation, is the story of a soul, Elisabeth Haich, in a past lifetime in Egypt and how as a young girl in her teens she yearns to receive a certain initiation. Before she can receive it, her mentors have to prepare her, and so she goes through numerous exercises—physical exercises, mental exercises and spiritual exercises—to become sensitive enough and to purify her processes and everything sufficiently so that when she receives the initiation it won't burn her up.
            Through all of our lifetimes, you see, we are purifying, purifying, purifying to where we can contain more and more light, more and more of God. And we get to the point where we can receive the higher frequencies from our God Self—we can have our own intuition. At a certain point we don't have to rely on me or someone else or even read books. We can get our own instruction directly from our Presence, from our higher mentors, from our Higher Self. And if each and every one of you left The Hearts Center at some point in the future because you were so locked in to your God Self that you no longer needed our support on your path, that would be fine with me as long as you're truly doing that. Do you see what I'm saying? There is no membership in The Hearts Center. The key is for you to be so in tune with your Real Self that you're locked in to that. And when you're integrated into your Real Self, as Elisabeth Haich was, then you are a true spiritual being. So that's really what we're about.
            I won't read more from the book at this point, but, to summarize what is essential for our understanding here: Her uncle, Ptahhotep, is an adept who is the head high priest at this time in Egypt. He is teaching her various things and her father also teaches her many things. So at this point in the book, Ptahhotep is giving her instruction that will prepare her for her initiation. After that training she goes through some interesting experiences; and in consequence she doesn't pass all of her tests in that life and she has to come back into embodiment. Haich explains that if she had become a full initiate she wouldn't have had to come back—she may have made her ascension. But she did make some mistakes, thereby necessitating that she come back, and she is very humble about it. The whole book is a teaching for us really to understand what the path of initiation was back then and to bring some of that teaching into the now so that we can apply it.
            So how does this relate to music? The book goes on to explain the seven octaves of vibration. I was describing that we reach a certain level of the activation of light within our chakras and within our being, and then we can bear more energy. Then we go to the next level, the next octave, and we can bear more. And then we go to the next octave and again we can bear more.
            Have you seen in your own life where you realize that you've become more of God, you've progressed on your path, and now you have greater responsibility for other lifestreams, other people? Other people feed off of your light and the universe requires that you emanate light, that you emanate waves of consciousness and presence and beauty. You are feeding this Earth with your love, with your light. And the universe requires that we do that, because we are lightbearers, and without us doing our spiritual work, what would the Earth be like? It could be a lot worse. So we came, we chose to embody, in order to be lightbearers—to bear the light and to anchor that light where we walk and in the countries in which we live. And by doing that work we are helping our planet and all the evolutions on this Earth to be raised up and to be awakened and quickened and enlightened and come to the point of their own Self-realization.
            So, getting back to my example and what I had to do as preparation, I had to raise my vibrations in order, first of all, to be sensitized enough to be able to telepathically feel and hear the master's message and release it as a pure stream. Now, there is resistance to that—and here I'm using the word resistance in a different sense from the sense in which Haich used it in the excerpt I read—there is resistance in the form of interruptions and things that try to block the release of the message. There are projections. There are interruptions in the flow. Sometimes these come through people and sometimes they come through my own consciousness if I'm not in the right zone, if I haven't sufficiently done my own spiritual preparation. Sometimes they come through the sounds of people outside, such as today during the dictation when somebody outside was operating a chainsaw right during the HeartStream.
            I was explaining to Marita and Rune that there was actually more radiation released during the discourse than during the dictation, the HeartStream. Earlier, during the discourse, I could feel the waves of energy going out to you. The master knew that that disruption was going to happen and also that someone would walk in the door and interrupt the dictation. He knew that in advance, and so he took the time of the discourse to release the most energy to your hearts. Did you feel that? Some of you who are sensitive felt that release. Because of the interruptions, I was straining to maintain the thread of contact for the HeartStream. And yet the master, because he knew what would occur, had already made accommodation for it. Isn't that interesting.
            So, these are sensitivities that you develop on your path. And the more sensitive you become, the more you find that you cannot allow certain things to enter your world. You just block the door—you say, “Enough. I can't allow that anymore.” For example, you can't listen to rock music, because it jars your chakras and your auric field. You can't eat certain foods, because you feel terrible afterwards, as though you've been invaded by something. You can't allow argumentation, you can't lose your temper, because that is destructive to your aura and your heart and your chakras. We learn these things gradually and there are still higher levels that we are all going to in order to become more of God so that we can bear more light.
            Now, I've talked in the past about how during some of these conferences there is so much light flowing through my chakras and I can only bear a certain amount. It's like a rechargeable battery—you can only charge it so much until it reaches its capacity, it gets fully charged, right? And then you have to use that battery in a device to discharge the stored energy before you can charge it again. If you try to run too much current through it at one time, what could happen? It might explode. Have you ever plugged a 110-volt electrical appliance or device into a 220-volt outlet? Doing that could burn out the device. The last time I came to Sweden I brought a 110-volt water machine and accidentally plugged it into a 220-volt outlet. I thought I was using the right adapter and then Zap! the current was more than the device could handle.
            So, we gradually build our auric field to the point where we can handle more energy, we can withstand the higher intensity. And we do this lifetime after lifetime until we become what Elisabeth Haich describes in her book. She describes that on Earth there are four levels of manifestation: matter (mineral), vegetable (plant) life, animal life and human life.3 Now, most people on Earth are vibrating at the level of man—above the animal, but sometimes just barely above the animal. And sometimes people act worse than animals in the way they conduct themselves; they slaughter each other, they eat grossly, and things like that.
            Haich explains that there are three more levels after the level of the average man—three levels to becoming a God-man or a God-woman, where you basically are one with God. And at that seventh level you are vibrating at such a high frequency that you become like the ark of the covenant. At this level, if somebody were to touch you when you were transmitting that intense energy, they would be stunned, they could have a stroke or even die because you're radiating so much light, as Jesus did after he resurrected. Jesus told Mary Magdalene not to touch him; and that was because he had so much current of light flowing through him that if she had touched him, it would have been like getting an electrical shock or being struck by lightning.
            To continue with my example—in order to do what I do as a conduit, or messenger, for the masters, I had to purify, purify, purify and, through humility, get to the point where the masters could trust me as a vessel to release the teaching at a certain level. Now, this is not a psychic activity; it's not a psychic development that does this. It's also not that I have a better mind than anybody else. It's really about the heart. And so, if you desire to be a messenger in your field of activity—as a healer, as an instructor, as an artist, as a composer, a musician—whatever your field is, the key is to purify, purify, purify. Love God. Love God within yourself.
            You get to the point first where you're loving God, you're adoring God outside of yourself as the Creator. And then you reach a point where you draw all that in and you realize that God lives within you. And you adore the God that is within you, yet not in an egotistical sense; it is a very cherished, inner experience of knowing that you are God—and of course everyone is God—and of adoring and loving that Godness that is within you. So, it's not so much anymore about looking outward, even to a master or to God as the Great Central Sun, to experience God. Yes, there is that Central Sun who is the Allness of God, but you draw that light-energy, you draw that beingness, and you feed off of that God that is you (and Haich explains this very beautifully in the book) to the point where you know that the kingdom of God is within. Jesus said it: “The kingdom of God is within.”4 And you realize that. You become that. And then from that point of understanding, perception, acceptance and knowing, you emanate the higher frequencies and you attain more and you're able to bear more.
            Now, many of you are learning the science of the spoken word. Part of the reason we do these decrees and we accelerate the speed is to get to the point where we can bear more energy in our bodies. Marita and Rune, for example, have been doing these decrees for a long time and they decree very fast. The speed is the acceleration. W
hen you do decrees heart-centeredly and you accelerate, you are increasing the radiation, the vibrations in your beingwhen you do them the right way. And then you are increasing the level of energy in your aura whereby you can bear more light. Now, initially, not everybody can decree as fast as they can, but they've been decreeing for twenty or thirty years. So, you gradually build up that energy field and the resistance that is essential to be able to bear the vibrations from heaven as they're pouring through your being and your chakras.
            If you've been decreeing for a while, you know at least a little bit about what I'm speaking of and you feel it. Have you felt that resistance too? Now, here I'm not talking about resistance as a bad thing. I'm talking about resistance as the dynamic of the pressure of the light—it's the pressure of the light—and you learn how to deal with the pressure. It's the spiritual pressure of that light. Because what happens when you decree is that you become a magnet. And when you decree a lot, you have a lot of light in your being, in your aura. So, what happens is that the light, the magnetic energy, draws the darkness to you to be consumed. And if you have been decreeing for a long time, many years, and then you stop, the darkness is still coming to you to be transmuted, because by your long practice of decreeing you have magnetized that darkness for the purpose of transmutation. So if you stop decreeing, it can be overwhelming. I've had that experience when I was traveling and I couldn't decree normally and I felt, oh my gosh, I felt that I was under it. Have you felt that sometimes? It's the pressure of the light and it's the flow of the energy. And so you have to really maintain your spiritual discipline in order to bear that light.
            Now, this afternoon, after delivering that HeartStream that was interrupted, I had to do some inner work first and then lay down for a little while, because the light that was flowing through my being during that HeartStream was so intense that it was almost a shock to my physical body; and so I had to readjust a little bit to be able to maintain, to be able to come back and receive the next one. I hope you understand that it wasn't that I didn't want to be with you all. It's just that I had to actually leave my physical body and do spiritual work in another plane, come back, and then I was rested and I could do more. You may at times have to do the same thing, right? Sometimes we have to rest our physical body in order to be able to bear more, to do more. And it's important that we remember that—because if we're always going, going, going and we're invoking light, light, light and there's never a time of quietude, it can be intense on our physical temple.
            So, with this background and understanding, let's talk specifically about music. The Great Tenor is God Harmony. And everything that I've shared today is part of his message, because when we are in the flame of purity, of pure light, pure motive, and when we are in the integrity of our Higher Self, then we are harmonious.
            What is harmony? How would you describe harmony? [Audience replies are repeated by David: Balance. Peace. Still water. Clarity. Equilibrium.] And in music what is harmony, Carol? [Carol replies: “Notes that are separated enough that their vibration is in coherence and all the tones blend beautifully.] Perfect. Very good definition—there is coherence and the tones blend beautifully. Those are very key words—coherence and the tones blending beautifully. What we did earlier, through all those prayers and decrees, was the toning of our chakras, the clearing of our chakras. And during that time of doing those white-ray prayers and decrees, there was a clearance action, we claimed our purity with Lanello, and we were toning, we were truing, we were re-tuning ourselves in harmony.
            Now, when God Harmony says, “Let your keynote be harmony,” what he means is the key note of your being—the note that is at the beginning, in the middle, at the end, and all the notes in between. Let the light of harmony and purity—through clarity, through equilibrium, through peace, through balance, through the still waters of your being—flow through the melody that's your keynote. Let there be no aberration or any sense of injustice about any aspect of your path. Let there be the flow of water as pure emotions coursing through your astral (or emotional) body, your feeling world. Let there be light singing through your cells.
            How many people have had dark field microscopy on their blood? In dark field microscopy, you look at your blood through a microscope and you can see the red blood cells flowing. Have you ever had that done? It's amazing what you see. Through that technology you can see if your blood cells coagulate and bunch up together or if they are free-flowing. And if you have natural enzymes and you eat good food, pure food, the blood cells flow very easily and they're not all strung together; they're separated and they're just flowing through your blood. And this flowing is the harmony of your own inner bloodstream.
            The same is true of your spiritual lifestream. And God Harmony's message today is to let the notes that you allow to flow through you to represent who you truly are as a God-being—to let that flow manifest without interruption, without division, without the things that separate us from one another and from our divine nature. And when we are in this integrity and we purify ourselves, our voices become clearer.
            A true tenor, which the Great Tenor is, has a clear resonant voice and he is on pitch on every note—he is not too high or too low on any note. He knows the note and his consciousness soars to be able to reach each exact note indicated on a score—which is exactly where the vibration is required to hold the specific melody and the pattern through that melody. It takes training and discipline over many years, perhaps over lifetimes, to be able with your voice to harmonically reach that perfected tone and have crystal clarity in your voice. To be on pitch is one of the hardest things for a singer. You have to listen to recordings of yourself singing, and sometimes when you do you notice, “Oh, I wasn't on pitch with that note.” If you work with a trained voice teacher, he or she can teach you how to maintain the pitch while you're vibrating the strings of your vocal cords in vibrato as a tremolo and to hold a wave pattern while you're singing different notes in order that that wave is exactly where it should be.
            This is what the Great Tenor, God Harmony, does. He is showing me how as a spiritual, ascended master he still sings, but his singing now is at a cosmic level. And the wave patterns that he emits through his higher spiritual voice are so awesome that they affect planets, star systems, and lifewaves on other worlds. While we're on Earth, we primarily affect this Earth with our voice and with our spiritual work. As we rise in cosmic consciousness where we can perceive beyond the veil into other dimensions, we can affect life on other worlds, in other dimensions and in multiple dimensions. And this is what an initiate, an adept does. And some of you will have these experiences where you will be beyond the Earth in your dream state or in a meditative state, and you will feel the effects of your spiritual work going into other dimensions and planes beyond the known Earth and world. Some of you, I know, are already experiencing this or you have experienced this, maybe in little snippets of time and space, and for some of you it's happening more and more. You are developing cosmic consciousness.
            So, we can become like the Great Tenor. Now, we will not be allowed to have these cosmic experiences until we master ourselves and master our voice in this dimension and plane—because if we were to accelerate what we're doing here beyond this Earth with any level of impurity, what would the effects be? Catastrophic. And we don't want to affect other planets unless our voice, our vibrations are absolutely pristine and pure.
            What I see from the Great Tenor is that he is learning that through the voice one does create. He is discerning more and more what is true in the statement “Let there be light!” when God created the worlds. We were told by the masters that God actually sang those words. Did you know that? God sang, “Let there be light!” It wasn't just a fiat through a voice like ours—it was a cosmic voice and it was music. Can you imagine what it was like for God to sing, “Let there be light!” and the whole universe was created? It was a song. That's amazing! I had never heard anyone else share that teaching. Have you heard that anywhere else? Let there be light! Now, it wasn't in English. It wasn't in Swedish. It was beyond language as we know it. It was a light-language and it was a musical language of light.
            So we desire, we aspire, to let our own keynote, which we are creating even now, be harmonious, be full of intention, joy and love. And if you haven't figured out your keynote yet—what your song is that will emanate from you when you ascend—you can begin to think about it and meditate upon it. I know what my keynote is and I've shared it with people. It's called “One Breath Away” and I have it on my CD. So if you hear that music, you'll hear my keynote. I saw it—Lanello helped inspire that music for me many years ago—and it is the song that my soul, my Oversoul, will sing when I am ascending into higher octaves. It's the message of my soul and my spirit to everyone on Earth that my ascension will bless as I'm transiting this plane to a higher octave.

1. Elisabeth Haich, Initiation (Santa Fe, New Mexico: Aurora Press, 2000), pp. 211–14.
2. Note: The messenger and the masters do not recommend the application of any particular diet, healing technique, or other discipline or practice
without the advice and supervision of a qualified, licensed health care practitioner. They encourage the support of wellbeing and the prevention of illness through natural methods and practices. These may include but are not limited to a disciplined diet, fresh air and exercise appropriate for one's condition; a positive attitude; and the care of one's health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. None of these is a substitute for natural medications and/or the appropriate medical care under a natural physician when needed.
3. Ptahhotep explains: “Each level of manifestation of life is characterized by its own degree of consciousness which is one octave removed from the next. Only man has the power to manifest several degrees of consciousness, all the way up to the divine level. If we keep in mind the intervals—octaves—by which we classify levels of evolution, we find that man, as a category, occupies four steps of the great ladder of evolution, reaching from earth up to heaven; furthermore we see that each step corresponds to one octave on the scale of vibrations. Man knows about these four steps or degrees and has given them names: man, characterized by his intellect; genius, characterized by intuition; prophet, characterized by his wisdom and universal love; and the last and highest degree, that of the God man, characterized by his omniscience and omnipotence.
     “Thus, in the material world, we find four manifestations which together reveal seven octaves of vibration….
     “The average man stands one octave of vibrations higher [than animal life]: he is conscious on the mental level. He has intellect and the ability to think. But at the same time he manifests the three other levels. On the material, he has a body; on the vegetative, he seeks out his food, eats it and digests it; on the animal, he has emotions, drives, sympathy, antipathy and desires. But his most outstanding characteristic is his intellect. Man thinks consciously. (Initiation, p. 214.)
4. Luke 17: 20–21, King James Version.

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