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David Lewis      April 19, 2011

David C. Lewis
April 19, 2011   7:56-8:25 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Discourse on the Aura #10

How to Use and Expand the Wave Emanations of Our Auras

Today I would like to speak on the aura in the context of waves and radiation. Those who can observe the aura through clairvoyance note the constant changing nature of the aura and the patterns that flow within the auric field. There is the human aura that we all have, and we also have a divine aura, which is emitted from our Solar Presence. From this Solar Presence, this God I AM THAT I AM Presence, flows radiations, emanations, wave patterns of light, just as the sun of our solar system sends forth radiation. Since every ascended master is one with the God Presence and is living, moving and having his or her being within this great God light, there is an emanation of this spiritual radiation that is emitted by every God-free being in the heaven world. And [when] those who are attuned to the higher frequencies see the light, the essence, the being of an ascended master, [they] note this awesome light-energy field that is emitted.
            I remember during the first [Summit Lighthouse] conference that I attended, feeling the radiation pouring forth through the vessel, the vehicle, of Elizabeth Clare Prophet when an ascended master gave a HeartStream, or what we called dictations. My first dictation was from the Maha Chohan. I felt a very deep connection with him as the representative of the Holy Spirit. Later in that conference in July of 1974 in Spokane, Washington, Heros and Amora gave an awesome dictation. And during it, Mother, now known as Clare de Lis, held up her hands, and the word blaze was said many times. And each time the word blaze was said during that dictation, I felt a wave of power, wisdom and love flowing unto me. It engulfed my being, and there was an opening and expansion of my heart chakra such as I have never quite felt since. Of course, I have had many, many transcendent experiences, but this was one in which an Elohim, who is a great creator of worlds, was sending forth these cosmic wave patterns of love that washed upon the shores of my being and [upon] everyone present and simply was indicative of a great field of holiness, beauty, perfection.
            For quite some time after that dictation, I had so much light in my aura that I couldn't contain it physically. I was laughing, and [there was] this constant sense of so much levity and light in my auric field that I had to let it out. I had to exhibit it. I had to let it flow through me. And so laughter was a natural expression of that great joy that I felt, having been in the presence of such [a] great being as an Elohim. I physically felt my heart expand by the radiation of the master. 
            Now, all of you who are sensitive to vibration may feel [during HeartStreams] an increase in the light-energy in the room and in the radiation that the master sends forth and emits and expresses. This radiation comes in waves, and each wave is a carrier of an aspect of the consciousness of the master, the Presence of the great God being. The wave contains something of a spiritual benefit to you. If you allow, through sensitivity, this light-energy to be impressed within your auric field and you are open, then there can be all manner of divine graces that come to you and are imbedded deep within your subconscious; your unconscious; immediately, [of course,] in your superconscious, the realm of God-identity; and in your conscious being, where you experience life.
            Now, the wave, as a carrier, delivers the specificity of the energy that you personally can accept and that is destined for you based on your attainment, the availability of your consciousness to receive it and allow it to resonate within you, the openness of your being, and your ability to sustain it. In that instance, during that dictation by Heros and Amora, I couldn't sustain at that time the fullness of the light that was delivered because I was new on the path, at least through that movement, even though I believe I have been a devotee of the masters for many incarnations. But I just didn't have the wherewithal, the grounding, through many years of discipline, to be able to sustain that momentum. There were others in the audience who may have been able to because of their service, their decree momentum, et cetera.
            So, we build within our auric field greater light essences through our devotions, our spiritual practices, our pranic breathing, our exercise, everything that we do, our solar gazing, to allow a greater sustaining action of the light within us,  [which] is part and parcel to the weaving of our eternal solar body, what we used to call the deathless solar body. Using conscious language, the masters changed that to our eternal solar body.
            When we see the auric field of a master, which is great—and it usually expands out well beyond the room, and for various cosmic beings beyond the dimensions that we are normally used to experiencing [in] life, and even out beyond this planet—we are engulfed in that vibration and we are blessed by the light, the radiation and the very living Presence of the master.
            Now, the example of the master is there for us such that we can grow spiritually and do likewise. I have told the story of the first HeartStream that I received publicly, which was from Cuzco, at Patricia Carlson's home in North Glastonbury, [at the time,] in Golden Age Village. And when I felt the Master's Presence over me, it was as if my arms and legs were five times the normal size, because Cuzco is a cosmic being. And I felt [over my crown chakra] the halo of his auric field, [which was] so expansive that it was scintillating. And the radiation penetrating my crown, which I can feel now talking about it, was so transcendent that it buoyed me up into the very reality of the master such that I could receive the telepathic conveyances and [then] release what he desired to share with us. [With] each and every HeartStream I have a similar experience, [and] I will not speak unless I feel the very living reality and Presence, the power, the energetic field of the master superimposed over me, emanating through me.
            Now, at times there are different experiences, based on what the master desires to convey. In some cases, it is a very, very personal message for people and the master steps down the energy such that people do not fall asleep and they really get the message at a deep level within their being. At other times, a great transcendent being is purposefully doing something for the entire earth and therefore expands the auric field to enfold the entire earth. And through the HeartStream there is a blessing for lifewaves well beyond [only] those that are involved in this movement of the Hearts Center. Each one is different. Each one is a dispensation. And [there is] a particular purpose for why the master comes.
            If you were to count all the different names of the masters that have dictated through me, I am sure there [have been] over 120. There may [have] be[en] 150 or even more. If you were to listen to each and every one, through the sensitivity of your own being and through the sensitivity of your auric field you will receive from each one a specific blessing that is destined for you individually, because within the master's message and conveyance there is this dynamic that occurs whereby the master knows each and every lifestream who will ever listen to, see or experience the HeartStream. And imbedded within the wave patterns that are sent forth is that very, very specific [light energy] of what you require for your nurturing, your spiritual path. This is the great wisdom of the masters. They live in realms well beyond our understanding and are able to do this because they live in a universal consciousness. They are part of a greater collective and they know their station, their place, their position and their beingness within this collective, even as they understand where we are in consciousness, and are able to deliver this radiance, the radiation of their light, in this way through a number of waves that flow from their perfected beings, their starry light bodies.
When a master such as Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov comes to earth and incarnates, through the gradual process of his greater evolution, and understanding exactly what his purpose is, and [through] his attunement with the sun and with great stellar beings, he [is] able to do this type of work. And during his lectures, there were the emanating fields of great God light flowing to each person within the lecture hall or in the environment such that that person would receive, by the power and the grace of the Holy Spirit, exactly what was required. One sentence could have great depth of meaning for [one] individual and another sentence could cut to the chase, [to] the core of an issue for another devotee. Collectively, the entire message was meant for all, and yet the specificity of the words were captured through the grace and the intelligence of the Holy Spirit and the agency of the higher mindfulness of the Holy Spirit to allow for this integrative blessing process to occur. [It manifest] within the greater auric field of the master which surrounded the entire environment and every lifestream within it.
The same process occurs within this movement, to some extent. And many of you have commented, either in email or verbally to me and to others, “Oh, that HeartStream was meant for me. I felt it deep within me. The master was talking directly to me.” Well, multiply this many times over. The master was talking to each and every one of us in that directed way very specifically. And this is the beauty of the higher mindfulness of God that flows through the Christic and the Buddhic minds of our great masters.
            It is important for us to understand this dynamic.  [And] even in what may seemingly be [our] passive state of being the receptors [of] this light, [we] also become active participant[s] such that we can expand this work and the dynamism of this action into the arena of our own sphere[s] of influence—our families, our communities, our cities, our nations. And the reason the master is sharing [this teaching] through me today is that it is important for us to realize that we are all masters in the making, adepts in the becoming and that when we engage at this level, we can do so much more work than if we are simply half asleep, only seeing ourselves in this passive, receptive mode. You put on the mantle of the master when you take an active role in participating at this level, blazing forth the light and using your chakras and the sphere of the energy field of your aura to bless life in all manner of domains where you have walked, where you continue to abide and bless life.
            Therefore there are many masters unseen among those within this movement who understand this dynamic. I shouldn't say “many”; there are some. And you are actively engaging the universe in this sacred science and work by your conscious presence. And even if you are not outwardly always conscious of it, inwardly, at the Solar Presence level, this is what is occurring. It's just that it is much better when you understand it intellectually, cognize it with your lower mind such that you can be in the mode of allowing this level of delivery to occur to life, one with your God Presence, because then it is more powerful and active. 
            Those of you who regularly meditate and go deep into the solar spheres of awareness of your causal body, your God Presence, and feel the wave patterns of light from your Solar Source during your meditation know exactly what I am speaking [of]. And yet I sense that a number of you have not engaged in a disciplined practice of meditation to the point of really deeply feeling and knowing that of which I am speaking. And so from this day forward, if you choose, you can set aside that time to become more sensitized. Ask the Lord to use you as an instrument in this way, to use your auric field to grace the earth with the presence of joy, of love, eternality, all of the holy and divine graces of the Spirit that can really flow through you in a greater level when you engage the universe in this dynamic.
            The power of your Presence is supreme. The power of your Presence is all-knowing, all-accomplishing, all-feeling through the balance of love, wisdom and power within your heart. The power of your Presence distills the sacred energies of Spirit that flow from the mind of God and steps them down into this arena of action, of our world, our sphere, our plane of being and glorifies God and beautifies the earth in this process.
            I would like to give El Morya's prayer, 20.023, and have you feel, through the giving of this prayer, exactly that which I have spoken of on behalf of El Morya so that you can from this day forward use this consciously. [Audience gives El Morya's Great Central Sun Meditation with the messenger:]

El Morya's Great Central Sun Meditation

I AM One, I AM One, I AM One with the Sun.
I AM One, I AM One with the Great Central Sun.

God is here in my heart. I AM One with God's heart.
Light, expand through my heart. Love, expand
through my heart.

Let my aura be thine. Let my aura now shine.
O my God, I AM thine! I AM truly divine!

We are One, we are One, we are One, we are One.
We are One, we are One in the Great Central Sun.

            OM [chanted]

            Now, one of these waves that comes through the master's holy essence of godliness is a cleansing, cleaning, transmuting ray and wave. And we've learned through Ho'oponopono—notice that the title of song 100 is “Clean with Ho'Oponopono”—that we have the ability, by the grace of God, to enter into this level of engagement whereby we are consciously and continuously cleaning ourselves, everything within us and our environment and, at the same time, the entire earth.
            I believe that many of us came to this planet to help free life. How do we free life? We clean things up. We are in a constant state of transmutation, even as we bless life through our Solar beingness. And even if we have balanced 100 percent of our karma and cleansed everything within us, there is still the necessity, the requirement, to help in cleaning everything on earth.
            I believe that every heartfriend in this movement should love to clean things. I actually get a charge out of cleaning—cleaning the dishes, vacuuming, doing the laundry, keeping everything orderly, neat and clean. There is something about this that is awesome. Cleanliness is next to godliness. I believe there is actually a great cosmic clock of all the virtues of God, and cleanliness is next to godliness as one of those virtues. It's just right adjacent to it. It abuts it. The vibration is so similar. And so cleaning becomes a joy for those who are on the spiritual path because it's no longer drudgery when you understand that you can  engage the universe in this beautiful alchemy of blessing through the cleansing action that manifests through our higher Ho'oponopono practice.
            Next year in a Meru class we will learn even more about this by studying a book by Joe Vitale which is absolutely beautiful. If you would like to learn in advance a lot of what we will be sharing, you can read that book, [titled Zero Limits.] He worked with the Hawaiian master, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who really brought this out. [Dr. Hew Len in turn] was a disciple, a student, of a lady [named Morrnah] who all Ho'oponopono practitioners look to as the source of understanding in this time of this ancient Lemurian practice of taking accountability for everything within us and cleaning everything continuously.

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