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David Lewis      April 14, 2011

David C. Lewis
April 14, 2011   6:38-7:10 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Discourse on the Aura #6:
The Diet of the Aura

We've been having a series of discourses on the human aura. And yesterday at the end I was shown that today the master would like me to talk about the food of the aura, the diet of the aura. I believe that we all understand this diet internally. And it consists of light, spiritual fire, color, the divine fragrances of the aromas of the beautiful flora of the earth, especially flowers and various plants and the very beautiful tactile things that we can touch that bring us joy through the sense of feeling. All of these play upon the electronic field of our aura and either bring harmony if they are in balance and beautiful or something else if we choose to take into our being through our consciousness jaded forms, sounds that are cacophonous, visuals that are violent, et cetera.

            So the aura is a magnetic field of energy that is movable, changeable, pliable, amorphous. And it responds to exactly who we are each moment of our lives, based on whether we are living in presence and in the power of our true selfhood or something less. As adepts, we can decide what to drink in, what to listen to, what to observe, what to feel. And it is our conscious choices that determine whether our auric field will be beautiful, radiant, full of joy, colorful with a rainbow effect of nature's divine normalcy and beauty, or whether we choose to live a drab existence—colorless within homes that don't have a lot of energy in them because there's no plant life, et cetera.
            Nature has provided the most beautiful means whereby, we can understand the naturalness of what the aura can be and should be, based on what God has provided as the realm of his glory, his beauty, with all of the colorful manifestations of life. Now we know that these are brought forth especially in the springtime, in the summer and in the fall. And in the winter there is the time of going within where we may not be as colorful. And yet, even that is the time to experience all of these graces of heaven in an internal way that is a little different from drinking them in from the outside within.
            A diet of the aura is essential for us to understand because when we as spiritual adepts know what will bring us peace, harmony, our own higher attainment, moving toward our ascension and ultimate unity with the One, we can more easily move into that level of beingness by our right choices when we understand the play of all of these upon the auric field and how the aura is essential as a medium for us to experience God and our oneness.

            I grew up in a very large family. And I must say, with ten children it was a colorful family. We had all kinds of experiences and dynamics manifesting. There were all manner of relationships between each one of my siblings, one with another. And just think of the interplay! You take ten and you multiply that out—a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j—or however many are ten and all of the dynamics of each relationship. And believe me, there were a lot of initiations and opportunities for growth, learning and observation. You have older siblings to observe; you have younger siblings to serve. And you learn very quickly through the play of emotions, of interchanges, what is really righteous and of the highest good in these relationships and what is demeaning and what may not bring your highest selfhood into play.
            I think within our families we learn our first lessons of what is essential for us to know in terms of what life is all about, based on what our parents teach us by their example, by our family culture. And so, fortunately, in my family there was a lot of love because my mother was in a constant state of service to us, nurturing us for over 21 years—nursing babies, changing diapers, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and all of the things that were essential. So what we observed within our mother, who was always home, was this very loving woman, very beautiful woman, whose care for each and every one of us exuded through the entire home and was our culture.

            Now our dad worked very hard in Chicago and took the train to work every day. And in his own way, he was contributing toward this. And yet, he was also there for me personally much, when I would have ballgames—baseball games, football games, basketball games. It seemed like he was always at my games, even with his busy schedule when he could be home—not for the games where we had to travel to other towns and cities, which were still very close, but at least our home games. And it was amazing for me to see the support of my father in this way.

I was a Cub Scout, and he helped me build a little pinewood derby car that won the race. And it was a big deal for my dad as much as for me because he helped create that with me and told me secrets of how we could make it go faster.

            So these very personal experiences with our family, I think, are key for developing who we are and bringing balance to our auras, to our lives. And each and every one of you could reflect on this yourself even as I am speaking—of how your family culture, your family life was either positive, supportive, loving in crafting a relationship that extended out into the community and allowed you to be who you are or whether it was something less than that because of controls, possibly alcoholism or other issues within your home.

Now, even if you have had issues and your parents were not as supportive as you would have appreciated or liked, you can still move, through forgiveness, to a higher relationship with others within our community, within the greater community of lightbearers of the earth by understanding how you can transmute all of this by your presence of love and appreciation of what they did to at least bring you into this life, give you a house over your head, feed you, provide clothing, set you on your way with education, et cetera. And for this we are still grateful no matter how our parents may have treated us.

            So what we drink in, what we observe, what we take in on a daily basis, all becomes a part of who we are. And within the subconscious and within the folds of our auric fields are little engrams and patterns and symbols that do indicate where we've come from, who we are, based on all of these interactions. And mystics and clairvoyants can read these and see in a glance, almost instantaneously, how we were brought up, how pliable we are in our consciousness—being able to bend like the bamboo and absorb the pains of life and the brunts of certain situations—or whether we are more brittle and not able to go with the flow, to be more Buddhic in our awareness in terms of being pliable.
            And so this is a very important thing that, within the auric field, through all of our experiences as we grow and learn, we become more compassionate, understanding and kind toward everyone because we may have gone through experiences that have made us who we are that have been trying and difficult. And [having gone] through them, when others are going through them, we can of course be more understanding toward them rather than judging them because we may have been difficult for others as we were growing. We may have our own rough edges to smooth out. And all of us are continuing to do this; hopefully we're continuing to do this as we grow. And the aura takes all of this into consideration.

And somehow in God's great glory of what this record of the aura—this display, this array of light and frequency and the moving dynamism and the amorphous energy field that is our aura—shows is that we are either joyous, happy and full of life and vitality or there are some issues that have to be resolved and we could use a little more energy within that auric field to boost us on our way toward our oneness with God.

            Now one of the prayers that we have in our prayer book in the 80's section is about the rainbow light. And I mentioned color as a part of our diet of the aura. And as I've reflected on this last night and early this morning, I realized that we can choose to be colorful or not—colorful in our diet, eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables from nature's bounty or having the same old stuff every day that doesn't really lend itself toward our internal beauty. We can choose to be in nature and be observant of the plants in all of their colorful dynamisms. Or we can just live in a drab home and never go outside and never drink in the sunlight, et cetera.

We can choose even to soar in our meditations to other worlds and observe the dynamism of other stellar bodies, other solar systems, galaxies, nebulae and observe the colorations, even of the frequencies emitted by various stars. We have white stars, the blue dwarfs, we have the red giant stars. And I believe there are all kinds of other colorful stars out there in the galaxies and the universe that we may not know of consciously on the human level. But when we meditate and go with the Seraphim to these higher realms, we can observe all manner of beautiful energetic patterns emitted from the solar worlds that, when we drink them in and assimilate them, lend their momentum of light to our auric fields and bring greater harmony and balance.

            Now even the image of Lord Maitreya that I'm looking at across from me on the wall has so much color. Look at the band around his neck. And look at the color at play within the dressing on his head with the various beads and even the—I guess you wouldn't call them earrings—but the settings that are upon his ears that are probably jewels. Here is a very, very colorful master in his appearance. And you see the tremendous love within his being, within his eyes, within his smile and especially within his glowing heart, which is not indicated but is obviously there.

And so, each master (if you were to see an ascended master in all of his or her full glory) [exhibits] a colorful, bountiful, energetic field. And in some cases, they may just appear pure white because white light contains all the colors. And yet at times there may be an array and a display of all manner of beautiful vibrations through color and through the sound that emanates through their being and through the aroma that emanates through their being.

            So how can we make our lives more colorful so that we develop a rainbow aura, a balanced aura, a harmonious aura? By having different experiences, not doing the same thing every day—changing things, moving in other dimensions and streams of awareness, talking to people on the street, being friendly, smiling, engaging people. I do this all the time. My family, at times—not my current wife but my ex-wife and some of my children—would kind of be in awe at how I would just approach someone and start talking to them and engaging them, even though they were a complete stranger, just because I desired to learn something about them, know who they were, what their name was. And I think that this is important for us. We always can grow from talking to others and learning about their lives, who they are, what they do, their experiences. And this rounds us out and brings us joy and greater gnosis.

            Now the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov has told us that for the adepts the pure diet is light and fire. And I believe this and I think we all know it. We imbibe that light and fire in these services as we pray, sing, decree, as we meditate and simply draw it in and assimilate it. When we, through a more astute observation in silence and quiet and peace within our being, are able to allow the energy of God to be within us, flowing and energetically playing upon all aspects of our being, and when we are sometimes just observant and nonattached and detached in a Buddhic way, it's amazing what we can begin to fathom, understand and know at deeper and deeper levels.

All of you are mystics. You all get this because you are reflective, you are observant, you desire to know more of the workings of life and the inner mysteries by penetrating to the core of why and how things are the way they are. And as you continue to muse on this and live within the center of life and beingness, greater and greater glory comes to you and is impressed within your auric field, which becomes more permanent in the aspect of it as your causal body.

            So as you master every equation, as you really learn your lessons and the lessons that we've come into this incarnation to finally fulfill and master, the energy of that mastery is absorbed up into and within, into your heart and into your causal body and becomes a permanent part of your being. And this is what I think the true adepts see as the Real Self of each individual. It's not just the human aura in its amorphous and ever-changing state but the permanent atom, the Adam Kadmon of the Real Self of each individual—that causal essence that [we] truly are because all of what we've read, all of what we've experienced becomes a part of the totality of our selfhood. And in this we live and move and have our being in God, in God's greatness.

            Whatever experiences we have had, let's not diminish them, even if they seemingly are negative, oppressive or dark, because each one, when we learn the lesson of the experience, brings us to the point of greater understanding and knowing. Moving through them and being reflective of our darkest times can bring us peace because we become more compassionate toward others and ourselves through these experiences.

So really there [are] not good and bad energies, experiences. It is what it is within the framework of our life experience and the stream of our awareness. And when we, in a sense, become more detached and observant and reflective, we allow the stream of light to pour from and through us, we love all life free. There is no judgment; there is non-duality. There is simply an entering into the unity of purpose, principle and the power of the One. And then our auras naturally reflect this conscious awareness and presence. And our auras become gentle and yet stupendously powerful. They become colorful and yet shimmering white. They become pliable through our own amiableness, our own amity. And in all of this, grace is what allows us to have that shining, glory-full, beautiful aura as our diet. The diet of our life, of our spiritual life is light, is fire, is God's energy—the energy of love, compassion, kindness and holiness.
            As we all contemplate our continuous union with the One in all of the dynamics of the relationships that we have, in all of our interactions and work, we are absorbed into that oneness with every creature, all life. And our auras, like the drop in the ocean, are absorbed into the greater Overaura of the One. Now this absorption does not mean that we lose our higher identity. We may lose our lower nature, our egoic experience. Yet, by lessening the hold of the egoic power that we seem to have thought served us, we become much more attuned to, one with and loving of that non-dual state of perfection and the glory of God as a part of the whole—truly One in the highest sense. This is not the loss of any of our true selfhood. It is truly a gaining of our divine identity.
            Therefore as we surrender more and more of the onion-skin layers of our not-self and simply allow them, like outworn garments, to be sloughed off and shed, what is revealed is the core of our being—our true auric nature as sons and daughters of God, as beautiful ones, as souls of light, as starfire beings, crystal beings of beauty and perfection.

Let us take a moment to meditate on this starfire identity of our true selfhood and feel the love, the cherishment of every heartfriend, every servitor, every person that we have ever met, interacted with and those whom we don't know outwardly whom we still feel oneness with in God's Presence. [80-second meditation]

Now one last thoughtform El Morya placed in my mind that he would like me to share is that if you desire a great aura, be creative. People who wait and only follow the crowd and are mechanistic in the way that they live by simply being sheep, herded by someone else, have puny auras. Those who desire powerful, energetic auras are the creative ones who take it upon themselves to be bold enough to be gods-in-manifestation by entering into the co-creative life of the true sons and daughters of God—going where no one has gone, doing things that have never been done; writing poetry, song, verse; creating artforms through music, dance, song and all manner of creations that ennoble the Lord through the gifts and talents that have been placed within us in the beginning.

If you desire an expansive, glorified rainbow aura, experiment. Become alchemists. Do things that move you beyond your comfortability level. If you always do the same thing the same way at the same time, drive the same route, you will never experience the totality of what could be for you a new energetic level of beingness. Break out of the mold. Become a maverick. Challenge yourself. Be dynamic—even aerodynamic, cosmo-dynamic! Grow. This is what will expand who you are. So let us be up and about and do it.

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