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Gardenia      May 15, 2011

Beloved Gardenia
David C. Lewis
May 15, 2011   9:00-9:15 am MDT 
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

It Is Your Purpose to Bless Life through Your Presence

The Floral Light Waves and Aromas of the Spirit May Be Yours
to Bless Every Creature, Every Blade of Grass

Gracious Hearts,
            I bring blessings from the ladies of heaven this day to grace the earth with the presence of joy, mercy and many of the transcendent qualities of light that are ours to employ within your world because you give us permission through your prayers, rosaries and songs. Every song that you sing, when done so lovingly, opens a bud within your own roseate heart whereby there may flow unto the earth a virtue of grace from the Godhead.
            Many of you have understood the purpose and nature of your chakras and their multitude of petals. And yet there is oh so much more to understand in the way of how these sacred centers may be employed for the blessing of life through the opening of each sacred petal and [of how] the greater budding of your spirit through emanating [the] qualities of God Light may be yours, free for the asking and free for the dissemination.
            Truly, blessed hearts, it is your purpose in this life to bless life through your Presence, through your beingness and through the energy of God that descends from your Presence, that oozes from the centrality of your beingness as you express love, mercy and kindness in all of its gradations day by day. When you see your purpose upon earth as being one through whom light and the flow of divine radiation may occur at any time and in any place, you become an intercessor, a mediator, a mediatrix of light with Mary, with Kuan Yin and all of the ladies of heaven. Truly your heart becomes that rosy fire of holy love through which even the Elohim may pour forth their Solar light-essences to the evolutions evolving here, gracing them with many quintessences of the Spirit, boons and inner joys whereby there may be uplift, there may be support, there may be protection and the sealing of their souls and auric fields in God's corona of sacred Solar light.
            We come during the springtime to engage you in a greater givingness, blessed ones. For we have seen your motive, the inner intention of your hearts to be of service to the cosmos, streaming forth conscious awareness and presence into many situations, challenges and even in the daily affairs of your seemingly mundane life. Well, dearest ones, I am here to tell you that nothing that you do is unworthy of [having] the light of God employed within it. And what may seem mundane truly may become divine when the energy of your heart and your chakras is engaged and you see yourself as a co-creator in your own right, one with the Divine, manifesting your virtuous nature to be who you are in God.
            The floral essences that flow now from my heart to each and every one of you are such that you may know a particular frequency that resonates within you, dearest ones that  you may employ, diffusing it throughout time and space as a holy blessing to life. I am Gardenia, one to whom you may have never called before. I reveal my presence and my name this day such that the floral light waves and the aromas of the Spirit may be yours as you engage in your spiritual practices of meditation within nature and even within your gardens to bless every creature, every blade of grass, even the thorny roses that rise to greet the sun with their own aromas of sacred fire, light, love.
            Some of you know the aroma of gardenia, and you may have even had a bouquet here and there upon your tables or on those special days when you honor the mother or when you have been wed to your beloved. Dearest hearts, this fragrance from my heart may be yours, as a special quality of purity that the gardenia holds within the earth, to bring conscious light-presence, through the joy of purity and wholeness, into any situation, household, environment or life, to grace all therein with the frequency of peace, purity and the power of present love manifest.
            My advocacy is this energy of blessing, [which] I bring this day through a new sense of springtime and joy that dispels darkness, gloom and doom and the dire prophecies of the prophets, true or false. You may choose your world experience now, blessed ones, to live in light and in the Aquarian joy spirit of the new era or [in] something less than this perfected state of God beingness. It is always your choice whether to look at life through the lens of joy and happiness or through the predictions and the predilections of those unconscious ones who know not the true ways of the Lord. Jesus said that if the people should hold their peace that even the stones, the elementals themselves, the rocks and minerals would cry out in acclamation of the Christic light that he bore to bless all.¹
            I breathe unto the earth and within the flower kingdom a blessing of grace of gardenia-light today [so] that every elemental may feel the validation of their work, the worthiness of their beingness even when some among mankind trample upon their glory and beauty and pass by without noticing their light-love expressed in the gentility of the morning sun.
            [Beloved Gardenia sings for 30 seconds.]
            As sound and song rise in light to catch the waves of the Spirit and bring the embellishments and the artistry of God's virtuous nature into play within the sun-drenched fields and forests and gardens of the earth, I am there, witnessing God's awesome nature within you and within all, O my beloved ones. I thank you.

1. Luke 19:40.

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