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David Lewis      April 13, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
April 13, 2011   7:30-8:00 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Discourse on the Aura #5
The Breathing of the Aura

            Good morning, everyone. Yesterday El Morya shared his fourth discourse through me on the human aura, and today the subject is the breathing of the aura. We all know of the holy breath of God, the Holy Spirit. Inspiration and respiration both flow from the very Spirit of the One. We breathe in nourishment—light, life itself, the oxygenated atmosphere and air of our environment—and we breathe out those elements that we no longer require, evacuating from our being those elements that our body can no longer accept or tolerate, the impurities of our system. There is a constant expansion, an ebb and a flow, a dilation and contraction that occurs through our breath.
            The aura breathes, even as we breathe, and it is susceptible, in a sense, to that which we take in and that which we egest, or emit, or expel. When we take in light, love through our attention upon our God Presence, then our aura expands, absorbs those divine qualities and vibrates with a greater clarity, power and presence. As we breathe in other things through our attention, then the aura may contract and show the elements of that which we absorb within its array and display.
            Those who are sensitive to the subtle frequencies and energies of Spirit can feel this ongoing activity, this dynamic of the absorption and the distribution of energies, the ebb and the flow; and there are cycles that we are all aware of through day and night, through the biorhythms of our being that are involved in this process. Involution, evolution are a part of the inbreath and outbreath of the Divine One.
            There is a diet of the aura that manifests as light, color, sound, aroma and feeling. The aura really is more of a display or an array of the effects of the processes that occur within us. It is something that we can read and that we can feel. If we make conscious choices, our higher bodies are activated and the light is flowing through us, through our electronic fire body. If we make unconscious, or lower, choices, then these are displayed within the auric field. And clairvoyants can read this in our auras.
            While we are focused on our divine individuality, the Spirit of the I AM, divine light, then the field of our aura brightens, becomes more luminous and energetic. And when, diametrically, we are focused on the human personality, the mundane, the ego, then our aura darkens, becomes less luminous, less energetic. The surest way to increase the radiance within our aura is to breathe in light and spiritual fire, solar energy, the cosmic prana that flows from out the Great Central Sun and which is stepped down through many solar worlds and ascended beings, who themselves are luminous light bodies of spiritual power, wisdom and love.
            When we place our attention upon the Divine and when we focus there, then naturally there is a higher type of respiration within the aura that allows for the true divine nourishment to occur that God intends for us. As it says in the Bible, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”¹
            Now, this breathing occurs through each chakra. There is a dilation and a contraction within each chakra, because each one is an absorptive center that responds to that which we put our attention upon through the vibrational fields in which these chakras exist, based on their frequency.
            I remember taking a course with Ruth Bolton, who is now an ascended lady master, called Mother's Touch. And it's based on an ancient teaching from China and harkens back even to Lemuria, on the flow of energy through us based on the cyclic nature of how we experience life. And one of the first things you do is learn to take your pulse. And, of course, even in medicine today, in emergency response, we take the pulse to see whether there is a life force, which is gauged by the blood flowing through the system, the heart pumping that blood to us. This pulse is very important. And  there is also the energetic pulse of the electronic body, which is indicative of the breathing of the aura, the electronic body of light in which we live, move and have our being.
            So in this class we learned, by developing a certain sensitivity, how to feel and read the pulse. And those who understand Chinese medicine, acupuncture are very sensitive because they practice doing this and they can tell instantly the energetic health and well-being of a person or their lack of well-being and the disease that the person may be experiencing. This Mother's Touch teaching is a very important one, and Mother, our Elizabeth Clare Prophet, told us that it was really the highest form of healing. You didn't even necessarily have to touch the person, although there were points along the meridians of the body on which we did do a two-point touch, and you could experience the flow. There was a restoration of balance simply by touching these points on the meridian system and allowing blockages within the electronic body to be washed away, cleared, by an understanding of flow and this pulsation that occurs naturally within us that does indicate the breathing of our electronic body, our auric field.
            The adept learns a new science through an understanding of the aura and the dynamic of what is occurring within us. Now, normally, as spiritual aspirants we desire to drink in light, love, all the virtues of God and release the toxicities, those elements that no longer serve us within our temple. We desire to put our attention upon God, and we know that this serves us well. The adept learns to simultaneously place the full attention, the focus of presence upon the one God—the Light, the eternal Creator of all— and to absorb the darkness of the world and transmute it within the heart and release light to life, to the evolutions evolving here.
            So it's an interesting dynamic. The process of transmutation is very similar to what trees experience and plants, who, through photosynthesis, fix the light of the sun within their beings through this awesome science, utilizing chlorophyll, and release oxygen to us. They drink in our waste, carbon dioxide, and absorb it, transmute it, in effect, and release the pure oxygen that we require for our life. It's a symbiotic relationship within nature that's beautiful. El Morya told us, during the release of his quips in 2005, I believe, to emulate trees. And I think that he was partly referring to this process, although there is much more in terms of trees as a symbol of the Tree of Life and all that they represent which is beautiful.
            Black magicians, on the other hand, absorb the light of others, attempt to live off of their light, and they emit darkness. They use the light of others, absorb it and then they spew out all manner of vile energies. Often they hide this dynamic through various guises in such a way that others do not even know that they are being robbed of their essential energies. So black magicians are really vampires. Now, this dynamic is interesting because you would think that they would take in darkness, but they take in the light of others and release darkness.
            Although, in the physical sense, in our breathing process we take in the light and release darkness, we are not black magicians. It's simply part of the process of life. Yet the adept learns on behalf of the evolutions of earth to enter into a higher form of reverse vampirism whereby they, through the love of their beings, through their bodhisattva nature take in that darkness of the world, transmute it and release love and light and all manner of virtuous energies.
            Now, initiates on the path who are novices should not attempt to do this initially, because they require an understanding of the sacred processes of the spiritual path. They can simply bask in the light, live in that light, absorb that light as much as is required in order to gain a momentum and a power flowing through their being such that they advance on the path to the point where they become servitors and can then allow the sacred process of the absorption of darkness, the transmutation of that energy within them to occur and, in this process, serve life in a stupendous way.
            So we drink in the Solar light from our Presence, from the sun. And as we do this we are simultaneously absorbing human darkness, transmuting it and releasing light, light, light. When you get to a certain point on the path, like the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, you become a Sun Presence, and what people experience is simply a cosmic activity through the auric field of that one whereby there is a constant stream of divine nourishment flowing. Such was that which occurred through Jesus, in the story where the woman touched the hem of his garment and by her intent she was healed. There was a transfer of energy because he was full and brimming with light. He mastered this dynamic of the breathing of the aura. He was so sensitive that even through a simple touch, and without knowing who had touched him, he felt the release of light from his aura. He perceived that virtue had gone out of him, as it says in the Bible.²
            The more conscious we become, the more aware we are of this entire dynamic of the breathing of the auric field, the expansion and contraction occurring within us. And of course there are cycles. During the nighttime there is a purification process that occurs naturally, where in our higher and finer bodies we travel, and our physical body is at rest and enters into a deeper level of physical transmutation that serves our health and well-being. As the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov has explained, we require this for our very life to release the toxic elements that we've absorbed of the world through our daily experience. And it takes the dynamic of our emotional, or astral, body being released from the tethering to our physical body for this experience to manifest.
            When we clean anything, we refresh our environment and we can enter into this transmutative process like the trees do, like Padma Sambhava does as he goes to the cemeteries and drinks in the darkness of the entities that sometimes live there and transmutes them and then uses that energy for his sacred spiritual work. What an awesome understanding, that a Buddha of this attainment would dare to go to the darkest places and absorb that darkness within him and transmute it and then use that in service to the perfected elements of life within all.
If you desire to know more of this relationship and experience, call to Padma Sambhava, give his mantra within the Golden Buddha Rosary that we have, and you can learn something more of how this dynamic may occur within you. It's an inward action of cleaning, constant cleaning, clearing, transmuting—absorption and release.
            The breathing of the aura, our greater cosmic aura, becomes such an interesting dynamic for those who have practiced pranic breathing to the point where they know themselves as a Solar being, as a light being. They feel the frequencies and the higher emanations of solar worlds manifesting through their consciousness, and they become a conduit for the blessing of all life through this expansion and contraction process that is ongoing.
            Now, meditation is for our nourishment, where we drink in the light. And decrees are really for our purification, because we are in the outbreath mode, releasing energy as we decree. And yet even within decrees, there is the sub-dynamic of the inbreath and the outbreath. Why are we using the opportunity for the twelve seconds between prayers and songs to pause? It is to allow part of this dynamic to occur, whereby we can rest within motion to reabsorb, as we meditate, greater light so that when we decree or pray or sing the next song or prayer, we can mindfully emit, emote, send forth, transmit the divine frequencies that we absorb and we understand through the assimilation process within our auric field.
            I have been engaged in receiving nearly weekly Foot Zone balance treatments from a local devotee of light, who has herself become very, very sensitive to the electronic body of myself and all of her clients, having studied this science of Foot Zone balance and knowing the systems of the body. And through the touch on the feet, she knows instantly whether there are blockages within my body and where they are occurring. And it's awesome to hear her ask what's going on with this organ or this system when she's nailed it right on the head, so to speak, knowing, that, yes, something occurred within me. She's so sensitive to it that she instantly knows.
            So there are a number of healing methodologies and modes that allow the practitioner to be sensitized to this process of the breathing of the aura and the electronic light body through the meridians. And true healers are so sensitive that they feel it, and some are so sensitive that they see it within the auric field and can isolate where those issues are that are occurring within us and set into motion new patterns of perfection that allow for the restoration of wholeness and oneness within us.
            My wife operates what's called a SCIO machine. It used to be QXCI, I believe. It reads frequencies and it reads the systems of the body. Millions of different readings are occurring through the technology of this computerized system. And it both reads the frequency and then sends the frequency, based on what will bring and restore balance to that system or body part or the four lower bodies, the higher bodies, etc. It actually reads the aura. The gentleman who developed this was a genius and actually was invited and came to the Ranch³ many years ago. He was able to codify and collectivize within this machine all manner of systems and healing technologies. And there are other machines like it, of course. Some of you have used other devices, and they likewise read and send out frequencies. This one's very expensive and, of course, the conventional medical profession doesn't like it because it's so effective and no drugs are involved.
            So whatever works for you in terms of bringing balance and harmony to your system, to your auric field, utilize it and understand the dynamic and the relationship that is manifesting as you breathe in the pranic essences of life from your Solar Self. And if you have not really yet studied the pranic science of breathing, pranayama itself, I encourage you to, with the caution that the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gives us that you don't go about it with such ardor that you become unbalanced yourself. Of course, there is, through the teachings of Djwal Kul, a great understanding of how to do this appropriately.
            So tomorrow the Master would like me to speak on the diet of the aura and how diet and nutrition affects us, our auric field, our entire being. So I look forward to sharing with you tomorrow on that subject.
            In the name of the mighty I AM God Presence of every heartfriend, lightbearer, supporter of the work of the ascended masters, servitor of fire, we call for the sealing of the auric field of each and every one, for the blessing of each lifestream by higher love, wisdom and power flowing from each one's God Presence and for a way to be shown to all as to how to engage the Spirit in the higher respirative processes of solar breathing. We accept it done, O God. Amen.

1.  Matthew 6:22; Luke 11:34.
2.  Mark 5:25-34.
3. The Royal Teton Ranch is the headquarters of the Church Universal and Triumphant.

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