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David Lewis      May 22, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse
May 22, 2011   10:00-10:17 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Gift of Wisdom
ise Dominion Brings the Glory of God into Manifestation in Our World

            Good morning, everyone. A few times lately I have been speaking of various gifts of the Holy Spirit. Today, in light of the fact that we have moved into Gemini, which is a wonderful sign, sponsored by El Morya, I would like to speak of the gift of wisdom, which is a very, very important gift of the Holy Spirit.
            We know that wisdom means “wise dominion”—the w-i-s, wise; and the d-o-m, dominion. In our Hearts Center community, we speak of love-wisdom because we always desire our wisdom to be infused with loving-kindness and our pure motive to assist life: to be of service, to be [charitable], to give [our wisdom] with compassion. Wisdom then becomes more than just a sterile gift of knowledge, intellectual knowledge. It is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Thus it really contains the other aspects of the threefold flame—love and power—in the circumference of its movement, its action, its manifestation.
            When knowledge becomes experiential through our experimentation, it moves into wisdom. It is applied knowledge. It is complete through action, which brings it into the realm of reality. It is no longer just in our heads. It is now glowing through our heart and through our whole being. It is translated into pure gnosis. We have the heart-mind connection, which brings love into our wisdom, and wisdom into our love, and both activated through this wonderful activity of the merging of our hearts and minds. Wisdom, as wise dominion, allows us to make right choices and to know our Buddha nature, our True Self, our Solar Presence, our Sun Self, which emanates pure rays of divine reason in every season.
            The Logos is the epicenter of the emanation of the WORD, capital W, capital O, capital R, capital D. And this WORD is that which created the universe. We know from the Gospel of John that without that WORD, nothing could have been created.1 The WORD is the wisdom of the rod, or the ray of divinity, which allows manifestation, creation, to occur. So from that WORD, all is and was created in the beginning. Without that WORD, nothing could exist. And we know the original fiat of creation, “Let there be light,”2 allowed that creation to manifest.
            Within this WORD, the wisdom of the Creator—who knows all, because the Creator sees all and the end result of all that is manifest from the beginning—brings that light to all that is. Without wisdom, we are in darkness, for wisdom itself illumines all. So wisdom becomes viable through our application of knowledge in our world today, and we bring the illuminative light of God into play in our realm by shining our light, not hiding our light under a bushel, but letting it glow and flow through us.
            Truly wisdom, as a preeminent gift of the Holy Spirit, allows that Spirit to live and move and have its being through us because it is manifesting that dominion carefully, cautiously, with consideration of all of the effects of what it puts into motion through its work and service and action. When we understand the law of karma, of cause and effect, and we see the results of our potential choices vibrating even before we act on those choices, then we are wise in those choices, because we desire always to do those things which bring the grace of God and all of the qualities and the virtues of God into play, into manifestation. We desire the holy will, wisdom and love of God, in balance, to manifest through us. And so our wise choices always result in the highest manifestations.
            Our wisdom is God's wisdom because God's mind is overshining us. “Let this mind be in you which was [also] in Christ Jesus,”3 is a key quote from the New Testament. When we allow that mind of God, that diamond-shining mind, to manifest through us, we enter into true divine gnosis and spiritual understanding, which is the foundation of all of our work.
            So, blessed friends, when we enter into our true dominion of the Spirit, our wisdom flows with God's overshining Presence and sponsorship. We have the blessed ascended masters as our true mentors, guides, guardians, directors. And we act because they have shared with us their wisdom, their understanding, their knowledge, and therefore we can always opt to fulfill their requests and the higher desires of God, which is that will of God, by giving birth in our realm to the new frequencies of this higher gnosis and beingness that rebirth the earth today in great Solar light and joy.
            [I believe] that joy is at the center of wisdom, because wisdom, as that which brings the Aha! experience into manifestation, allows that joy to sing through us. When we are wise, we have the wit of the wise One, who is God. Now, Jesus, when one called him “Good Master,” said, “There is [none] good [but one,] that is, God.”4 Truly there is only one that is wise, and that is God. We are all, in a sense, fools compared to the great and vast wisdom of the allness of the All in all, the One, the Lord. Yet because we accept, in humility, our oneness with the All, we allow that wisdom to flow through us. It is not ours; it becomes a part of us by our acceptance and our alignment with it. And we simply extend it, offer it and deliver it as we are able, as we are capable, because we know that God lives and moves and has his/her being through us.
            The transcendence that comes to us through wise dominion brings the glory of God into manifestation in our world. Remember one of our purposes: our primary purpose is to glorify God, to live in the glory ray of God always. If we are outside of God, we can't glorify God. If we are living outside of God's wisdom, we are not truly wise ones and entering into our wise dominion of the use of God's light and energy. The Holy Spirit speaks within us and allows us all that we require in order to be wise when we are listening and participating with the Holy Spirit in the Holy Spirit's activities and work, the sacred work of the Spirit.
            So let us be up and doing, and wise in our dominion in this plane, not as dominating others—other creatures, nature—from a brutal viewpoint, but allowing that Holy Spirit to work through us with love-dominion: kindness, purpose, joy and benevolence to all. Thank you very much. God bless you.

1. John 1:1-3.
2. Philippians 2:5.
3. Matthew 19:16, 17. “Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal Life?” The Master replied: “Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God. But if thou wilt enter into Life, keep the commandments.”

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