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David Lewis      April 15, 2011

David C. Lewis
April 15, 2011   7:30-8:01 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Discourse on the Aura #7:
A Clairvoyant's Assistance in Helping Transmute
an Ancient Lemurian Record

Good morning everyone. So continuing in our series on an understanding of the human aura, partly through my personal experience of life, I'd like to share a story about a clairvoyant that was instrumental in my life in assisting me in dealing with a deep core situation that resulted in a very awesome blessing. This involved an individual that was on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse, and at the time this occurred I was on the staff.
            This person whose name was Veronica with red hair from Ireland, who was serving in the graphics department, had the gift of inner vision. During a particular time when Kerry Johnson's mother, Patricia Johnson, passed on, she saw the actual ascension of this daughter of God and described it in great detail. We had a service at the ranch in which this entire description was conveyed. Mother said that it was accurate. It was glorious. It was amazing to listen to this rendition of what an ascension process is.
            So Veronica had this gift, and she also did what's called health kinesiology sessions in which you would lay on a massage table and through a very simple process of attunement she would do the muscle testing, the HK, on you and determine what was acting and what was essential to be worked on. You would come into the session, she would give a prayer, and then she would ask what
 [you] would like to work on.
            In this particular session, which was in Livingston, I desired to work on what I would call a deep core issue of anger that I felt that I've had, and [that] I
had been working on this for ten years through my calls, calling for the binding of the records within my own subconscious and going back. What I desired to do in this session was go back to the very root core cause of why I had any anger in my being because I felt that I had still not gotten rid of that root, which would lend itself when I did [get rid of it] toward a greater sense of inner peace and joy. A times, because I saw the pattern in my father, I felt that I had accepted some of this inner anger that I simply desired to get rid of because it didn't serve me any longer.
            So I went into this session. It's always a little daunting to work with a clairvoyant because you feel that they know more, that they may be more spiritual, they've attained something that you haven't.  And yet I've learned since this experience that we all have clairvoyance to an extent, and it's simply a matter of allowing it to be, as we become more sensitized.  And I've spoken of that recently.  So the session session began, and she did not tell me what was going on but asked me what I felt and saw. She was drawing from within me my own inner vision.
            What happened was—we went back in time, time traveling through many incarnations back to this root cause of anger. I saw myself as a type of shepherd/priest, and I was working with a certain part of the earth. At that time I had had ten incarnations before this eleventh incarnation. The first ten, I felt a lightness in my being as I went back in time to re-experience them, and [I felt] how buoyant the earth was, how crystalline pure the earth was. But at the time of the eleventh incarnation the earth had become densified. And there was a type of pollution on the earth that was resulting from the consciousness of the people, which had become more base and dense.
            So I was working to illumine people, to help people. And I had created a device that would actually transmute the atmospheric pollution, which was an astral-type of pollution more than just a physical smog or what we see on the earth today. It was an energetic pollution. This device was using a crystal technology that would put out a frequency, and it would draw in that darkness and transmute it by the action of the light and sound wave that was emitted from it.  It was very similar to the violet fire. We even have in this day and age an instrument called an Omritron that a Keeper of the Flame, Patrick Kujawa, who used to live in Butte, Montana and may still be there, developed a number of years ago, which would repeat mantras and decrees. The first one he created I bought right away and it gives the violet fire. It repeats violet fire prayers. But this device, [which] I had been the instrument for the creation of, was emitting a frequency. And the frequency was a combination of the ruby light energy and a crystal ray as well as some aspect of the violet flame, the violet fire that would transmute this astral effluvia.
            So this was working fantastically. And I was continuing in my spiritual work of teaching at that time. At one point I looked down and saw that I was wearing sandals and I had a type of robe that was made out of a garment that was kind of like wool and cotton combined. It was beautiful. And this was my work.
             Three individuals arrived from another part of the globe. They approached me and asked if they could utilize this device [in] their area, which they felt was even more polluted, more dense than the area that I had been working on—a  geographic location that was pretty immense. It was greater than a country. It was almost like an entire subcontinent that I felt I was responsible to help hold the balance for through the energy and the action of this device.
            These individuals seemed outwardly to have the right motive to help. Initially I was ecstatic that maybe this device could help them. I was offering to allow them to borrow it. Then something within my Higher Self prompted me and warned me that there was something awry and something amiss. Then I saw clearly that their motive was not to use this device as I had developed it. But they intended to take it apart, study it and turn it toward darkness and utilize it for the very purposes that they sought to wreak greater havoc in their area because they were, at that time, dark.
            As soon as they saw that I understood what was really going on, and I said to them, "No. No, I see what you're doing. You may not have this."  One of them came around my back and held my hands so that I couldn't move, held them in a lock grip. Another one took out a crystal dagger and just immediately thrust it into my brain, into my third eye and I was instantly killed.
            Now at that point my soul, my spirit, left my body and I was very upset in my core. I was mad not only at the incident but mad at myself because I had not been able to foresee, even before these three individuals came, what their motive was and take an offensive or defensive action to protect myself, to protect this device that I had developed. Even though I was mad at the three individuals and especially at the one who murdered me, I was also not very pleased with myself for not having the clairvoyance and the prescience to see this incident manifesting before it occurred.
            So this was the first time that I engaged in a sense of anger as a result of this situation. And in resulting lifetimes I believe that I had interactions with these individuals, and particularly the one that murdered me, where I, in all likelihood, did him in. There was a tit-for-tat type of dynamic with karma made on both sides.  So what Veronica helped me do was go to that core issue of the origination of anger in my being. I poured my heart of love and forgiveness into this situation, forgave this individual and all three of the individuals, and saw, by the action of violet fire, the erasing—cause, effect, record and memory—of this incident.
            In effect,  I time-traveled by the grace of God, with the assistance of this clairvoyant. I saw the whole situation. I described it to her, and she would draw out of me more and more. But it was really my own inner vision that allowed for this incident to come to light. By utilizing the gift of the violet light and the violet ray and allowing the complete erasing of that record, I was free!  The root of that anger was gone. From that day forward I feel that I have never really engaged in the level of, at times, a little bit of a touch of anger that I had had previously, which wasn't much. But it was still there. Occasionally I would get upset at my children and raise my voice a little bit. It was just not really the way of the true me, and so I had desired to get to that.
            In this process after this session, Veronica said to me, "Well, El Morya just appeared in the room. And he's showing me a clock. It's a clock of the balancing of your karma as of this date in your lifetime." She drew it on a piece of paper. She didn't tell me what it was. She just drew it on a piece of paper, and at the end of the session she gave it to me.
            Now, I had had my karmic reading through Mother of the staff of The Summit Lighthouse.  I believe it was in about 1989, ‘90. No, it was later. It was probably in 1996 or something like that—'96, '97. At that time those who were over 40 years old, and I had just turned 40 or 41, were able to receive their karmic reading. I believe mine was 48%, going on 49%.  So I wasn't quite over the hump of balancing over 50% of my karma but I was close. And many people on the staff were very close. It was either 47% going on 48%, or 48% going on 49%. I have it written somewhere. But it was over 45% and Mother said that many of us between 45 and 51% really required initiation from the guru in order to get over that 50% hump. And this involved getting chastised and having your karma burned up in some way by direct contact with the guru.
            So anyway my paradigm at that time, was, “Okay, I'm close.” And I worked really hard.  I worked on my threefold flame from that day on.  I worked as hard as I could to transmute my karma. Shortly after that time we were off staff  because of the downsizing of the church.  I had already begun my art business, but I worked very, very hard.  I had my art business, I volunteered my time at St. Mark's Church in Livingston, I was on the board for probably six or seven years straight in different capacities, I led services—both at the ranch decree services and at St. Mark's.  I was working very hard—probably seventy hours at my business a week and volunteering probably thirty hours for St. Mark's and working on my music. My first CD came out I believe in 1998.  So I think that I was busier and striving more during that time than I even had when I was on staff.
            What Veronica showed me on this piece of paper was that the line of the clock was over 61%. It was hard for me to believe that in those few short years from—and this incident happened in about the year of 2000, so it had been maybe four years since the karmic reading—I had jumped from approximately 48% to 61%, 13 percentage points. We were told that it can take years to even balance 1% of your karma. I was a little taken by this and I thought I didn't believe it.  I just did not believe that this was true. I determined not to go back and see Veronica and have another session. Well, about twelve days later after this incident I was in the retreats of the masters, and I had the most awesome experience in the retreats that I've ever had, other than the one that I shared the other day about seeing Mother Mary.
             I saw before [me on] the screen all of my lifetimes, and I was taken back through time to witness everything that had occurred in my being. It was like in a flash, and yet it was like an eternity within a few moments of time. We've heard of this in books—of how we can have the life review upon our transition. And people who have had near-death experiences have had this experience, too. Well, this was all shown to me on the screen in a retreat of the Brotherhood—all my lifetimes, all the issues that I had had and the resolution of those issues. And then at the very end of this life review they showed me [the] karmic record of where I was at that moment and it was exactly the percentage point [that] Veronica had showed me.
            So this was another experience where I awakened with a start. And I will never forget being in that retreat, seeing all my lifetimes shown to me, back to the first incarnation in matter, and even back before that to my creation in the womb of cosmos. After that, I went back to see Veronica. I explained the incident to her and said, “Well how could this be that I balanced so much in that short time?”
            And she said, “David, karma is not linear; it's cyclic. Sometimes we can balance a tremendous amount through one incident of going back and unraveling the strands of darkness, the sinewy threads of our karmic entanglements with certain individuals because this is where sometimes our major karma is embedded. We have had this tit-for-tat, back-and-forth energetic interplay of our karmas.” By completely transmuting that record, I undid a huge amount of my karma, which was wrapped up with this one individual. At that time I had [already] served on staff for over twenty years. I thought, my gosh, why wasn't I [then] over 50% [as] some others [on staff] were [since] I had
served so long? (I came on staff when I was twenty years old, went to Summit University when I was 19, found the teachings when I was 18. I thought if anybody should be over 50%, I should.)  Well, she said, not all of your karma can be balanced through service on staff.  Sometimes there are interactions with specific individuals that we must resolve in order to move forward on our path.
            So this totally made sense to me.  I saw it.  I felt it, and I realized that, by the grace of God, I could work through this and work through anything with an understanding of this dynamic. Through my own inner vision—seeing what was occurring and traveling back in time, transmuting records—I could wash, wash, wash clean all of my karma by consciously working in this way and loving life free, loving every individual, and disentangling myself from these individuals that may be problematic to me because that's the only way that we can really get our freedom.
            Now as it turned out, the individual that had murdered me came back into play in my life. Part of the reason why this was such a major thing was because I had an art business. After I had left staff, because of downsizing, I desired to move my business from one locale to another, and I was seeking to expand my business, to do custom framing. I found an individual who had done [custom framing] in another art gallery in Iowa. I was preparing to move from my locale to a new place and was doing all this work.  I had the funds, the resources to do [custom framing].This person didn't have any money, but he had the experience of custom framing. We consulted with each other, and he was going to be my custom framer. I would still own the business outright, but he would be paid a certain wage and help with this whole process and the move itself.
            Well, as it turned out, this individual got greedy and attempted to completely destroy my business—take all my sales people and coopt everything from me in order to run his own business without me in it. In fact, he had an affair with my secretary/bookkeeper, and they conspired together when I was at a conference, an autumn conference on the East Coast, to do this. When I came back there was a lawsuit against me from this individual, and it was totally crazy. I'd never been sued before. I was discombobulated, and I finally had to hire an attorney to help me.
            As it turned out, this individual had two prior felony convictions, and I got my money back, [which] I [used to] to secure a loan to purchase equipment. He got the space that we were going to move into, he got the equipment. I moved to another locale. Well, this individual ended up only being in business for about a year. There was a fire in his gallery, which some of us think that he started on purpose to get insurance money. Needless to say, this was the individual that had murdered me. In the process of forgiving him in that lifetime on Lemuria—I think it was about 80,000 years ago—in the process of doing that,  it unraveled so much of that issue, and even my reaction to what was occurring in the physical, that I forgave him even in the physical. As it turns, we moved on.
            The other two individuals—I learned who they were. One was an attorney and one was a C.P.A. They all conspired together to ruin my business and take everything from me. I had to stand up for myself in this process just as I could have stood up for myself back on Lemuria. It took a lot of gall and a lot of will to stand up to these individuals. And yet I was victorious, got through the whole scenario. I ended up having a thriving art business with a gallery on Main Street, Montana for over ten years and, by the grace of God, moved through this whole incident. Yet having forgiven all three of the individuals, I really moved on with my life. I don't have any angst toward any of them even today because they helped me through this process. It was all meant to be for my spiritual growth and I am eternally grateful.
            So even in situations where we have difficult relationships with people, if we look at them as opportunity for resolution, transmutation and growth, we can come out the victor. We can come out the better and resolve our differences, resolve our karma. This is what the Karmic Board, I believe, allows for us to experience in all manner of situations [in order] to move higher.
            Again, what does this all have to do with the aura? Well, I was working with a clairvoyant. That clairvoyant drew out from me my own inner vision. And by the grace of God I was able to see back in time and experience all this. Had I not had that vision that she assisted me in experiencing, I would not have really been able to go through this whole thing and become the victor.
            Now, many of you, I believe, have also had numerous mystical experiences, even some of you of this level of awesome import where you have resolved deep core issues of your being. And if you have not, pray for resolution, pray for transmutation. Continue your cleaning and your inner work of dissolving the records of the past because as you work with the violet light, the violet laser light and go back and handle these things, you will have a greater sense of freedom and buoyancy and joy day by day that gives you the impulses that you require to advance on your spiritual path.
            You will receive flashes of illumination and a vision that are and can be crystal clear for you in allowing you to see what is really occurring, which brings greater joy because then you know from deep within your core what is really occurring. Now,  had I not been able to see all this but feel it, it still would have been wonderful. But seeing is believing. And it took me a while, as I shared, to actually believe that this was true, and yet I know it's true.
            The interesting thing was I shared this experience with the individual that I met with after receiving Lanello's thirty-three HeartStreams. I went to this person's home and during dinner, which we had before I shared this experience and Lanello's HeartStreams, this individual told me about one of his past lives in the Civil War. He was really going into detail about all this stuff. [He] showed me pictures of his last life, or one of his last lives, and was really enthralled that he had recollected all this, and yet for what purpose? Well, I think it was from ego. He was trying to pump up his own sense of importance that he was this great warrior during the Civil War. I mean, that's my take on it. It doesn't really matter. But all I can say is, be careful when you do go back and discover records because it is not to exhibit something of the ego; it is simply for resolution. The only time that it's karmically legitimate for us to know our past lives is when we have worked and worked and worked to the point where these remembrances and records come to the fore so that we can deal with them and move on.
            So thank you for listening today. God bless you, each one. I love you and thank you for all the spiritual work you're doing. Those who are constant are making progress in great strides. Keep on keeping on and your victory is, in the now, assured. God bless.

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