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Djwal Kul      August 01, 2011

Beloved Djwal Kul
David C. Lewis
August 1, 2011   9:30-9:54 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Walking the Initiatic Path
through the Master-Disciple Relationship

Dearest Hearts,
            With great love and cherishment for your souls, I come. And I invest the light of my Presence, which is one with your Presence, here for your victory in love, for the fulfillment of all that is destined to manifest through your God consciousness, the super-Self of being, who is the One.
            I am Djwal Kul, and I refresh your auric field with a radiance of light that is yours to receive because of your self-sacrifice, your acceptance—through belief and faith in the One—of that God-power, wisdom and love, which is yours to know through your co-creative experience of living in the light.
            There are many preparatory exercises on the path toward your full adeptship. And each of these is essential for you to master your self: your mind, the movement of your emotions, [and] the emanations that you first receive and then are able to transfer through your chakras and auric body to the earth, to other lifestreams and even to other systems of worlds. When you can feel, see and know the interplay of cosmic energies within the framework of your being and deliver with specificity the frequencies that are benevolent in each and every situation for the highest outcome, for the most wonderful God-expression and for the beatification of life through the lens of your own experience, then you understand what it means to be an initiate, dearest hearts.
            Those in the Far East meditate for many hours, days, weeks and months upon a specific endeavor within a reference point of light to bring divine energy into the vessel of self to co-create what is required at the behest of that one's inner guru, under the direction of a master. Some of you have accepted initiation as a project or endeavor that will require great constancy over many weeks and months and even years to accomplish. What is essential, blessed ones, is that you stay focused on the goal and draw, with all of the power of your inner being, the energies of your selfhood around the fulfillment of that goal, putting aside all distractions, divesting yourself of all other interplays that could trip up your soul in the process of passing the initiation, and stilling the mind and [your] other [senses] toward the fine point of the destiny that must be reached through this laserlike, accurate focus.
            Yes, there are many things that you could do. And for some, the securing of a diploma is essential toward the ends of their greater mission. And yet, dearest ones, it is only a means to an end, and there are many means to the holy goal of oneness that may also be accommodated, refined, and mastered. When you are in the zone of your highest God essence, flow manifests and you feel the impelling light, as God's virtue, delivering what is essential for the victory in that moment of your oneness within the eternal Now, [which] brings presence into play, as a cosmic drama, for you.
            Many desire to be artists, artisans of the Spirit, to in some way inspire others. Dearest ones, the sacred arts of the Spirit are won through discipline and not only through a laid-back means of expressing, a lackadaisical consciousness,  [which] is the common fare of many so-called artists of today. What you focus your energies upon and bring the light into through conscious Buddhic effort allows that golden, mindful mean of light to flow through your hearts and to co-create a blessed offering that is acceptable to your Lord. 
            You may have various mentors and teachers, professors and those who coach you through life. We are here to invest within you an essence of your greater Selfhood, [which] we have coalesced [around you] through our meditation upon your Solar reality, [that you may have] the victorious sense of true God-love be the motivating principle through all of your work and projects. When love at this level is present and purifies, through true motive, your pathway, then your victory is assured. For we will work hand in hand, mind melded to mind, Oversoul communicating with Oversoul, and there will be flow and the flowering of peace as you garner the spiritual fires of your divinity within your sacred work. 
            The ways of the Brotherhood have always required the master-disciple relationship and the time of apprenticeship whereby one's mettle may be proven, one's motive may be assured as virtuous. Once the master is pleased with your progress through observation of the discipline that is required, and the mastery of the steps and stages of the initiatic path [have been] fulfilled, then, dearest ones, you are taken on as more than an apprentice. You are given work and the energy investment within the commission to fulfill that work, [which] will bring greater glory unto God in the process.
            First the assignments may be somewhat simple. And then, once mastered, these will evolve into more complex opuses of light that require a higher level of mindfulness, a greater level of constancy and focus, whereby there are not the invasive energies of all manner of human thought creations that cloud your thinking or that distract your truth [from manifesting] within your work. 
            Would that every university within this and other nations [would] allow the initiatic path to be walked through this master-disciple relationship. And yet even now, blessed hearts, you can understand that at a certain level even the ignorant ones who lead you or who are [in] positions of authority within these universities may represent a master in some way. For there is something to be said for experience, even amidst the nonsense that manifests within the higher educational systems.
            Therefore allow your guru to overshine those who teach; and accept the light within you as your coach and teacher so that you may remain true to your path, even amidst the temporary walk that you [tread] through the systems of this world that do not accommodate the Lord and his light. 
            I, Djwal Kul, am here for you in your time of change, transition, so that a new emergence of your Godhood may result. For you see, blessed ones, changing location alone will not necessarily result in a better and higher you. Why are you moving? Is it to escape something, or is it to embrace a new and nobler opportunity to serve, to strive, to be who you are?
            There are times, of course, when it is essential to change direction in order to meet the master where he is. And this you must discern carefully and within the Now of a higher perspective that takes into account all the lessons of life that you have learned and that yet remain for you to master, and the surest means of attaining the ultimate goal of your victory.
            Sometimes, blessed hearts, we put challenges in your way to see how you will react—whether you will dissolve the obstacle by a ray of focused power to walk swiftly through the initiation rather than around it. And yet at times you must also understand that, point/counterpoint, the force will also put boulders in your way. And it is better to sidestep these quickly and not spend so much time attempting to dissolve them. For this, in this instance, is only a delay tactic. Through fine-tuning your mind with the mind of God you will know what is at stake in each situation and make righteous choices to move swiftly toward your goal. This is where, through the attenuation of your higher mindfulness to receive our impulses, you can avoid a heap of troubles and delays and know exactly, with specificity, what is required to be victorious. 
            Yes, dearest hearts, the higher you walk on the path, the more subtle are the tests; and this is for your proving. For if you could see the initiations of the Elohim and of great cosmic beings, you would understand how even the movement of a little finger [in the wrong way] when directing cosmic currents and forces can be catastrophic; and yet when done mindfully, will bring great light and energy into play for the weal of all.
            [Djwal Kul sings.]
            Lux fiat!1 Receive the mantle of light and walk fully in God's love. I thank you.

1. Lux fiat: Latin, meaning “Let there be light.”


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