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David Lewis      April 28, 2011

David C. Lewis
April 28, 2011   6:56-7:17 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                                                          The Auric Field
                                        Restoring the Original Blueprint of Our Divine Beingness

            When I was about fifteen, I read a book called The Secret Life of Plants. Many of you have read it, and it's an awesome book. It speaks of the impulses that flow through plants because they have consciousness. And we know that every living being, every living creature has an auric field. I also remember when I was very young—I think I was fourteen—I read a book called Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain. The word psychic has received a negative connotation within certain circles of new-age thought, and yet [the root of the word,] psyche, [is the Greek word for] “soul.” So psychic powers are really soul powers. It's just the motive of the person using them that qualifies them with either God-goodness or with something less than perfection.
            Within this book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, there [was] a lot of [discussion about the] experiments in Russia and the former Soviet Union in the use of all manner of powers and [also] a lot about the auric field. What I would like to share today is that within our auric field, we yet have the original blueprint of our divine beingness. Since we were all created in the image and likeness of God, there yet remains, through the coursing of our soul in its evolution, the perfect ideation or conception of us as God-realized beings. And within the auric field [there exists] at a certain vibration and a certain frequency, or dimension, that perfect blueprint of who we are destined to be in our fulfilled state. 
            Now, the blueprint for a plant can be the seed ideation of what it is destined to evolve [in]to, to bloom [or] ripen [in]to, and then give birth to [in the form of] a new plant, if it is a seed-bearing plant, such that the continuity of that plant and its specific species can occur. For us, we are constantly giving birth in a number of ways. If we merge with someone of the opposite sex, we can give birth to a new creature who has part of the DNA structure of both of us, and this is procreation. We also are co-creating constantly through our thoughts, which are things, which are actual entities.
            We have heard this teaching: our thoughts are actually conscious entities. They have energy; they have power; they have a life essence of their own. That's why [Norman Vincent Peale and later] William James said, “Thoughts are things.” [And in the Bible it says,] “As a man thinketh [in his heart], so is he.”1 [When] these thoughts are activated by God-goodness, they can actually have an eternal essence that continues on, vibrates [and] circles the universe. [They] gather [unto themselves], through intention and through a certain science of evolution, actual spiritual matter and substance. These thoughts can then precipitate as all manner of physical co-creations when the science of precipitation is used and the intrinsic value of those thoughts as things, as creations, comes into a denser form in the world that we know.
            Now, in the higher worlds, thoughts are immediately [precipitated into] the matrix that the higher being enfolds them with through [that one's] wisdom, power [and] love. There is no space as we know it, and so the thoughts actually coagulate in the higher octaves into the divine essential nature of what the master ideated and co-created in [his or her] conscious awareness, which at that level of vibration is a very high frequency.
            We can learn from the ascended masters how to do this, how to engage in this specific science very illustratively, very luminously by observing what they actually co-create at the very high frequency of their minds, because they are thinking at a rate of vibration that is far beyond what normal humanity ideates at. The frequency of thought of an ascended being can be hundreds, thousands, millions [of times more]—and way beyond, even toward infinity—[than the] level at which the human mind cognizes and thinks. Actually, for every thought, there is a rate of vibration of that thought. When that thought is closer to the mind of God and its infinite wisdom, the vibration is so supernal and beautiful that it simply manifests as, in one sense, a simplicity of divinity and, in another sense, at such a high rate that it can't be cognized or seen or felt by the denser vibrations of human thinking, willing and wishing.
            Our auric fields, [which] indicate all that we are experiencing here in this dimension and this plane, can be purified, rarified, made more sublime by our divine thoughts and by the presence of our [Solar] Presence [manifesting] through our ideations and our conceptualizations and [the] immaculate thoughts that flow through our minds. When we have a thought that is less than a Christ-conscious vibration, it sinks into a denser vibration and world where it has no life energy that can sustain it. But when a thought is ideated at the Christic level, the Buddhic level and higher, it is animated by this light presence and continues and has its own evolutionary journey, because it is divine in nature. It has immortality. It has a certain blessedness and grace because of its pure motive, its pure intent to bless life, to grace life with love, with cherished energy and such.
            So for us to become immortal, there has to be a preponderance of divine thought, feeling and holy intent continuously flowing through our beings. In one sense, if we have less than 50 percent of divine thought manifesting through us, we are living in the human domain and are not living or vibrating at the level of the Christ or higher. Observe yourself through your day and notice where your thoughts lead you, because thoughts lead you, your consciousness, and they take you places. They deliver you and your soul essence either higher or lower. When your thoughts are vibrating at that crystal and Christic level and Buddhic level and Atmic level and beyond, then there is a natural energy flow through your auric field that is beautiful to behold, [which] is indicative of your true essence, your God Presence, your Solar Presence. There is flow; there is abundance; there is a generous action of light that serves you well and brings and magnetizes to your world all that you require for the spiritual sustenance of your lifestream.
            Those who have lesser thoughts have trouble precipitating, manifesting and having what they require to live an opulent and bountiful life on this Earth because of the simple dynamic that they do not vibrate at a frequency that allows all of the resources of heaven to be theirs in the moment, in the Now. So if you are having trouble manifesting in your world, one of the first things you can do is to observe your thoughts and the feelings that also [accompany] your thoughts. [Are they of] grace and beauty, clothing [you] with those holy, emotive essences of God-good? Or [are] your thoughts impelled by feelings that are base or less than perfection [and thus of] denser vibrations, [creating] a sense of despondency, lack or want; and therefore because of the very nature of life itself, you do not have what you would like to have and you are not magnetizing what you feel that you require or must have.
            With this dynamic in play, we understand that we are the creator of our own world. No one else [really] has any power over us, because we are sentient beings who can think creatively. God has given us this gift of thought, [which] is an opportunity beyond what animals have, to cognize at a very high frequency. Now, many animals, [because of their awareness,] are actually more in tune with and aligned with their divine nature, their blueprint, than many humans who are vibrating at a very low rate because of the evil that manifests through their awareness [as a result of the] dense, hateful and base thoughts and feelings.
            Animals, because they don't have the same level of free will that we have, that we have been vouchsafed with, are still in most cases outpicturing the blueprint, the seed of their life form, their life essence. They are bound by the laws of the universe, which govern their life form more at the [level of] the group consciousness than [at the level of the individual consciousness of] humans, who are evolving into divine beings. Of course, we are divine beings already; we are simply living in this dimension to learn our lessons and to grow and to remember who we are as divine spirits.
            With this understanding, with the understanding of the laws of karma and reincarnation, this dispels any sense that someone else can affect us in a negative way, that someone else can do harm to us, to our awareness, to our thought processes. We are completely responsible for everything in our world because of this gift of thought, this freewill experience that we are having in life itself as conscious beings.
            Now, many people are not really conscious fully of who they are as God-ideated creatures or beings, and so they don't understand this dynamic. They go through life vibrating at a level of energy less than the Christ because they aren't taught these laws from an early age. They cannot see or feel clearly. They are bound by the mass consciousness and they live in the soup, or the astral effluvia, of the common thought-energies of the lowest common denominator of what is out there. They drink in, through the bombardment of the senses, all of the baser vibrations through radio, television and romance novels and the type of things that people consistently read. They are vibrating at a low frequency and do not open up their consciousness to have access to the higher mindstreams and heartstreams of the ascended masters and the angelic presences.
            So it is a very conscious choice that we have to engage God in this science of divine thought and ideation, whereby when we contemplate higher thoughtforms, divine processes themselves and entire civilizations that exist in higher worlds, [in solar worlds,] and how they operate, how they communicate, how they co-create at a new and higher level of vibration, we can begin to have downloaded to us these new revelations of the Spirit, these beautiful renditions of the music, the artistry, the culture of these higher worlds. In this download experience, it is each and every time an “aha!” awakening for us, and then we can hopefully bring creatively to this world something of that higher celestial, heavenly world and grace this Earth with a rebirth of that spirit in this domain.
            So what part of the aura shows the blueprint of our original ideation in the mind of God? Well, ultimately it is our causal body, which is an aspect of our aura. Only the higher adepts can see all of the divine virtues that flow through our causal body. Those who are not attentive at that level of divine conceptualization cannot really attune to that original frequency that was vouchsafed and birthed within us by our God Parents.
            Those [of you] who are entering with Mother Mary into a higher level of cognition through the science of the Immaculate Conception will begin to, in a very beautiful way, observe the co-creative spirits of those whom you contact and interact [with] such that you can hold and really amplify the divine essence of everyone to benefit them, to help them, to assist them in the process of their own soul unfoldment.
            If you observe the little aspects of the lesser self of people and you hold a focus of this consistently or consciously in your mind and in your vision, then that's what you amplify for them. And, of course, this is really the dark science of the dark ones, because they do not behold the highest of individuals' lifestreams, and they are constantly amplifying and trying to drag people down into a hellish state of an astral vibration of complete reliance upon baser thoughts, feelings and awareness. The entire mass media is really geared toward this. Fortunately, there are some who have divine motives to inspire people. Otherwise our culture would already have decayed to the point of being so nihilistic and dense that we might as well fold up the Earth and leave it.
            So we are here to bless, to grace the Earth with our higher ideations. Now, how do you do this? Meditation is key. Focusing on the heart, through which divine thoughts flow, because the heart is even more powerful energetically than the mind or the brain. Allow in your meditation practice the heart vibrations from the Central Sun, the impulses of new co-creative feelings and essences to just simply wash through and flow through the receptacle of your being to bless life. When you have an open-hearted consciousness that allows the divine frequencies to be able to be anchored within this plane of being, you will feel the effects of those specific frequencies also gracing your being to the extent that you become the blessing and the blesser. You are blessed in this process. Flow and oneness with your Source is reestablished and you are consistently connected and in that zone of optimal divine light. 
            We all desire to be our best and to operate at the highest level of life that we can. We can do this by being still and allowing this sacred process to manifest. Even as I am speaking, I have been observing with a certain peripheral vision and consciousness all of those things that the force of darkness [is using] to try to distract me [with to prevent me] from releasing this teaching from the mind of Kuthumi, such as somebody outside beating on a rug, or whatever they are doing, people in the room who are less than still, constantly moving around. Their minds are agitated and not still and so  they can't still their [bodies], and things of this nature.
            So one of the most awesome spiritual practices that each and every one of us can really master is the science of stillness. When you come here, if you're late, or even if you're not late, observe yourself. Realize that the cosmic impulses that come and that flow through our endeavor require you to still your body temple. Otherwise you will not accept and receive and assimilate the more refined vibrations that are within the message, that are inherent in the very scientific wording that the Brotherhood conveys.
            You will not grow, evolve and learn what you are destined to become if you cannot still your body temple. And this takes practice. This takes meditation. This takes setting aside time to completely be in the silence, away from the cacophony of and the strife of the world at large, at times going into nature or having a room within your home that you consecrate for the purpose of completely being one with your true Self, with God, and not allowing any vibration to disrupt that peace state of presence, [which] allows you, then, to attune to the highest frequency of the mind of God that can be yours.
            Kuthumi says that he [as Saint Francis of Assisi] was able to commune with the elemental creatures in such a beautiful way because he mastered the science of stillness. He felt the innate Godness within all life—the sun, the moon, the stars, the elementals, the plants, the nature spirits. He was able to attune to their essence and the flowering of their own divine blueprint. And because he was able to step up the vibration of his mind to observe all life from a higher level, from a godly level, and he became one in that moment with the essence of life that is God within all nature, nature then came to him to reveal its secrets. And the precious elementals and animals naturally would come to him because they felt the nurturing energy of the One through his heart. He became a child-man of God through a childlike spirit of spontaneity and peace.
            If we desire to be like the World Teachers, then we must learn from them their secrets by asking, by attuning to their hearts, reading of their lives and, most importantly, communing with them in the softness and the stillness of that eternal peacefulness.

1. Proverbs 23:7.

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