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Portia      July 11, 2011

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
July 11, 2011   7:30–7:47 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

On the Light of Freedom, Justice and the I AM American Way

            In the presence of eternal joy I come, shining light from far-off worlds and from within the heart of God within you to encourage you to move onward, inward and upward into the light. I AM Portia, and this day I apportion a quotient of light to all who have been faithful and true to the internal word of divine glory that allows greater receptivity of beingness and cosmic justice to flow and increased love to be given birth to within your soul.
            The Spirit of God is upon you when your Presence energizes your being through your attention and through the giving of permission to your Higher Self to use you as an instrument holy for God's purposes. Dearest ones, our investment of light is sufficient unto thee each moment as you abide within the Now of your experience of Godhood through your soul evolution and your witness to all that is God-good within life. When your attitude is raised up, through a frequency of acceptance, to the virtues of heaven, you can employ God's energy fields in all manner of creative ways to bring to our Earth the power of perfectionment, the energy of enlightenment and the victory consciousness of freedom and justice.
            Many have claimed that freedom and justice are the American way. Truly, dearest ones, they are the I AM way of light. And when those who are true to their Presence imbibe the very living energy fields of freedom and justice, then we, the seventh-ray advocates of light, come into the domain of Earth and fan out that light in all directions so that mankind may feel the impulses of the Spirit and respond accordingly, through the divine pressure of this holy energy, to heaven's offerings.
            You are virtuous when you believe and accept that you are. If at times, blessed hearts, from the human standpoint you feel less than your true self, let go of this attitude and mind-field and accept a higher beatitude and mind-beingness that accommodates God within your soul experience. It is simply a matter of smiling and entering into the smile of the divine ones, whose auric energy fields are there for you to know in the daily experience of your beingness in presence.
            Your website claims, “Experience the ascended masters daily.” How may this occur? some ask. Is it truly that which manifests within this dispensation of The Hearts Center? Or is this phrase indicative of such an unique, individual reality that no one can truly know what occurs within another's subjective experience? I say, blessed hearts, that we are available any time that you deem that we are required in your life to accelerate consciousness. When you muse upon, call upon and use the name of any of the ascended beings, by the law of cosmos we are there instantly and we can be for you a holy advocate of light in your sacred work, your dharmic experience, whereby your life may flow more mindfully and heart-centeredly to the victory of your awareness in presence.
            The experience of any individual living upon Earth of an ascended master's reality by the acceptance of that master's holy virtue and Presence in one's life can allow a magnanimous entrée into one's world of accelerated beingness. It is simply up to you, blessed hearts, to believe that we exist and thereby to enter the field of our auric presence and the power that may be yours through your scientific application of the law of correspondence, where a one-to-one relationship may occur.
            Saint Germain has given much teaching on the law of love and the virtuous aspects of the experience of God-love within the lives of mankind. Dearest ones, though we may preach love, though we may beseech you to experience love, what love is is universal and may only truly be known when one offers one's heart to the Divine and thereby raises vision, through soulfulness, to the true reality of God's heart vibrating within.
            Those who would know God's love, receive it. Those who would know our definition of love will cognize it. Those who would feel the afflatus of the Holy Spirit's vibration will, we say, be changed in the twinkling of an eye, because God is present through his love, through her charity to bless life.
            Many of you received an acceleration and a charge of light during your recent 2011 World Freedom Conference in Frontenac. Blessed ones, it is time now to use the resources of the Spirit that we have offered unto you to accomplish much, to move forward the Brotherhood's plan and to be an advocate for Saint Germain and the freedom flame throughout your world and to the members of the I AM Race planet-wide. It is one thing to celebrate freedom on the Fourth of July, watch the fireworks, partake of your family time together and enjoy nature's song of the Spirit. It is another, blessed hearts, to live within the flame of freedom daily and to use that resource of the Spirit to bless life where you are
            Therefore I, Portia, come this day not for a pound of flesh, but for an ounce of pure, unadulterated God-love, which you may offer in this hour to accelerate the plan for God's virtues to be known everywhere. When you resolve the issues of your own psychology, and the beingness of God within you is born in a new and powerful way through the offering of your heart to the Divine, then, blessed hearts, freedom, justice and the I AM American way are known and are expanded throughout your domain. Therefore we invite you to experience God-freedom, God-justice and every opportunity presented to you from your Presence to know the nature of life as love, wisdom, power through your threefold flame and your heart in this moment.
            Dearest ones, we live in the very center of the One through our experience of the bliss of beingness in light. This may be yours also anytime, anywhere that you choose, that you elect, through your own focused attention upon the light of God, to know a new resourcefulness from your Source.
            I extend my arms of light now around the holy innocents, children of all ages, to bless them during this summer in the Northern Hemisphere so that they may feel and know a new impetus from within of the God-light of their own Source. Yes, bless the children everywhere as you see them playing, frolicking in the parks and fields, in the pools and rivers and lakes. Bless them for their mission to save this Earth. Bless them through speaking with them, honoring them, inviting them in some way to share with you their experience of life from the eyes and the heart of a youth.
            As you bless them rather than condemn them, judge them or see them as less than what could be, from your own framework and paradigm, then, dearest hearts, the mothers of heaven come. Honoring your request for blessing, they bestow upon all what they require in their life today to move higher in the light.
            [Master sings in an ancient tongue.]
I have invested light in the intrepid, who now, O Lord, move heaven and Earth into a new spiral of great God-light. I thank you.

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