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Raphael      April 27, 2011

Beloved Archangel Raphael
David Christopher Lewis
April 27, 2011   7:40-8:00 am  MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                      Archangel Raphael Comes with an Action of the All-Seeing Eye
                       to Support the Master Saint Germain and His May Day 2011 Event in Los Angeles

Blessed Hearts,
            I am Raphael, and I come this day to shine my light within the City of the Angels and throughout the western coast of these United States of America to set forth a pattern of God-perfection through the action of the All-Seeing Eye of God whereby those who in their hearts and souls envision the possibility for a golden-crystal age may begin to realize it internally to a greater extent.
            One of the greatest teachings of this hour is that those who are moving upward by moving inward are recreating their own world through their own vision, perception and God-ideation of the truth of that reality which has always existed within the eye of God on their behalf and which now is coming to full fruition through the science of precipitation and beingness. What you can conceive and believe through a combination of the action of the third eye and your throat chakra vibrating in synchronicity may be realized through the fires of precipitation that flow through your decrees and prayers, your conscious words and speech.

            Yes, you may achieve anything that you put your mind and heart to, blessed hearts. And so when you blend the resources of the Spirit through that action of the golden-pink ray magnified through the upper centers of your third eye and throat, there is a stupendous action of God-glory manifest. As you have learned through your studies and adeptship, all of these chakras, from the heart to the crown, may be employed scientifically within your life through conscious works, through actions manifested in your dimension. You have heard that by only ideating and visualizing you cannot complete this process. There must be, through vibrancy of physical manifestation, the putting into motion within your world of that which you see within your mind's eye.  
he Knight Commander is coming to the City of the Angels and is already making his Presence and the power of his action of soul freedom manifest in those environs. And there is an awakening within elemental life throughout that region in this hour whereby the precious nature spirits are already aware of the growing presence of this fire of violet-light joy.
            Those of you who have made your plans to be present in the very physical presence of the Master, in an action whereby he will lower the vibration of his great causal body in as physical a manifestation as possible, will see the fruits of your dedication and your givingness manifest through that which he will employ and provide as a new resource of Spirit to you. There is yet time for those who are unable to attend physically to make their voice heard that they will attend over the broadcast. But there will be at midnight on Thursday evening the closing of the registration for this event, blessed hearts, and no new attendees will be allowed into this event except those physically present, who may register Friday in Los Angeles.
            Therefore I, Raphael, come with an action of the All-Seeing Eye to support the Master Saint Germain in this cosmic endeavor and what it will mean for the soul chakra of America and the souls of the lightbearers, worlds without end. For this great cosmic being has been planning for this sacred enclave of light for a number of years, dearest ones. And he will use the resources available to him—which, by permission of the Elohim of the seventh ray, Arcturus, are partly from the prayers that you have invoked to him during this cycle—to shine forth the light throughout this Western Hemisphere for the stabilization of the Earth and for the victory of the light in many projects, endeavors and alchemies.
            You may just see within you, O heart, an upsurge of the fire of freedom manifesting that will catapult you into a new level of God beingness, even a new sense of cosmic existence whereby your auric field will be charged with those Solar radiances that are indicative of the ascending process for you. Lest any consider that this is just another one of our events, let me tell you that this is a great opportunity. And the Lady Opportunity herself, Portia, will shine forth the light through her beloved in ways great and small for a clearance action of those present physically that will be for some a greater manifestation of personal transmutation than has been available to them in over ten thousand years of their lifetimes upon Earth.
            How many have contacted the Master physically during his various incarnations? Some of you have, and yet in this hour, because of the great God-glory flowing through his causal body and his deep desiring to free mankind from the impositions of darkness that yet encroach upon their Solar reality, he is able to bring to bear within your world a greater action than ever before of the violet-laser light. And through the distillation of the Spirit, this light will work its perfect work in erasing ancient records of darkness within you and within America and the eastern shores of Shambhala and Lemuria.
            Yes, dearest hearts, the elementals and the nature spirits are waiting with bated breath to receive the impartation of this fire, for they have been burdened. And in the release of this action, many will be freed to no longer bear that darkness of mankind within their world.
            So you see that when you plight your troth with the divine one, the Master Alchemist himself, you enter into a cosmic sphere of his reality through his great auric field, which will allow you, dearest ones, the most magnanimous experience that many of you have ever known within your physical incarnations upon this planetary home. Yes, by God's grace and by God's light, all things are possible. And even those who thought yesterday that they were unworthy or unable to attend to this divine experience, I call to you in this hour to reconsider and to allow, with great God-virtue, your desire to be known and for your attendance to become a reality.
            In one sense, all hell has broken loose to oppose this event. And the forces of darkness that have assailed many of you—through your own subconscious, through your emotional body and through certain distortions that the fallen ones have amplified within your own mind-sets and perceptive reasoning—have attempted to take you off this path of light or to divert you onto a lesser road of human experience, unwed to the higher vibratory light waves of the etheric plane. Dearest ones, even the attack upon this messenger's body of late has resulted in an action of judgment upon certain dark forces, who have been bound by Archangel Michael during the prayers yesterday morning and removed from the scene, nevermore to throw the weight of their dark deeds against this movement and the lightbearers herein.
            The seven archangels and our archeiai support in all ways what you are doing within this activity, blessed ones. Whenever you pray to us during the Rosary of Faith, during all of your rosaries, we are there manifesting our fire. And through the song of the Spirit and the voices of many angelic presences across the Earth, we are building, building, building new temples of celestial light within the etheric plane, preparing for that great and notable day wherein the kingdoms of this Earth are become the kingdoms of our God and of his Christ.² The light 
is sustained by you through the employment of the sacred science of the spoken word, truly that new song mentioned in Revelation,³ spoken by the sons and daughters of God who are conscious of their connection with their Source, the great God Presence of all life.
            I, Raphael, come with Mary at my side. Our investment is here and now manifesting in greater ways through this activity than you can imagine because of the constancy and dedication of many of you and because of your tithing, your givingness and your support—mentally, emotionally, physically and especially through your spiritual life lived to the glory of God. Thank you, dearest hearts, for your support, your service and the rendering of your hearts' fire in all manner of co-creative activities and sacred offerings on the altar of the Divine One. We see each and every movement of your heart and the application of your heart fires through your work and sacred service, and we applaud those of you who have caught the vision of the New Age and are attempting in all ways possible to make it manifest within your world.
            [Archangel Raphael chants in an angelic tongue for nearly one minute.]
            I have anchored an electrode of the Immaculate Heart of my beloved within the City of the Angels and specifically within the suburb of Burbank for the victory of this weekend's event, truly a glorious one, as it is already being pre-shadowed, pre-shined in light. Amen.

1. During the year 2011 devotees gave the prayer to Beloved Arcturus (70.003 in The Hearts Center's prayer book) 33 times each day.
2. Revelation 11:15.
3. Revelation 14:3.

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