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Uriel      April 21, 2011

Beloved Archangel Uriel
David Christopher Lewis
April 21, 2011   8:39-8:53 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


I Was There During the Life of Jesus Witnessing the Great Power of Presence

I Am Here for You as You Choose to Accept and Demonstrate
that Resurrection Fire within Your Life


            I am Uriel, and I alight here, blazing forth the ray of the resurrection light into the souls and the solar plexuses of devotees of the Christ who in this hour understand the equation for them to both behold the Lord and to enter into the Lord's Spirit by drinking the Grail cup of light, which will bring unto them eternality in the oneness of the All, of holy love.
            I was there during the life of Jesus witnessing the great power of Presence manifest through his awareness as a Son of God, one with the Father-Mother. I was there and witnessed the baptism in Jordan, where the Dove of the Spirit alighted upon his crown and the thundering voice of God, by the power of that Spirit, witnessed to all present that he was worthy and that the Lord was well pleased with this one.¹
            I was there witnessing the miracle manifestation of the delivery of light through each and every healing. For, dearest ones, in a sense, when those who took up their beds and walked, arose, it was the power of the resurrection that moved through Jesus the Christ. And that ray was delivered and they were delivered of their burdens, their diseases and their karma.
            I was there at the raising of Jairus' daughter, and I held forth my light at the call of Jesus for her to arise from her bed.² I was there when Lazarus was raised up.³ For in the fiat “Lazarus, come forth!” my heart, aflame with a great God-desire to assist Jesus in this resurrective process, blazed forth that light whereby he who was dead was made alive again and the threefold flame blazed forth through his being to animate his conscious awareness in that body temple.
            I was there within the tomb as Jesus descended into the astral plane. And I held the sphere of beingness around his body temple, even as with great God-mastery he was able to contact souls in the netherworld to draw them out from their state of darkness unto the light.
            And when the time came that the body of the Lord would be raised, there was, by the conscious application of his lifestream, an acceleration of the currents of those resurrection fires whereby every molecule within that body temple that was of the earth earthy transcended into an etheric light essence. And so his body began to glow and there was a hum that was felt within the earth. For within the resurrection flame, blessed ones, there was the spinning of the electrons, the spinning of that light and fire that resulted in the ultimate action of the raising of that sacred body for many to see and witness, even Mary Magdalene; Jesus' own holy mother, Mary; and those in the upper room, the eleven; and others who had communed in silence with the Spirit of Jesus the man, now fully the Christ in all ways.
            Yes, I was there and I am here. And I am here for you and within you as you choose to accept and to demonstrate the same resurrection fire and currents within your life, dearest ones. You see, it is a conscious choice to allow the Spirit of God, as the fire of resurrection's light, to live within you. Few upon Earth can bear the intensity of this level of fire. And yet for those who truly have only God-desire to be one with the All, there is that impelling Spirit that moves them into higher presence, into higher beingness, into a higher consciousness whereby they may accept and live in the resurrection light during this season of Eastertide. You may make that conscious choice in ways great and small by observing yourself, noting where your consciousness resides and allowing Uriel and Aurora and our fiery elements to be yours.
            What is the requirement to bear this energy? you may ask in your heart and mind. It is simply, blessed ones, that you cast aside all selfhood outside of God and allow the pure stream of the Sun through your own solar plexus to sing, to spin and to beam forth through you; that you understand your divine sonship and daughtership in God; and that you accept your full potential to be God in manifestation. And once having accepted this level of new life within you, it is by allowing—through humility and an understanding of the higher spiritual resources that will be yours as you live within this new realm of beingness—that love to abide fully within you, and that law of truth, integrity and honor to sustain you as you share the resurrection currents with many lifestreams.
            Yes, dearest ones, even in this hour, through your meditation this morning, many of you have been transfigured through the holy breath of God. And as you continue to abide with the Holy Spirit in this sacred state of blessedness, we the archangels and archeiai will lend you the momentums of our crystal beings to allow you to soar to new cosmic heights of Spirit and to be those radiant ones who, in your souls, you have always desired to be.
            Burn through these now, O resurrection fire! Burn through and make them whole. Burn through and bring self-realization unto their temples fully in the Now! Burn through, O resurrection fire! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Release the light now! Draw up from within them their highest Selfhood and purge from them now the elements of the not-self that have yet to be let go of. And bind now the impositions of the fallen elements of selfhood from within their subconscious. Burn through now. They are no more within these sons and daughters, O God. For I am Uriel, and I am here for each one.
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!
            This is the gift of fire that you have called forth through your constancy in invoking the light of transmutation. Therefore the Lord answers through his archangels in this hour. And you are free to be who you are as resurrected ones with the Lord Jesus this day.
            Peace, peace, peace be yours, O holy ones of God. I thank you.

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