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Maitreya      June 23, 2011

Beloved Maitreya
David C. Lewis
June 23, 2011   8:21-8:36 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary
Livingston, Montana

The New Kuan Yin Rosary of Mercy and Video Presentation
The Most Important Ritual Lightbearers Can Engage In

Mercy Is Born Anew upon Earth This Day

Beloved Hearts,
            I am grateful for your hearts, your willingness to be mercy, your steadfastness and constancy in fulfilling your dharma and that which has emerged from within you as light in this process.
            I am Maitreya, and I am here to tell you, blessed ones, that the giving of this new Kuan Yin Rosary of Mercy with the video presentation is the single most important ritual that lightbearers upon earth can engage in [to] prepare for the investiture within earth of the flame of compassion, kindness and mercy [and] to bring about that which is essential for my coming fully in physicality upon earth.
            On the heels of the teaching of my holy brother Kuthumi on kindness,¹  this release of the Mother Light of mercy before and after the solstice hour in the Northern Hemisphere is that which will stabilize our earth in this hour of world travail, of uprisings in many lands. And the turning of the world itself as a new world emerges will ultimately result in a glorious new golden-crystal age upon this sphere.
            When you give this rosary heart-mindfully, entering into the words with your entire being, the earth is recreated in mercy light, and Kuan Yin manifests her Presence in myriad forms and all manners of manifestations to peoples everywhere to provide them with what they require for their healing, their wholeness, their victory. The imagery that was very consciously chosen, inspired by us upon the Creative Arts team, is there within this video so that the light may flow into the domain and all the lives of those whose images these represent in order for Kuan Yin's heart to reach them and to allow transformation, transmutation and holy grace to appear.
            Yes, dearest ones, even I had a hand behind the scenes in the creation of this ritual. For you see, there were many initiations in the process, as you now understand it. And when you were in the mode of being the servant of all, putting aside all personal predilections and desires simply to be the instrument for the fulfillment of the request of Kuan Yin, then working with great due diligence you passed your tests; and you now see the result fulfilled in this holy offering upon the altar of the heart of the One.
            The increment of fire that you receive upon the completion of an assignment from on high is great. For it is born of your own heart's fire, accelerated through the initiatic process that you enter and move through as you work within a team toward one end. This is where our disciples often make the greatest progress in their lives—when there is the rubbing of elbows and ongoing discussions and deliberations to resolve what may seem to be conflict and yet which is opportunity for the resolution within [them] of their own issues. Yes, dearest hearts, heaven utilizes these opportunities to cleanse you, to refine you and to move you into a higher orbit of light within your own solar journey to the source of God within. This is what we see from our realm as wonderful, as beautiful. For our disciples get the message and they, fulfilling all, rise higher as they aspire to serve and to be in their full integrity, one with the Source.
           There is an energy field created within the product itself from the collective wisdom, virya and love compressed into a new design by the virtuous hearts involved. And there were many even beyond those who worked physically on this project that you know not of, dearest hearts. And even those photographers who took the imagery and those whose images were photographed, even these vowed long ago to be a part of this project. For there is a purpose for everything; everything has its place, and these souls knew at inner levels that their image[s] would be upon this offering. For through their hearts, change, transmutation and mercy [have] flowed.
            I bless the Creative Arts team and all those who have been engaged for many months in this endeavor. You receive an increment of spiritual fire within your causal body that you may draw forth again and again, even as you may be called in the future, within the great Now, to offer your heart's fire to serve to set life free in other projects of light.
            Yes, it was quite dramatic at times undergoing the constant changing of this and that within that which was created. It may not be exactly as you imagined it, as you visualized it, and yet it is fulfilled this day and we the ascended masters are happy, joyous and grateful.
            Wherever this video is played, beloved Kuan Yin's heart and the heart[s] of many of her servitors of light in the heaven world will emanate the fire of mercy. And I, Maitreya, through a dispensation of grace, will also send forth rays of compassion through the imagery, the voices and the heart fires of those who offer their voices to heaven to bless life in all domains of life.
            Mercy is born anew upon earth this day. You have made it possible in a new and beautiful means, and for that, again, we are grateful. Thank you, blessed hearts. May you be victorious in all endeavors. You are victorious today and shall be forever more so long as you remain integrated within the heart of mercy. I thank you.

1.  On January 9, 2011 Lord Maitreya conducted a one-day darshan for Meru University students desiring to be initiates. This class was a prerequisite for attending Beloved Kuthumi's one-day Meru University Course on kindness given on Father's Day, June 19, 2011. 

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