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Kuthumi      May 08, 2011

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
May 8, 2011   8:53-9:15 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Kuthumi's Mother's Day Message:

Accept the Mother Light as a Holy Presence of Love Flowing through You
Allow That Co-Creative Process to Occur Within

Gracious Hearts,
            I come on this Mother's Day to share the light of the heaven world from the perspective of the great Starry Mother of all that is. For I have been in meditation with her in preparation for this day and have felt the cosmic impulses of her heart and the brooding presence of her magnanimity, which spreads its wings across the starry seas of the universal essence of all life, investing within every soul, within every molecule of beingness of all that is the essence of her holy love.
            In answer to a darshan question a number of years ago, blessed ones, it was stated that the holiest place upon earth is the womb of the expectant mother. For herein lies the essence of creation: love betwixt Alpha and Omega embodying in form and expressing that love in a tangible way in the outpicturing of life itself—fulfilled love in form. As I accept that this is true, then consider that the entire Cosmic Egg is constantly in a process of experiencing the rebirth of light within the Great Cosmic Mother's womb. And as Alpha ideates with the most awesome beingness within the framework of that which the Mother has offered of her Selfhood, as the universal substance through which light is born, there is an explosion of consciousness and presence. And that rebirthing process is continuous in all realms, in all phases of existence, in all time and space, known and unknown.
            This same process, dearest hearts, is occurring within you as you accept, through your own soulfulness, that Mother Light as a holy presence of love that may flow through you and that may continuously give birth again and again within you [to] the essence of your own suchness—that Solar stuff of beingness that is unique within your own life process and expression. Therefore both man and woman, child-man and child-woman, may see themselves as an aspect of this Mother Light and frequency and allow that co-creative process to occur within—indicative of the way of Omega, of Vesta and [of all] the holy Mothers in the heaven world, whose compassion, whose caring and tender love for every soul is present, ready, here and now, for you to know and to experience, especially on this day consecrated to the honoring of mothers everywhere.
            The World Teachers¹ come and offer wisdom, as that holy Theosophic teaching, that may allow students of light everywhere to progress on their path of light at the rate that they are comfortable with and within the framework of their own Solar experience, which the masters of love-wisdom honor through the integrity of the gift of free will.
            Yes, we come and we beam our light rays into the minds of the conscious ones and those who are yet awakening unto their eternal perfectionment within their higher Selfhood in God. I, Kuthumi, this day weave a new spiral of beingness within the solar plexus and the heart and the upper chakras of the lightbearers upon this earth whereby they may learn of kindness and those qualities that the Mother so nobly exemplifies—yes, even through her holy vision of each one as perfect in the eye immaculate of the Eternal One.
            When you can accept your divine stature and office [as a sentient being of great light] within the framework of the hierarchical scheme of life within the cosmos, then, dearest hearts, [through this acceptance, through this belief of yourself,] everything that you offer through your five lower and all of your higher senses will in some way honor the integrity of who you are, your value, and the intrinsic nature of your divine estate as a God-free being—in your own right to exist—to be within the One of all. These are words that you know so well, for we have expressed them time and again, over and over to validate who you are. For, dearest ones, within this world there is not the true honoring of the Godness within the soul. And it is time that all feel and know with the full integrity of their virtuous self just how much they are valued by the Universal One.
            When you take a moment upon arising each morn to feel your great connection with all that is, through the light modalities of your heart expressions, then, dearest ones, your day will flow more smoothly, that which you co-create—consciously participate in within the great scheme and the play and the dance of light, of sound, of color and of the holy senses—will be beautiful, magnanimous and holy in [the] elements [suggestive] of your own beingness. Yes, the co-creative processes of life itself are teeming around you, always waiting to be cognized, articulated, discovered and brought forth through the renaissance experience of your own lifehood—yes, through the sanctity of your essence in God.
            I am here, investing the light of the World Teachers within your soul [on this holy day] such that from this day forward there may be a greater integration of that Mother energy within your being, blessed hearts. Some of you have studied your inner child, your inner children, your inner family. Few have fully realized the integrity of the inner mother and the holy frequencies of her great compassion,[which] ennoble the soul to know its highest trajectory in light upon their path. Therefore consider this sacred work of allowing the starry Mothers of heaven to teach you about your soul, your soulfulness, your essence as a God-conscious one and what it will mean for you when all of the expressive elements of your own motherhood within God can emerge without aberration, suppression or that dominating, perverted matrix that has come forth within the earth culture in many areas [and] denudes the very essence of that feminine aspect of the Godhood within both man and woman.
            Yes, dearest ones, there is a revolution of the Spirit occurring now whereby the souls of humanity are awakening to their true nature. And a part of this process is the understanding of the Mother flow of light within, of creativity itself, of what you have called the right-brain elements of that holy expression of creativity through art and music, through drama and dance, through all manner of the floating elements that the soul may capture from the ethers and express as [she] feels that motherhood within.
            Nature itself is God in expression, dearest ones. And much of this Mother essence may be felt, seen and understood when you enter nature and enter into communion with the Mother essence behind what you observe—in the delicate fabric of life that the Holy Spirit, as an aspect of the Mother principle of the Godhead, most beautifully renders in all of its multifaceted manifestations.
            Yes, when I communed with the birds, the deer and even the wolf, I was able to feel the connectedness of all life with me, and of my soul and heart with all of nature. And in this sacred tryst of beingness, I was raised up and allowed to see beyond the veil the awesomeness of the celestial experience of the oneness of all. And through this new integrity of who I had become within my own Christ-conscious awareness, I was able to merge with that Motherhood within and fulfill my mission, my beingness in that and in future embodiments, making my ascension at the close of the nineteenth century and becoming available, with Jesus, to serve humanity as your teacher, friend and spiritual compatriot.
            O noble souls, it is time for [all] to understand their place within the cosmic scheme, to rise in consciousness, to speak with, listen to and truly commune with the higher worlds and beings of light that inhabit them. For this earth, as my brother Jesus has said, must embody the light of heaven: Thy kingdom come on earth, O Lord, as it is in the heaven world this day.²
            I now raise my hand and bless each mother who has nobly allowed her womb to be that sacred place of habitation of incoming souls and bodies. Bless you, O mothers of light. Bless you, O daughters of God. Bless you, feminine spirits divine who understand the mothering touch and the essence of givingness that has allowed the continuation of the race and the culture of the Mother to manifest upon this earth. May your mission, O Mother, be fulfilled through these holy daughters upon earth who understand their true selfhood to be love in action through humble service and through their own nobility of spirit as they effortlessly engage in the great drama of love through those whom they cherish, even as we cherish them this day, O Lord.
           In the living light of Mother soulfulness, I am here with you, serving to set life forever free. I thank you.

1. World Teacher.  A holy office in the hierarchy of the Universal Great White Brotherhood held by ascended beings whose attainment qualifies them to represent the Christ as divine mentor and teacher to mankind.  This office was formerly held by Lord Maitreya who passed the torch to Jesus and Kuthumi (who was embodied as Saint Francis) on January 1, 1956, when the mantle of Lord of the World was transferred from Sanat Kumara to Gautama Buddha and the office of Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha (formerly held by Gautama) was simultaneously filled by Lord Maitreya.  Subsequent to this (shortly after his ascension on Christmas Day 1986) on January 1, 1987 the Master Omraam joined Jesus and Kuthumi in this office and they now form a triumvirate of light, focusing the triune nature of God for mankind—Jesus the blue plume, Omraam the yellow plume and Kuthumi the pink plume. They are responsible for delivering the higher teachings of divine truth to the evolutions of Earth during this time of transition between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages as they collectively focus the light of the Christ and the Buddha for all . The World Teachers have inspired and taught on the inner many advanced teachers, philosophers, scientists, artists and advocates of truth throughout the world the wisdom of the ages as it is invested and outpictured through the many cultures of the world, each manifesting a facet of Universal Oneness and the Spirit of the New Era of Freedom and Enlightenment now dawning.

2.  Matthew 6:10; Luke 11:2.


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