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David Lewis      April 08, 2011

David C. Lewis
April 8, 2011   8:30-8:56 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Discourse on the Aura #2:
Near Death Experiences and Lucid Dreams

            Good morning, everyone. I'd like to share the next discourse on the advanced studies of the human aura as El Morya would like me to. This is not directly El Morya. It is me giving a discourse although it is at his direction. I'd just like to say that for clarification.
            We have heard of people who have had near death experiences and often how after the experience, they can have a heightened awareness of life and clairvoyance. During the near death experience,  people have very, very deep spiritual experiences, often with ascended masters, with the Karmic Board, sometimes with Jesus or, depending on their faith, with a particular being who is the one, according to their religious persuasion or their belief system, that they attune with.
            I've had a couple [of] near death experiences in my life. Although I don't at this point recall the same type of experience that others have had [in the heaven world], I believe, that when I nearly drowned when I was ten years old, it awakened within me something deeper. 
I was in a public swimming pool, and I [would usually swim] in the shallow section of the pool. I thought I was a good swimmer, but I had never really taken lessons. I had never been off the high dive. A friend of mine said, "Oh, it's easy. Just jump in and wait till you come back to the top of the water and then you swim to the side."  So trying to be courageous, I jumped in. What he didn't explain is that you have to move your arms and legs in order to go back to the top of the water. And I didn't do this; I just jumped in and waited until I came back to the top of the water. And I didn't. I stayed near the bottom of the pool and I lost consciousness.
            The next thing I remember was this pressure around my chest [as] a  lifeguard [pulled] me out of the water and then a lot of people gathering around looking at me—lots of kids, a few adults—and wanting to make sure that I was alive and okay. And then when I came to, they desired for me to go back into the water so that I wouldn't have a fear of water. Of course, I didn't want to. At that point I was fearful and just wanted to get out of that place, go home and rest because of the trauma of the experience.
            What did I actually experience at the soul level when this occurred? The angels were there, working through the lifeguard, and I was saved. The ten o'clock line, when you are ten years old, is the line of Scorpio, and often this can be the sign of death, the sting of the scorpion. And it's a water sign, one of the three water signs—Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. So it was interesting that this occurred in the water. It was a challenge to me and, by the grace of God, for whatever reason this experience happened, I came through it and was able to live. And then I did not go in the water until I was a freshman in high school. It was mandated that I had to learn lifesaving because it was required at our high school in Hinsdale, Illinois to take a lifesaving course as part of physical education. So I had to learn to swim. By the grace of God, now I love to swim and try to swim one or two days a week. I think it's a fantastic exercise.
            In retrospect, the very thing that challenged me has now become a joy in my life as a major part of my exercise to maintain health and well-being. And by the grace of God, through swimming, I have gained, I believe, mastery over the astral plane, which water represents, by mastering the science, the art—the physical, educational art—of emotions that [is] required to navigate through water quickly, masterfully. And now I feel completely capable of saving others if essential because I have a strong will and an ability to stay under water for a certain amount of time and flow through the water easily.
            Now many of you may not be as masterful in swimming as I feel that I am right now. And yet many of you may be much more masterful at swimming, having taken lessons and competed at the grade school, high school, college level or whatever. It's something for all of us to consider because water is the emotional body of ourselves, and in a certain sense the aura is very fluid. When we have no fear, we can navigate through the astral plane of our emotional bodies, the astral plane of the earth, which many of us live, kind of, within. It's all around us, especially in the in the great cities. It almost becomes physical, and we have to be able to deal with the emotions of the world, the emotions of life, the emotions of other people and master them.
            What is the aura? In most cases it's a reflection of people's emotions because that is where their consciousness resides. They feel and they live out their lives very emotionally through their feeling world and all the emanations that flow through their auric field, through their emotions. When you have mastered anything, you no longer have a fear of it, for you know it, you understand it, you've wrapped your mind and your heart and your being around it. And through this understanding and mastery and through a lack of fear, you move beyond that into other domains and realms and you can move higher on the path.
           So I encourage every heartfriend who does not know how to swim to challenge yourself and to take lessons even if you are an adult. Go to a pool. Sign up for a class. Learn the motions with your physical body that will allow you to be able to navigate through water and to overcome any fear that you may have in this regard. I believe that doing this will give you a sense of completeness, wholeness and joy that you have done something that here-to-fore had been an oversight or a point of your life where you may not have felt it necessary because you don't go in the water, you don't go in boats, you don't canoe, you don't kayak. You don't like to swim in rivers, lakes, whatever—the ocean. But the joy of being in the water with the elementals, the devas, the undines, the beings of the water, communing with them, is awesome when you have no fear.
            How does this all relate to the aura? Well I've touched a little bit upon it, and yet we have within our lexicon now, "I live, move and have my being in a living, liquid, crystal diamond of light". So our auric field is a living and moving liquid crystal light field of energy. And often times we can get stuck, through our emotional body, in places that do not serve us well—in mindsets, in heartsets, in emotional sets or settings whereby we can make no further spiritual progress if paradigms are embraced, if we're not allowing our self-mastery to evolve by challenging ourselves and moving beyond what [have] been these points and blocks in our lives that do not serve us well.
            I had another experience of having had four surgeries. They were all hernia operations, and I had a hernia as a young man. It kind of ran in the family. At a certain point when I was close to thirty years old, it was recommended during what was called the "shelter cycle,"  I have this hernia taken care of because if something were to occur and my intestines were pinched in the wrong way and I wasn't able to get medical care, it could be life threatening. So I had a first hernia operation. It was very traumatic for my body elemental, and I was not able to really function much for about a week. Well, that operation didn't take, or hold, and so it had to be redone. Because of complications and infections it required three more cuttings into me in order for it to be resolved fully.
            Now what occurred during the first hernia operation, especially, was that I had requested prayers from Mother, or Elizabeth Clare Prophet. And as I was given the local anesthesia—I did not have a general anesthesia—I was still conscious although they gave me, I'm sure, some pain killers in addition to the local anesthesia so that I would not be as conscious as normal. I left my body and I saw Mother and I felt the presence of the angels that she had invoked in my request for her prayers. I felt the presence of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary so tangibly that it was almost as if I was in a state of divine embrace, cosmic joy and bliss at the same time, almost crying at the experience of the emotional feeling of the love of the angels and Mother there during that. And I wrote to Mother and thanked her for her calls and told her of my experience after that surgery when I truly did in some respects leave my body even though I wasn't under complete general anesthesia.
            Many of you have had surgeries. You may have your own experience of either leaving your body and remembering something, or in some cases some of you have had near death experiences—maybe not as dramatic, as drastic as some that we read about in the books, like Dannion Brinkley's or others. And yet, I believe that in each and every case where your life has been threatened or you have temporarily disconnected from your normal waking consciousness, that a higher element of consciousness is rarified.You enter into that point of consciousness where you experience life from that body, from your soul, your spirit or your Higher Self. And you can draw back into the world through remembrance, if you do remember, something great about the oneness of life, the love that penetrates the cosmos, the interconnectedness of all of us together, and of how beautiful the spirit world is as we experience it as a true humanity as one in our essence.
            Even in Mona's recent experience with this accident, I know that she, in one sense, left her body for a very short period of time so that the intensity of the trauma wouldn't have such a caustic effect on her outer waking consciousness. She was in shock, and yet I believe that when people have accidents of this nature, by the grace of God, the angels actually assist us and kind of remove part of our self from our waking consciousness so that the trauma will not be great. It will not scar us and affect us in such a way that is really stifling to our everyday ability to function.
            The other experience when I was a young child when I lost consciousness was when I was also probably between the ages of eight and eleven—maybe even younger, maybe between the ages of six and ten, I am thinking now. I was playing at a neighbor's house. They had a ball tied to a string, hanging from a tree branch. We were taking turns with a bat trying to hit that ball. After my turn I was getting out of the way, and another girl, a neighbor girl, grabbed the bat. Before I could get out of the way, she swung and missed and hit me in the temple on my forehead. So I completely lost consciousness. [When I regained consciousness, I] was, of course, crying and started to go home. There [were] probably at least two minutes of time that I do not recall after I was hit.
            I believe I must have fallen on the ground, and these twin girls, who [were] our neighbors, must have somehow helped and escorted me back to my home, told my mother about it. She later took me to the hospital. It was also around this time that I started having these intense earaches, and it was found out I had a brain tumor. I believe that that brain tumor may have been in part caused by this trauma of being hit by a wooden baseball bat on the head. I had to have stitches. The stitches are kind of above one of my eyebrows or right within the area of my eyebrow and then also higher than that, in my scalp where you can't see them. Fortunately, they are not in an area where you can see the scar very clearly, but the scars are there.
            It was pretty traumatic. Anyway, getting back to the brain tumor. I had these intense earaches, and when my mom took me to a nose, eye and ear specialist, he said that I did have a brain tumor. She would know within two weeks whether it was malignant or not because I 'd either be dead or, if I wasn't, then it wasn't malignant. At that time my family prayed for me. We did the rosary, and by the grace of God, I'm here. So either the tumor was completely dissolved, I believe, by the prayers and the grace of God, or not being malignant, it, over time, just became dormant or ineffective, and I survived. I believe that was a miracle intervention by angels through our prayers, Mother Mary herself and the healing angels.
            Another experience that I‘ve had many, many times are very lucid dreams that are more than just a normal dream where I experience in the heaven world in the retreats of the Universal Great White Brotherhood various ascended masters teaching and sharing, and also other experiences within the retreats. Now I have had literally hundreds of these experiences since [the] beginnings of  my major spiritual journey from the time I was eighteen—I'm sorry, Summit University when I was eighteen. One of the first ones was during the time I was attending Summit University in Santa Barbara in 1975 between January and March, and it was one of those dreams that was intense. I was being attacked by a witch, and I was paralyzed.
             You may have had this type of dream where you feel that you can't move, and there is a paralyzing ray on you. You feel completely immobilized—you can't speak, you can't move. And the terror is great because you feel like this force is going to kill you. Well, fortunately, I had the power of the spoken word. And even though I couldn't speak, I could think the prayer. I immediately thought the prayer to bind that witch. Of course, when this was done, Archangel Michael came, bound the witch, removed her energy off of me and I immediately awoke. It was probably 3 o'clock in the morning, and I will never forget that experience.
            If you encounter this same type of thing where you're kind of in a nether world when you leave your body at night while sleeping and you are somehow in the astral plan rather than the etheric plane with the retreats, then remember to think the prayer if you cannot say it in your higher body or in your soul. And visualize the circle and sword of Astrea or Archangel Michael coming and completely wrapping light around you, freeing you from this paralyzing energy or ray. And I know that you'll be safe and secure in the arms of God during this type of experience.
            What did I see when this dark being was attacking me? Of course, the evil—I felt the evil. I felt the malintent and the desire to knock me off or to do me in so that I would not even be able to attend Summit University and receive the training that was essential for my path. Often on the spiritual journey, the force of darkness that opposes us in our mission attacks us at the very beginning of when we find the path to attempt to divert us or keep up from entering that path in all of it vibrancy and joy and levity. And if they can somehow do this and abort our pathway, then they have won their victory.
           Fortunately you, who are all listening, have gotten past that point because you wouldn't be listening had you been diverted from your spiritual path. But there are people, who, I believe, are meant to be on the spiritual journey and be our brothers and sisters and work with us and share with us and be a part of our communities [who] for whatever reason were either tempted or tried in such a way that they did not have the energy, the spiritual stuff, the constancy or whatever to overcome this level of initiation and gave into the force of darkness to such an extent that they left off of that level of their spiritual path, and their spiritual journey may have been compromised.
           Now they may be very wonderful people, beautiful people and making progress in other areas. Yet, when we encounter the Great White Brotherhood, the ascended masters, their teachings, the heightened energy fields of their auras, and what we can progress through and to on the path with their assistance, with their sponsorship, with their mentoring, then it's traumatic for the soul, I believe, and we may not get that opportunity again for quite some time, even an incarnation or even sometimes a number of incarnations.
           It's important for us to pray for the budding souls who are awakening to the higher impulses of the Spirit in this age and to an understanding of the human aura, of alchemy, of all the spiritual gifts and graces that we are all beginning to utilize in greater measure to move us beyond a mundane, human experience into a divine relationship with our Source, with our Higher Self and with each other so that we may fulfill our dharma, our mission, our purpose in life and be very, very happy with the Brotherhood, the ascended masters at our side, always with us present because we love them, we cherish them, we invoke them, we utilize their teachings righteously and judiciously, and we, through integrity, are becoming who we truly are because we honor what they offer us and provide as a means for our solar journey and our spiritual evolution.
            If you have had various dreams or visions where, through a heightened awareness, you have seen beyond the veil and would like to share your story, please consider going onto our forum and typing in your experiences because [it] will be wonderful for us to hear of these experiences [that] have been meaningful to you on your pathway of light.

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