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Chamuel      May 03, 2011

Beloved Archangel Chamuel
David C. Lewis
May 3, 2011   8:35-8:49 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Make Every Day a Holy Day

We Are with You in Your Trials and Tribulations:
Invoke Our Spirits and Blessings
Seek the Inner Path to the Heart of God for the Victory of Love to Manifest

Most Courteous and Courageous Hearts,
           I come to complete this series of HeartStreams from the archangels. And, [with] Charity, I invest the light of God vouchsafed to me within your hearts for the victory of love and compassion in this age.
            You have concluded your event in the City of the Angels. And we were there to infuse hearts with a new fire of divine love [so] that they [could] feel the very fiery nature of God's heart within. For, blessed hearts, this is where your life truly exists. This is where God is present, most present, within you. And this sacred space of the central heart chakra of your being may always be for you that place where you can go within to observe your highest selfhood within the context of that which God has co-created within you; [and where] you also may co-create within God—one with him in the sacred dynamic of the cosmic interchange of love, as Above, so below, whereby the cosmic infusion of the very lifestream of the All in all is yours to feel, to know, to experience.
            As we, the archangels, stand in the Presence of God, we feel the winds and the currents of the Holy Spirit's power playing upon the reality of our crystal Selfhood. And in our highest sacred work, we receive those impulses, garner them within the treasury of our being, and then when the Lord God calls us to deliver them to mankind, they are distributed in rivers of sacred fire unto the[ir] hearts [that they may] also know this same level of spiritual energy, benevolence and blessing.
            As you utter our names within the Rosary of Faith, there is a new infusion of God's Presence within that specific moment of time and space, blessed hearts, that is particular as [to] what you require in the Now for your self-evolution, your self-elevation within the light. Often what you received yesterday is not sufficient unto today. For you see, we observe your souls ever climbing higher and higher upon the spiral of sacred fire—sacred fire whereby you will know more of God, you will feel more of his Spirit. And the blessings that are yours, [which] you in turn may offer unto humanity, are such that they require a new investment in each new Now moment so that you can understand what it is that the Lord is truly blessing you with.
            When you stop to simply feel the sacred-fire currents from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun distributed by his emissaries—the archangels and archeiai and many celestial hosts of light—you may begin to understand all of the sacred dynamics of the science of light. The Lord God is continually utilizing and investing [his energy] within the cosmos for the expansion of consciousness; for the victory of the movement of light; and for the fulfillment of all that is noble, real, true and useful for the evolutions evolving on all systems of worlds. [These, in turn, may] use [this light] to glorify God within their beings.
Often we are only invoked at certain times, such as Valentine's Day or when mankind desire to share love one with another on certain holidays. We ask you, blessed hearts, to consider making every day a holiday, truly a holy day, where your heart may be effused with the sacred-fire currents of holy love from the altar of the Most High—truly from that throne, that Three-in-One, of his great beingness. And when you understand the interplay of light within your own threefold flame, as that point of perfection and of God-good within you that the Lord has vouchsafed unto you in the beginning when you received that first breath from the Holy Spirit, you will know how love, cherished in all ways, may ever be present and flowing through you unto all in this sacred dynamic of the holy work of the Spirit within all life.
            Men and women share love one with another, and this is good and noble. When they see love in its purest form as holy light embracing them and being suffused through them as they share their love tenderly one with another, then, dearest hearts, they begin to be attuned to the very virtues of the archangels and archeiai who are representative of those sacred God-qualities. [These] may be yours for the asking when you [also] see yourselves in the mode of being a vessel through which those virtues may emanate.

            [Archangel Chamuel chants for just over one minute.)

Our angels have brushed your heart with a cosmic sealant of mercy's love [so] that every offering that you consciously give unto life may be accentuated by our heart fire, one with God's. We are with you in your trials and tribulations, O mankind, if you call to us, invoke our Spirits and blessings and seek always the inner path to the heart of God within you for the victory of love [to] manifest in all things.
            Purusha. Be filled with love-light, and glow in your own higher spiritual fire forevermore, O soul.

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