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Electra      July 12, 2011

Beloved Electra
David C. Lewis
July 12, 2011   8:04-8:17 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Electra Energizes Us with a Holy Radiance of Light!

Blessed Hearts, 
            There is an activation within your being of a cosmic, positronic flow of electrons when you are one with your Presence through the power of divine virtue. And I am here to augment this electrification of your being by your own Solar joyfulness. I am Electra. And this day I come to charge forth the light within our earth body and the body temples of those within this movement who are determined and who are destined to fulfill their destiny by being radiating sun-centers of God's cosmic electricity.
            Yes, dearest ones, you have received the teaching from El Morya on the Advanced Studies of the Human Aura, even his prayer whereby you may enter into your oneness with the Great Central Sun, moment by moment. This is the surest way that you may receive the cosmic electrons that flow as light-waves from that Central Sun that will give you the vitality, the energy and the God-power that you require to fulfill any project, any endeavor, any God-desire that is righteous and honors the integrity of the One.
Dearest ones, we are about charging this Earth with light! And you may enter into this alchemy with us as you daily participate in these sessions and in your own meditation upon the One by allowing this sacred energization activity to occur. You have within you all that you require as a storehouse of beingness through your chakras to experience God at any moment through the fullness of those solar cells that are activating tiny little bodies of God's energy that allow you to coexist with Him as a co-creator in your own right. And when you are positive, when you are focused, and when you are one-pointed in your determination to be in your trueness, in the fullness of your authenticity a God self-realized one, emanating the virtues of the Spirit, the qualities of Presence through pure love and holy intention, then blessed ones, you know what it is to be living within your greater Electronic Body which is your Solar Presence.
You have heard tales of ascended masters who have electrified their chelas through their presence manifest within their auric field. This day I am here for you to experience this very condition, dearest ones, and I, Electra, am here to manifest Light! Light! Light! in this city and where you exist so that you may in turn Charge! Charge! Charge! all life within your greater auric field with God's stupendous energy of presence and holiness. Yes, every ascended master is plugged into God, you see, and you too may be fully charged with Victory's consciousness when you also allow this process of being plugged in to the divine worlds to manifest through your attention, through your devotion and through your will to be the I AM THAT I AM realized in matter.
Some think that they will not be fully realized until they ascend. Well, blessed hearts, try the ascension currents, call them forth through your neural patterns, through your Electronic Body and see what these will do for you, for your cosmic longevity, your immortality, and your experience of divine beingness even within your sacred body temple now. If you do not inquire of heaven how you may be accelerated, then when will it occur? Therefore try me! Call to Electra! And see how every day you may be enfired with a new vitality of cosmic energy, even the power of Maximus, whom I consider as my own guru, blessed hearts. Yes, he is the one who energizes me when I require an even greater cosmic boost in cosmic consciousness, you see. And therefore some of you, moving into your higher adeptship, may know the connectivity with Elohim and great Solar Lords and even emanators of the cosmic waves from the Great Central Sun if you simply determine that you are worthy and capable of bearing this level of light energy. 
Yes, dearest ones, long ago this messenger determined that he would make his temple a worthy offering for us and through a determination to be pure and whole and live in the light, we accommodated that inner resolve and call and therefore, it has been so. And each and every one of you has been the beneficiary of the cosmic-light patterns and engrams of Solar fire that are delivered directly into the essence of your core when you place your being in proximity to an ascended being. This is the cosmic drama of light and the flashing forth of Solar light-energy fields through our disciples upon Earth. It may be so again and again for those of you who through an inner activity of presence make it possible by your joy, by your love and by the grace of God that flows through you.
Yes, dearest ones, once you have received your charge, be still and know that I Am God within you. Resolve never to misqualify your charge, only to be a cooperative spirit with the One to effuse the radiance from the face of the Divine One to bless life in all realms.
Now the blessed Mother Mary comes, calling you each higher through a new nurturing Presence. “Ye are all gods,”¹ she proclaims again with her son, as a babe in her arms. She beholds you immaculately, even as you are in awe of the great Solar Light that she so magnificently shares with all who are devoted to the oneness of life and the presence of purity and wholeness. She invites you to this Friday's Purity Service² during which she will offer a teaching on the science of purity from the heart of the mothers of heaven whose cherishment of your own soul is great and who are determined to be there for each and every one until they are fully Self-realized in the great Light of God.
            I am Electra. I am here for you and I will on the inner continue this sacred charging process so that you receive the currents from on high that will secure a new orbit of light on your path of Godness and love. I thank you.

1. Psalm 82:6 
2. A prayer service dedicated to the light of Purity is held one Friday per month from 7:00-8:30 pm MDT, broadcast from the Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart.

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