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David Lewis      May 14, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse
May 14, 2011    8:32-9:00 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The Gift of Discernment 
Moving Forward on the Path of Solar Evolution

            Good morning, everyone. In our prayer 30.008, “Come, O Holy Spirit,” which was composed by the blessed Maha Chohan through me, we have in the second stanza a listing of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. These are faith, knowledge, wisdom, miracles, healing, discernment, tongues, prophecy and [the] interpretation of tongues.¹ Today I would like to speak about discernment, because this is one of the most important gifts that lightbearers, heartfriends, devotees of light and those moving into their adeptship [must] develop and attune to in order to assist them on their path, win their victories, pass their initiations and avoid a heap of troubles.
            Discernment comes to us because we are wise in our use of energy and [because] we focus on our Presence, keep our attention upon our God Self, open our eyes and ears and inner senses to the intimations from our Source and are able to really hear, feel, cognize and know the voice of God within, [which] is always there as our conscience, speaking to us, guiding us, directing us.
            When we think of discernment, we think of options and choices and how we can choose, by free will, the way to go in any given situation. So we have this beautiful gift of free will and of choice. Through discernment we can opt [to] make right decisions that move us forward on our path—the best choices, the highest road to walk. Sometimes it is a road less traveled by humanity, [who are] more involved in focusing on the lesser self, its predilections, its vices, which are choices that enter into a groove that is on a lesser path, [a path] of nonbeingness.
            Through discernment, which comes by [receiving] the previous gifts wrapped into a beautiful opportunity to know [God] through holy gnosis, we can abide within the holiness of the Lord. We can know from a higher mindfulness. We can cognize through our heart, which is the chakra through which discernment comes to us naturally when our heart is trued to the heart of God and is in alignment with the mind of God, the vision of God, the soulfulness of God, the voice of God and the purity of God.
            To discern is to discover. The first four letters of both words are the same. To discover means to uncover what is already there, plain as day, true as truth would be, obvious to those who have clear vision, clear hearing, clear knowing and smelling and feeling and touching.
            We have our outer organs, the five senses, and we have the inner senses that move us into extrasensory perception, beyond the human domain into the divine worlds. Discernment, when it is developed, allows us to utilize these higher senses through intuition, through a higher feeling nature of our God Self that allows the holy quintessences of the Lord to be ours in our lives.
            Now, those who seemingly enter into foolishness are really still making choices in every moment to be or not to be in God. We close our inner eyes to the truth by a conscious will and choice to do so. And this is ignorance. Ignoring is a choice. We can choose to be wise by learning the inner sciences of the Spirit, or we can choose to be ignorant by consciously willing our mind to vibrate at a lower level of beingness.
            Those who are dense really have no one to blame but themselves for their density, for their lack of wisdom and of the ability to sense with a higher feeling nature and to know the truth. There is a higher truth within everything that we discern that is based on the Middle Way of the Buddha, going neither to the left nor to the right—[and thus avoiding a path that] leads us to divergent truths—but following the true mystical path of oneness that leads us to our Source.
            Discernment is an action of truth that allows that higher way to be ours via the virya of right choice. Discernment takes will, wisdom and love [in] balance to manifest in our world in such a way that we, with the Holy Spirit, can know what is acting within our world as well as in the worlds of others, [in] the[ir] consciousness, [what] the[ir] true motives [are].
            When we are righteous in our own motive to do the will of God, to enter into the wisdom of God and to feel and know and express the love of God, we discern rightly. We discover what is already there, plain as day, [what] God has put before us and [what] our conscience helps us to know because we are listening with our inner hearing, we are seeing with our inner vision, we are smelling with our inner sense of smell, [and] we are feeling with that intuitive gift of the Spirit that is beyond carnality and the lesser personality mode of life.
            We develop discernment through wrapping our consciousness around any situation, issue or individual with love, with purity, with wholeness such that we can view from a higher perspective, a more objective view, without making snap or rash decisions based on partial knowledge or understanding. We base our decision on a heart feeling that is intuitive, that is blessed, that is benign in its desire to serve life, to bless life and to give of ourself. If we are in the true giving mode of God-gratitude in action through self-sacrifice, service, surrender and selflessness, then we discern from the vantage point of our true Self, our noble nature the most benign beingness of blessedness that we can emanate because we are in that mode of being one with the Divine.
            Now, we may be smart—we may even be smart alecks. We may know a lot of human knowledge that allows us to be crafty, sly, witty in the way in which we work with people, deal with people and sometimes step upon people. This is the perversion of discernment, [which] is used by those who have the carnal mind at their helm and manipulate, through a perverted mindfulness, their actions toward their own destruction and the destruction of the lives of others.
            We have probably all met people who were mentally very developed. They had an acute sense of certain human knowledge, and yet their motives were not pure through the power of the Holy Spirit, [which] emanates love. Therefore they have swayed us, because at times we relied upon this human knowledge, or seeming wisdom, rather than our own intuition, what our heart was speaking to us of and telling us deeply, and we actually ignored the inner voice and listened to the pied pipers, who led us on a downward spiral. We have all done this at some level, and that's why we are incarnate and still learning our lessons in order to grow into our full Selfhood in God.
            Discernment is such a key gift of the Holy Spirit that I believe that when we give this prayer and focus on this Word and truly attempt to be with God in our thought processes, to allow our minds to vibrate in this higher mindfulness, which is heart-mindfulness and soulfulness and God-centeredness, we will pass our initiations with flying colors and move into our adeptship as initiates of the sacred fire and become masters.
            A master is one who has true discernment. He or she can look upon any individual and know with a surety what is acting in that one's world because of the vibrations emanating through the auric field. It is obvious from a master's perspective what is acting in that individual's consciousness, mind, feelings [and] vision, because the aura never lies.
            Discerning requires attunement. And how does attunement come? Through atonement with our God, at-one-ment. It comes by placing the frequencies of our thoughts and hearings, our seeings, our feelings in the arms and the will of God such that we may feel as God feels, see as God sees, discern as God discerns, righteously. When we place our trust in God, then God entrusts us with his/her light-energies, her wisdom, her love in order for us to make right choices and to move into a higher level of living [that] is true life, a noble life of the Spirit.
            When we make right decisions through our discovery process of truing our mind and heart and will to God, then we no longer make negative karma, because in every situation we are thoughtful, mindful of others, of those that we are interacting with. We are very careful, with tender loving regard for every form of life, to discern what is righteous, what brings blessing and boon and spiritual growth, rather than attempting to stultify, to degrade, to deny and to discredit others and their own gifts that flow through their hearts.
            Now, at times we may have to be bold in our stand for the truth, [which] may appear to be a little edgy in the way that we deal with situations and others who are on a path of darkness, or, through a lack of their own discernment, are destroying themselves by their habit patterns, by their choices to deny God within them. And so as parents, as peers and as servants and servitors of others, through discernment we can assist life judiciously, righteously by our true motive to help, to aid and to abet the God within others to flower and to naturally unfold.
            When I meet people who I know are heart-wise, I know that they have worked on themselves to the point of being, in the power of the Holy Spirit, able to discern righteously. And so one of the greatest requirements for discernment is to continuously work on self, to discover what is acting in our world, what is behind what we are doing, feeling, seeing, sensing. When God is behind all of this by our focus upon our Presence, then we have an easier way to discern the truth and the way and the life before us. If we put the human desire patterns [in the forefront]—the desire to be thought well of, the desire to be rich without the motive to bless life through our abundance—when we desire anything that displaces our Godhood and the Godhood of others, then our discernment process is sullied, is colored by the miasma of our lesser vision, our lesser self.
            Discernment is such a key gift of the Holy Spirit that it is something that we will continue to work on throughout this life and even into the ascended master octaves. Even the masters have to, through their own attunement with God and their Source, discern which decisions to make, who to sponsor, who to place their trust in upon Earth [to] use God's energies, and those vouchsafed to us through dispensations, righteously, judiciously, [as] victorious servitors of the One.
            So this process is never-ending; it is ongoing. It is truly [a gift] that is [for those who are] in the process of becoming, who are moving into higher adeptship in their Solar development toward cosmic Buddhahood, cosmic consciousness, Solar awareness. The sun is our example of the most discerning and beautiful star being, [from] whom we can learn, through our solar sciences, how to discern righteously.
            Now, we've heard that the sun shines upon the just and the unjust alike. And this is true. The rays of the sun are available to all, [offering] the same opportunity [to all]. And yet those who hide from God or attempt to live in the shadows, to the extent that they do not truly desire God in the fullness of that light, will not have the [same] level of discernment [as] those who face God, who are willing to look into the sun at the appropriate times and in the appropriate way.
            When we face a situation straight on and decide that we will, with God, master the initiation, the test, the tribulation before us with a heart on fire for God, knowing that God within the initiation will assist us in moving through it with righteousness and with protection, then we pass, with discernment, those tests. If we are always attempting to avoid individuals, situations, initiations because we feel we are not ready, we lack something or we don't have the ability by our own development, then we curtail our Solar evolution and we put off the discernment process, [which is what can] help us in this process of Solar development.
           [Of] the nine gifts, we require faith first, trust in God, belief in the One. We move into knowledge by study, by going to school, listening to elders and those who are wise, especially the ascended masters, moving from knowledge into true wisdom by applying that knowledge in many ways in our worlds. We have miracles that ensue because we have balanced our threefold flame. God, through that manifestation of the victorious sense, can wield great power to move us into the field of the miraculous when we are ready. Healing ensues because we understand our own integrity and wholeness in God. And when all of these are [in] play, we move into our Holy Spirit discernment and discrimination—another key word, along with determination. [These] are the three aspects of love, wisdom and power within this great God-gift of the Holy Spirit. Later we move into tongues, prophecy and interpretation of tongues, which are even more advanced gifts for those who are discerning first.
            So I think this teaching today is key for us [all] to consider. I appreciate the sponsorship of the Maha Chohan in my life. [He was] my first HeartStream through Elizabeth Clare Prophet and [is] a blessed master whom I look to continuously for inspiration, for discernment. As we consider his [holy] office over the seven chohans, we know that he has a great, great level of discernment, discrimination and determination [with which] to assist the great chohans of the light in their sacred work upon Earth.
            Thank you, blessed heartfriends. When you have that Holy Spirit moving through you, you will have the discernment to know the way to go, which road to take—the higher way, the walk with God. God bless you on your path this day, this weekend, and we will be with each other tomorrow for our Sunday service and our Meru University course. Take care. Bye-bye.

1. 1 Corinthians 12:8-10.

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