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David Lewis      May 10, 2011

David C. Lewis
May 10, 2011   7:25-7:36 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Entering the Secret Place of the Most High


            For those who may be joining us late, El Morya came right at 6:30 sharp and gave about a thirteen- to fourteen-minute HeartStream. He mentioned the secret place of the Most High. And he shared with us that although this may be a place, as [spoken of] in the Bible,¹ [a] kind of inner sanctum, the tabernacle of witness,² it is also established right where we are, here, because of our presence, our involvement, our active participation. It's within our hearts—the secret place of the Most High.
            It's something that I've contemplated, and I believe it's the same basic concept as [the] secret chamber of the heart and the place that Saint Teresa of Avila spoke of in her writings [about] the mystical revelation[s] to her—the secret place of the Most High.
            It is personal for each one of us based on our attunement with it, our entering into it, our decision to go there in spirit and in consciousness to contact God in a very personal way, to contact God within us; for we are God. Within this secret place, which is a sacred space, the Now exists in its perfection, its splendor, its wonder, its glory, its beauty, manifesting all of what God is and his availability to us within the present moment.
            The secret place of the Most High may be accessed only when we are living in our pure motive to love God, to cherish his light. And through this pure motive, the Holy Spirit brings us to this divine energy field of beingness, stillness, perfect joy, equanimity and beauty.
            When we establish a flowfield of light, that is just the beginning. Once we establish that flowfield, in its protective aura we can then truly access this sacred space—shut out from the world at large with its acrimony, its inharmony, its cacophony—and in that sacred space, through and within the Great Silence, experienc[e] our oneness with our Presence.
            We may have particular places that we like to go in nature [that are beautiful and personal for us and] that bring us to a sense of fruition within our own secret places and the space of God. And yet we [may] evolve to the point where everywhere we are, we bring this level of presence and the power of love [in]to play such that everything we do, everyone with whom we interact, all that we are involved in is blessed with that energy of the secret place of the Most High.
             I watched a movie recently, David and Bathsheba, with Gregory Peck [and Susan Hayward]. David, as king, gets involved with Bathsheba and sins. And because he is king, the entire nation is affected by that indiscretion. [Even] the elementals are involved. God sees the iniquity that [David] has been engaged in. And it is only when David goes into the place where the ark of the covenant is, within the inner sanctum of [a] tent, [that he realizes what he has done,] kneels and pours out his heart to God and asks to be returned to [the] childlike state of love [for] God [that] he experienced as a youth when he was a shepherd boy and a psalmist, [and is] reconnect[ed] [to God]. Then mercy flows. [The rain comes], [following] a drought in the country, and he is reconciled [with] his God.
            This was an embodiment of Jesus. I believe Bathsheba was his twin flame in that incarnation. He was drawn to her, and she to him through the magnetic power of their causal-body love. And yet in order to secure her in his life, he sent her husband to the forefront of the battle to be slain so that he could have her legitimately, according to the law. And so this was his sin. Yet he was reconciled.
            In the movie, [when] he enters [in]to the tabernacle and [is next to the] the ark of the covenant, it is really a sacred moment. His prayer is so awesome. It's one that, if you see the movie, you can take note of and record in your being. And if and when you come to the point where you feel a disconnection with Spirit, with your Source, it is the type of prayer that, because it is so heartfelt, [can] move one to that state of again entering into that secret place of perfect peace, presence and God-power.
            Thank you, beloved El Morya, for all that you do in serving us, in leading us, in guiding us and securing dispensations. We have offered these energies to you today to maintain that special dispensation that you have secured from cosmic councils to multiply the abundance of lightbearers across the Earth by that divine factor of twenty rather than ten, of two hundred rather than one hundred.

1. Secret place of the Most High: Psalm 91:1.
2. Tabernacle of witness: Numbers 17:7, 8; 18:2; 2 Chronicles 24:6; Acts 7:44; Hebrews 9:1-4. The tabernacle, which was also referred to as the “tent of the congregation,” was the portable sanctuary built by the Israelites, according to God's command given to Moses on Mount Sinai, to  house the ark of the covenant, which they carried from place to place during their forty years of wandering in the wilderness (see also Exodus 25-27; 37:1-9).The tabernacle was divided into two chambers that were separated by vails (Exodus 26:33, 34; 27:9). The first was called “the holy place,” and the second was called “the most holy place” and was reserved for the ark of the covenant (Exodus 25:23, 30, 31; Hebrews 9:2-8). It was considered the dwelling place of God, where he would commune with the children of Israel from the “mercy seat,” which sat on top of the ark (Exodus 25:21, 22).

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