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David Lewis      April 11, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse  (Inspired by El Morya)
April 11, 2011   8:30-8:59 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
(Broadcast through The Hearts Center of Chicago)

Discourse on the Aura #3:
Sensing Is Seeing, the Study of Solar Light and the Aura of a Mystic

Good morning, everyone. Thank you for being here this morning and lending the support of your causal bodies, your light, your hearts and the fire of your entire being to the cause of the Universal Brotherhood of Light. El Morya, through me, is again offering additional information about the human aura through my experience and observations and through my life. I've spoken in the past about fasting and how I believe that allowing our physical vessel to be cleansed, purified and purged, gives us greater sensitivity to be able to observe and interpret the emanations, the colorations, the movement of the aura. And I know that when I have fasted, becoming more sensitized to vibration in general, I am able to see the auric field around people and around sentient life.
            Seeing is partly sensing because seeing is one of the senses. And yet a major part of seeing is how what we observe is imprinted through the line of sight onto our brains. And for those who have actually studied this science, you know that it is a delicate matter. And color is a very important aspect of it as well as shading, intensity. And there are numerous aspects of seeing that I believe that we can become more sensitized to know as we take this into account. Artists, in general, understand light through the study of light, shadow, perspective in their work. I've noticed in gazing upon the sun how watching sunlight as it dances and plays upon the mountains where I live, the valleys, et cetera, is important as a simile, a metaphor for what we also are experiencing through our lives.

            Shadow itself is interesting. And for those who see the auric field, you note that in people who have challenges emotionally, mentally and physically there are aspects of the aura that show up as these shadowy anomalies. And when they are addressed through spiritual science, those shadowy aspects of self can eventually disappear, be resolved and dissolved. And the full radiance of the higher auric field can flow through the aura because we have dealt with those turmoils, inner struggles. And it's important that all of us do this because we all have at times these anomalies within our auric field.

            So seeing is sensing. And I believe that many of us actually sense the aura through feeling, through the heart, through inner knowing and intuition before we may have our third eye quickened, awakened [to] be able to see colorations, the fine aspects of the auric field. The very first dictation that I was witness to through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, because I was only eighteen and I had never done drugs and I had been on a spiritual quest and journey since early in my life, I was able to feel the emanations, the radiation flowing from the master's chakras and heart through the vehicle of the messenger. And it was an intense stream of power and light, and I had felt that same radiation, light essence through every heartstream, or what they called dictations, given through that messenger [for] over thirty years.

            And so there was a quickening within my being in the auric field of the master through the messenger that allowed me to sense and know an inner peace, a vibration of wholeness, the aspects of truth that were conveyed through the teaching and the beauty of the reality of the master's presence through the very vessel and vehicle and chakras of the messenger. Had I been clogged up in my own auric field through all manner of anomalies, through more human living rather than divine sensing, I would not have been available to understand what was occurring and to allow those quintessences of the Spirit to penetrate me, to lodge within me, to become a part of me and I a part of them, and to imbibe and assimilate them in the highest way.
            Much of what we observe, simply does not become a part of our awareness and consciousness because we are not sensitized enough to be in the Now, in the present moment, to fully take and drink them in and allow them to resonate and vibrate within us. So one of the key aspects of the current teaching on the planet about the power of Now is that by being sensitized and available to really feel and know and experience what is occurring within the present moment, we open ourselves up to the highest aspects of the Godhead and of the Lord and of the universe that may be ours for assimilation.

            In one sense, when we slow down the outer senses through silence, meditation, contemplation and going within, we speed up the inner divine senses that allow us to know God through nature, through our own Buddha nature. And this is an interesting dynamic that all of us can consider. When we are so busy in the doing mode, there is less opportunity for being and experiencing the very radiance of heaven and the auric field of many divine beings that may assist us and be with us as we invoke them, commune with them, dialogue with them, receive inspiration from them.

            Sensing is therefore seeing, in one aspect. And as we develop our sensitivity, I believe that we will naturally be able to see and interpret what we see and feel correctly, with accuracy, with alacrity, interpreting the aura. For clairvoyance is key. And this requires discernment, discrimination and understanding of what symbologies are present within the auric field as certain engrams and often observed as little animal creatures and things that people allow to reside within them as entities because of their openness to those energy fields and the imprints of others' minds and the mass consciousness upon them.

Many of us have been fooled by an individual at one time or another in our lives who somehow was able to cloak his or her true motive, intent. And if we had been fully observant and sensitized through presence to what was truly occurring, we would see through this individual and be prepared to deal with the exigencies of the hour and the moment in what that one was attempting to do to us or with us, pull the wool over our eyes, so to speak, such that we would be taken in and used.
            Now the sun sees through everything. And though there may be shadows upon Earth cast when the sun hits mountains and trees and individuals and things, because the sun is all-knowing in his domain, the sunlight and the radiation from the sun penetrates through physical objects and nothing can hide from the radiance, the illumination, the wisdom of the sun. Now it may be the same with us when we are aligned with and attuned to our Solar Presence, which is also our Solar being, our Sun Presence. And when we allow that level of illumination to flow, then we, like the sun, can see through individuals, situations with clarity. And the opaqueness of what some attempt to cast as a shadow or a block does not block our inner abilities to be observant and knowing through gnosis of what is occurring and manifesting.

            Now it says in the Bible that all things shall be revealed. The truth shall be shouted from the housetops.
1 This occurs as, individual by individual, people are awakened, enlightened, and in their true knowingness understand what is manifesting. And nothing can hide from that truth because it sees through, with solar radiation like the sun, every situation, every event, every person. When the people know the truth, the truth shall set them free.2 And so when the media is speaking the truth, listing and noting the facts and simply observing what is occurring, people will see through despots, tyranny and the tyranny of selfhood, their own selfhood. And through this clear seeing and knowing, a new world emerges, a world of truth, beauty, perfection and joy.
            It must first manifest within us as we clean out the cobwebs, the shadows, the darkness within us through a constant activity of self-reflection and inner work. And this is a daily occurrence that is ongoing through our entire life. And by doing this, our auras become purer, clearer, cleaner, more radiant and able to hold the energies of Spirit and the divine and more rarified vibrations from the Central Sun, stepped down through the various solar worlds and stars of light in the heavens. And many of these are ascended beings, who themselves, being within their Solar Presence, focus and channel the light to the evolutions of Earth from ascended octaves. When we are in unison doing our spiritual work, there is a heightened activity of the radiation flowing because of the masters' presence and the increase of the light. And as I speak and the volume of my voice increases, I feel the charge of light that is emanating through me and through you as you are receptive and able to receive, cognize and assimilate this radiant energy of Spirit.

The study of radiation of all of the solar rays is important for the New Age. And there must emerge a new science of the sun whereby people focusing on spirituality are able, through the delicate instrumentation of their own inner beings and the science of Selfhood, [to] feel and interpret what the sun is emanating and speaking and communicating to us daily. And this is why solar gazing and solar meditation [are] so important—because in our higher Selfhood we are able to understand our relationship with the sun and utilize the wisdom and illumination and the knowledge from the sun to give us exactly what we require each day to move forward on our spiritual path.

            Some among you simply must be able to become more discerning and discriminating because even those within this movement often are fooled by the media, the media interpretations of what is occurring. And as you become more sensitive, you see through everything. And by inner knowing, God will reveal to you what is essential for you to know and understand. And a lot of the chaff and the unnecessary chatter of human consciousness through the media will no longer be essential for you to digest, to read, to watch, observe through television or other means because you are a broadcasting station for the Lord and you become a point of clarity, divine reason and beauty whereby the New World is being given birth through your consciousness.

            The great masters of wisdom of East and West have learned this science through reflection and meditation whereby God, in the great knowingness of pure vision, reveals to them exactly what they require. And much of what is occurring in the lesser domains of the astral plane through the effluvia of human consciousness and the momentums of darkness and shadow are dissolved. And people are no longer attached to the Hollywood offerings of life, to the media machinations that continue to be pumped out through all manner of television and radio and now the Internet outlets. And therefore, we spend less time in this mode of taking in information from outside, and we begin to allow the assimilation of true divine instruction from within, inspired by the sun.
            Many may be seemingly wise from an outer aspect of being able to memorize things, places, historical events, situations. But what good is this in the greater context of our Solar beingness? When we know ourselves by the science of silence and inner observation and work, then we are truly wise in the highest sense because God reveals through us and within us exactly what we require on our journey, on our path. So the mystics, the saints do spend greater time in silence and in reflection and less time in the outer mundane world of shadow and darkness. For within the sun resides, within the wisdom manifests, within God is present as presence, as joy, as true beauty and grace.

            Therefore the aura is a field of energy that is constantly moving, streaming, changing, based on our awareness, our conscious choices of what we do with our will, our minds and our hearts. For those who are steeped in the spiritual truths of the divine ones and are always seeking to know God more, to understand the universe and the universality of life, the aura becomes, through the clarity of consciousness, a crystal diadem, an emanating field of divine joy and radiance and love whereby the world is refreshed and renewed by Spirit, by love, by godliness.
            This is our destiny—to be holy ones through whom the auric field of the higher masters of love, wisdom and power may emanate, may channel their light at any time because we are available. We have opened up our hearts and allowed the divine song of the Spirit to sing through us, to find its room within the crèche of our own Selfhood. And through our clear seeing, as our vision becomes pure and focused on the divine, we will see the aura of life and sentient beings. We will see the radiance of the Spirit as it moves through nature in its pristine glory. We will know the emanations of life as a whole because we are no longer participating in the dramas of the not-self and of the temporary. We are engaged in the divine oration of the Spirit, in the universal, in the complete and the whole of all life as one.

            I've told the story of a gentleman, Mamade, who came into my art gallery a number years ago. And I was in my office fifty feet away from the front door of my gallery. And as soon as he walked in, my whole body felt the radiation from the light of the auric field of this mystic who was so devoted to his meditation practice and so attuned to the universal and to the law of love itself that his aura extended out and touched me by its radiating power. And I was moved, when I proceeded to greet him and shake his hand, to simply drop to my knees and kiss his feet because I felt the holiness and the presence of this great soul.
            Had I not been sensitized through a spiritual pathway, I could have completely missed the present possibility of the charge of his auric field and the initiations that would ensue because of my interaction with him and what he was there to do in terms of releasing love through his being to anyone who was available and ready for that level of initiation. And so, as I've told that story, I gave him my CD—my first CD, “Psalms of Love.”  He came back a year later to the day, and I invited him to my home. We fed him dinner. He taught me much, stayed overnight and meditated the next morning. And I have never in my life felt the level of peace within my home as when he was meditating at four in the morning and I meditating in the other room with him and experiencing the auric field that he expressed by the beauty of his spiritual practice of communing with the divine—of leaving his body, of going into the higher octaves and communing with Issa, Mohammed, with Jibrael (Gabriel), and of bringing the [divine] nectar of their wisdom back to Earth.

            And so, as a Muslim, this was the holiest man I have ever met upon Earth. He was a true Muslim, practicing the Islam faith in its essence, in its beauty, in its grace. And so we learned and we gave in Egypt, the Al-Humdililah, [David sings the mantra taught to him by Mamade] which is a prayer [meaning] that God is great. And when you understand the very nature of that mantra and prayer and of how God is great within you as you allow your aura to shine with the light of God, then you, too, are becoming a true mystic of the Spirit, gracing the earth with the emanations of your presence of love.
            So my friends, my fellow travelers of light, may you be blessed this day and this week with a new auric field of joy, beauty, understanding and presence. May the beautiful that is within you shine forth, may the glory of God that is your true nature emerge and bless life and bless everyone whom you contact this week. God bless you.

1.        Luke 12:3

2.        John 8:32

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