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David Lewis      April 21, 2011

David Christopher Lewis Discourse  (Inspired by the Holy Spirit)
April 21, 2011   7:03-7:29 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The Breath of Life

            Now today we are going to do pranic breathing and breathe in purple and gold prana through our breath, and as we do this we see, feel, know and experience the cosmic coagulation of prana within our bloodstream, in our electronic body. This purple and gold prana is invested within our lungs, within our respiratory system, nourishes our bloodstream, charges every red blood cell with light and as the blood cells flow through our bloodstream to all of our organs and systems we are renewed, we are reborn, we are resurrected, we are renaissanced in light. Eternal youthfulness is ours in this conscious Spirit of Presence. Everything unclean within us is washed free and washed away.
            So as you breathe as I am speaking, see consciously this cosmic pranic energy taking charge of your being as it charges your being. See all the divine virtues that are embedded within that pranic light as a purple and golden radiance of all of the colorations and qualities of brotherhood and peace, sisterhood, and service, tender-loving caring of lifestreams through the annointing that comes through that which you bless in your givingness, manifesting in this great God-glory.
            Now as you're drinking in this prana, also feel yourself expanding in your auric field, out, out such that your aura is as large as the earth. Simultaneously you are nourishing the entire earth as you breathe in this pranic light. Everything is rarified, beatified, glorified in this awesome purple and golden brilliance. The rivers under the earth and upon the earth are cleansed, the waters are cleansed by this pranic beauty. The atmosphere of the entire Earth is charged with an electronic pulsation of God-reality. Every lifestream living upon this Earth is blessed through breathing today, through our conscious breath and choice to be God in manifestation, and to love all life free through simply being, through breathing. We are the out-breath and the in-breath of the manvantaras as God's holy essence flows unto the universe and back from all that is to His heart, His lungs.
            We are great cosmic respirators, aspirators, diffusers of cosmic consciousness through this breathing alchemy.  We are manifesting our true spirit-uality, spirit, aspira, breath. The fire that flows through our breath indicates the pranic charge that is an etheric action of light. Matter is etherealized by Spirit and Spirit is materialized by this light. We enter into the cosmic flow of the Holy Spirit who is continuously breathing life-energy into the universe and all that has conscious awareness, which is all life.
             Pra-na is the power of the Ra in the Now of our atmosphere and auric field. And that power of the Ra, the ray of the Divine, is necessary for us to exist as sentient beings as atoms of God's awareness. The power of the ray of the Now within our aura blesses, recreates the most cosmic recreation of the Spirit where we are. We hear, feel, see, know, touch, and experience the allness of God through our higher senses. Through our breathing we have access to the very breath of God that still flows from the throne of glory of that one point of perfection within the central core of the universe.
            We are all tied together by our breath. There is an investment in each other through our breath because we are sharing the same atmosphere, and so particles of our essence that flow out into the atmosphere are picked up by others. We become them, they become us, we are all one. And the plants are one with us because they take in what we exhale, drink it in and transmute it into oxygen which we then breathe. So in a sense, at this level of understanding we are one through our breath and respiration.
            All sentient life breathes, even the rocks, though their breath may take hundreds of years. And in one sense they are like God because the breath of the manvantaras, the ages, take millenia and even millions and billions of years. So who's to say who is greater, the rocks or us for their breath is similar to that of the Universal One. Therefore we should appreciate all life, even mineral life.
            Jesus taught his disciples about the holy breath and yet that teaching was not captured within the gospels, for it was for those who were moving into their higher adeptship. And Gautama taught his disciples the importance of the breath and of experiencing the eternal Now within the sacred space between breaths—the out-breath and the in-breath. That pause is where the First Cause is and manifests in the secrecy of the silence its perfected essence.
            Our breathing is a dance, an aria. Through our breath God experiences us and we know one another by the elements that are emanated through our breath. Higher clairvoyants can see the attainment of individuals simply by observing what is emitted through the breath, because that breath is indicative of all the elements within the auric field. If you desire your quintessence of Godhood to be expressed more nobly and beautifully, then consider what goes into your breath, and work on purifying every aspect of your being such that what you release through your breath is refreshing, pure, holy.
            The breath is a more subtle aspect of our speech, but we must breathe to speak. And so the mystics and the great ones engage less in speech and more in the subtle aspects of speech which are manifest through the silent breath of the Spirit. And on the waves, in the photonic light that breath creates for the adepts there is released the higher essences of Spirit, of their conscious awareness and their cosmic consciousness. And these are carried forth by the winds of the Holy Spirit as a blessing to all life. So, for the conscious ones breathing becomes the most transcendent spiritual practice when  you understand what is truly manifesting.
            It is a sin against the Holy Spirit to imbibe cigarette smoke, marijuana through inhalation because what you are doing is encumbering your own holy lungs which are organs of Alpha and Omega within the same region as that which your heart abides with these toxic chemicals and substances. So, the sin against the Holy Ghost is a sin against the Holy Spirit who is the great breather of life. Devotees of light always desire to be able to breathe in the purest and most rarefied air. This is why many of the adepts live in the high mountain regions where there is greater prana and less pollution. If you live in areas where there is more particulate matter in the atmosphere, it is burdensome to your breathing apparatus. Consider securing air purifiers, both in your home and in your vehicles, to allow you to imbibe as fresh and solar-charged air and oxygen as you can.
            That which humanity spews out into the atmosphere ultimately affects every lifestream through their breathing.  So as part of raising the culture of this planet, we must consider everything that is released; through factories, through our modes of transportation. And there must be a shift away from the utilization of toxic elements such as diesel fuel toward the time when our atmosphere will be re-purified as it was originally in a pristine Earth, Edenic world, and we can breathe in the true essences of the atmosphere of a virgin planet again.
            Now as you breathe out there can be an action of transmutation consciously manifesting through your awareness. The transmutation is within you and it is all about you. The lungs, in conjunction with the heart, are organs of cosmic transformation and transmutation. And those little particulates that attach themselves to the little bronchiole, alveoli, which then become part of our bloodstream to be washed clean and purified again and again, can be consumed by our conscious will when we allow the solar radiation from our God-Source to burn up those little particles of imperfection and impurity. So even when we are in regions and areas where there is dense atmospheric pressure and more pollution, by our conscious will there can be an increase in transmutation through our lungs through the heart-fire of God as that spark of life within us that works in this transmutative way to safeguard our health and integrity.
            For those who fly often in a shared atmosphere within a plane, it is important to consciously engage in this because you are breathing the same atmosphere that fifty, a hundred, four hundred other people are breathing. And there is not always the best system of purification within these planes and jets as there could be.
            I am the breath of life. Let's  say it three times.  [Audience affirms: "I am the breath of life. I am the breath of  life.  I am the breath of life."] Now the words breath and bread are very similar. We heard the reading on "the bread of life."¹ Within the bread of life is the breath of life as those who knead the bread pour their essence into it through their conscious awareness. And Jesus was constantly kneading himself, k-n-e-a-d-i-n-g, and pouring out the breath of life to those whom he served by the givingness of the Christ blessing them, gracing them with his Solar essence, his joy, his oneness with the Father/Mother God.
            In a holy meditation experience such as this, simply through breathing you can glean greater understanding of who you are as a God-conscious one without a lot of fan-fare, bluster or outer show. And where you walk consciously on earth, breathing as the Buddha, as the Christ, as the Mother there can be an eternal flow of a spring of light through your heart to grace every individual whom you meet with your love.
            Thank you, Lord, for this teaching, for this understanding. Amen.

1. John 6:48

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