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David Lewis      April 18, 2011

David C. Lewis
April 18, 2011   8:30-9:01 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Discourse on the Aura #9
The Music of the Aura

            Good morning, everyone. Today I'd like to speak about the music of the aura. Every soul has a keynote. And when our soul's real music is being played within the universe, our aura vibrate[s] with a colorful resonance and a beautiful glow. Our keynote [is] a particular song of the Spirit, music that keys us into our Higher Self. It's a type of rendition of our essence, of our divinity that illustratively captures and expresses our true nature. It's really our notation of selfhood in God.
            When we attune to this divine song of the Spirit that is our keynote and do the work that is essential to bring it forth in a creative way, our life has purpose, we are truly co-creators and we bring the dynamic of this moving stream of light through tone, tonation, modality and the chromatic elements of the various chord structures through which that music and song ascends, descends, resounds, echoes such that we become a part of the greater music of the spheres, [which] is the song of the universe and its beautiful sounding.
            Now, it's very important that we understand that from the time of our conception—and especially within the womb—what we hear influences us [and] [therefore needs to be] of the highest quality [and] virtuous and bring peace to [us in] such [a way] that we may grow into that which is benevolent, bountiful, beautiful [and reflective] of our true nature. Some people are influenced within the womb and in early childhood by [divinely inspired music and have] the conscious awareness of their Presence and [are] thus more easily keyed into their own internal song of the soul and the greater music of the spheres. They easily shift into higher consciousness, living a compassionate life, which allows them to [transmute their karma and to] fulfill their reason for being, their raison d'être; their noble nature; their purpose [and] their dharma.
            When in infancy and in early childhood we drink in sublime music, which is crystalline music, angelic music, the patternings of the soul manifest with great beauty like the opening of a flower. We have all, I believe, seen time-lapse photography of this occurring in nature and how when the sun is present a plant grows [and] opens toward [it and] closes at nighttime. [Then] the process repeats itself. And there are the expressive elements of the beauty, of the very nature of that plant and flower that indicate its true essence. So it's the same with us. I believe that the sun and all the stars emit frequencies that can be heard, sensed, felt by plant life, which is very sensitive. And if we sensitize ourselves, we can even hear it and thus attune to our greater purpose through that beautiful sidereal action of the movement and the turning of worlds, which create in their turning this beautiful sound of music.  
            Other people, because of the lack of conscious awareness of their parents in utero, experience the cacophonous sounds of rock music, rap music, rhythms which are not in alignment with the heart. And through these various influences, unfortunately they are keyed into the lesser elements of their not-self—what I would call instead of the music of the spheres, the music of the queers. This doesn't refer to gay [people], but [to] that type of music which is jarring to the soul and its unfoldment. In this process, those who through their life continue to drink in this type of vibration, which really is not music at all but dissonance, become washed out; their auras become black, colorless because they've chosen to drink in all manner of distorted patterns, anarchistic words, twisted and perverted elements of those musicians who spout their blasphemy against the One.
            [These musicians] do not have a motive of uplifting life through selflessness and a desire to glorify God, but speak solely of the human and the personality rather than the divine and the holy individuality of Selfhood. They capture the soul essences of those who vibrate with them in this perverted experience of resonance, which is dissonance. They set up a magnetic field through the discord that they emit that those who are caught in the web of illusion follow. And what they spew out is not indicative of the higher sidereal colorations of the Solar Presence of their true being, the divine aura, but something that is a complete chimera. And in this unfortunate continuing cacophony, the planet itself is gradually destroyed because of the dissonance that enters the auric field of the earth through all of these radio stations, the iPods and their ear buds in the ears of the youth. It's really a matrix of darkness that is spread across the earth [and] that simply must be changed if we are to have a golden-crystal age.
            The rock musicians, the rap musicians themselves are hollowed-out individuals.  You look at their auras and they reflect nothing of light. These people have become ashen, both in their outer appearance and [in] their auras, [which] are completely gray, often silvery shining, as a false-hierarchy attempt to appear to be full of light. But the only light they have is that which they suck out of those who listen to them, give them their energies through their attention. This entire culture is a culture of death. The fallen Atlanteans [who were in part responsible for the destruction of that ancient continent] have come back to have one last hurrah on this earth. Their destiny, their fate, is already set. They are simply thumbing their noses at the Divine and the true and noble hearts whose beautiful music is always there, and yet they have closed their ears to its holy harmonies. They have no creativity except the repetitive verbiage of the not-self.
            Now, these may be harsh words for some who in some way attempt to justify what this entire culture has created through the gradual introduction into the earth of more and more elements of this anarchistic society. Many of these individuals did the same thing on Maldek. And when that planet was influenced by this type of dissonance, it eventually [infiltrated] every aspect of the culture and science, and then we know the story of its complete destruction through the misuse of science through nuclear fission, and that planet was blown up.
            Do we desire the same for this earth? Of course not. And the way to prevent it is to educate people as to what really occurs when music is played, its influence on the soul and the auric field. [In] one of Morya's quips [he said] that if we could really see the auras of rock musicians, the entire rock industry would collapse virtually overnight because people would obviously know that these individuals have no conscious awareness of God and God's true essence and Solar radiance.
            So, blessed hearts, how do we create within our worlds the music of the spheres of our Higher Selfhood such that our auras may continuously shine forth light? We study vibration, the influences of various types of music on our heart and our chakras. We become more sensitized through our feeling body [as to] what is outplaying within us; what raises the kundalini and the light within us and what debases it; what brings us a sense of joyous, higher inner peace and what may temporarily excite us by its loudness, its marked thrusting of sound into our auric fields and our ears, but which does not have a positive long-lasting effect on our spirit, on our being.
            How [do] these rock musicians and those who go to these concerts feel the next morning? Well, often they engage in excessive drinking, taking of drugs, illicit sex, and in the morning they are hollowed out and have nothing to show for what they have given their energies and attention to except a lackluster auric field devoid of color, Presence.  They've given away their power, their light.
            Yes, Morya is calling a spade a spade today, because if this type of culture continues, the entire [civilization] will be wiped out in a swift cosmic action of the return current of its intent and its malintent. And only [in] this way will we be able to rebuild a true solar civilization. If you look at those countries that have allowed the influences of this level of rock and rap and mechanistic music to take them over, you see the gradual decline of the consciousness of the people and the darkening of their auras and the darkening of the auric field of the entire culture. It's so gradual, in many respects, that people don't notice it. And yet the ascended masters see it very clearly, because there is no time within the heaven world, and what appears as a blip of one or two or three generations on the stream of an entire world history is magnified by what they observe within the space of that culture.
            When we clean our auras by co-creation, forgiveness, love, compassion, joy and conscious works of the Spirit that bring a greater harmony to play in the world, then we provide the wherewithal by which, through music, our true color returns to our auric field. The rainbow light of our Presence [then] shines forth [and] our investment in the work of creation with the Elohim, the elementals, the builders of form provides a beautiful new world experience.
            Mona and I traveled to Billings, Montana, Saturday and attended a symphony orchestra experience at the Alberta Bair Theater. First, Dvořák's New World Symphony was played with a slideshow of beautiful photography [of nature], mostly within Montana but [also] throughout the United States and even beyond. And it was awesome because they [projected] Longfellow's poem "The Song of Hiawatha" [on the screen] before each of the four movements of this symphony. The conductor explained [that] Dvořák [came] to America on a grant (a considerable payment at that time, [which was] worth what would be today hundreds of thousands of dollars) [and he] listened to the music of the native peoples and wove within the tapestry of that symphony elements of what he heard and saw. And it was absolutely beautiful. The New World Symphony does capture what America is destined to be as a new world. So I encourage you to listen to Dvořák's rendition. It's very powerful.
            I used this opportunity to simply be a crystal being in the audience, and I'm sure Mona did too, and to emanate light and to feel the waves of energy from that music and magnify them and send them forth across America for the blessing of life. When we awakened the next morning it had rained, and the entire atmosphere of Billings was changed.
            The hundreds of people in the audience [had been] moved. The musicians themselves were blessed. And the conductor, a very conscious female conductor, who smiled throughout that orchestral rendition of a beautiful matrix of light, was the central point, the focus, of the release of that light. Her movements were graceful and conscious, and I saw over her a great being of light, even the electronic presence of Dvořák himself, orchestrating and conducting that symphony through her. The entire auditorium was filled with angelic presences, each instrument being overshadowed by a deva, a music deva. Just as you have the first chair for various instruments, there is a music deva that is like the first chair  [and] directs the other angels who overshine the musicians. And there is an action of light between heaven and earth where these beautiful symphonic pieces are played that brings peace, presence throughout the world and especially blesses the cities in which they are played. And when they are aired across the airways through the radio, wherever a listener is tuned in, that one also receives an angelic visitation because of the angel choirs that move and [dance and circle the earth], and through their virtues and their graces, bring blessing to people.
            The second piece after the intermission was Beethoven's Piano Concerto [no. 5], which has been called the Emperor [Concerto]. Beethoven himself didn't call it that; it was named that later. [It is] one of the most powerful pieces ever written. He was a fantastic pianist. With great power, he employed his secret-ray chakras through his hands and his feet and his heart to render a great work of the light. Beethoven himself, totally inspired, composed this energetic, very difficult piece for the pianist to play in order to bring forth all manner of cosmic principles in illustrative embellishments of light to the earth. Think of the difference [between] something like this [and] the repetitive garbage that's spewed out by most rock groups across the earth. It's truly a work of science, a work of art. It is something that we can hear again and again and be uplifted [by] over and over [again].
            During this particular rendition, I closed my eyes for most of it and felt the surge of light through the auric field of the entire audience, the power of the Word through the music. Even though there wasn't singing, it was still the chord structure of the Logos that was released and it was a dynamic expression of beingness. Each and every musician had mastered himself/herself to the point of being able to play, with great alacrity, each note on time, in rhythm, [in] perfect sequential order. This is the order of heaven, captured by some [composers and musicians] on earth, that brings the cosmos [in]to play through this music of the spheres.
            So your auras may be charged with light when you listen to divine music. [Learn how to] enter into it. Use it in your meditations and before HeartStreams to [enter] into a sacred space whereby you can fully imbibe the light of your Presence.
            Thank you, blessed hearts, for listening and participating in these ongoing discourses. God bless you. Have a wonderful day and week. Bye-bye.

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