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Clare de Lis      April 08, 2011

Beloved Clare de Lis
David C. Lewis
April 8, 2011   8:06-8:29 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


The Ascension of Reverend Annice Booth

My Beloved Ones,
            With a breath of fresh air from spiritual realms, I come to infuse you with the light of purity as you engage God in this great alchemy of the spirit through your service to life, through your love and your cherishment of all that is divine. In the bliss of beingness I speak of love found, of hope abounding in many realms and within Selfhood where God is known, where the light is sown and where the workings of the spirit bring you to a sense of inner peace whereby you simply know who you are as a Solar one, inscribing within the earth your particular rendition of the creative fire from within you to ennoble life in myriad ways while giving glory to the One.
            Those who have entered spiritual realms in their eternal union with their Source have often been amazed at what heaven is truly like, dearest ones. And even those among you who consider that you know so much of what ascended master consciousness is, will be surprised at what awaits you in those eternal love fires that God has prepared for you—to wash through you, to rinse you in a new cycle of purity and to bless you with all manner of sacred embellishments whereby, having fulfilled something of your coursing upon Earth [through] your mission here, you will enter into a new divine experience with the ascended ones and truly know what joy is.
            Therefore, I, Clare de Lis, your Mother, announce to you the ascension of Reverend Annice Booth at 6:00 pm sharp, Luxor time, this day. For this one, having fulfilled her mission, the writing of many tomes of light and being there for Lanello and me and our work, has balanced 97% of her karma and is acclaimed this day in heaven by Serapis as a peer and one who has finally appeared within the realms of light that she sought daily to know. Therefore, applaud and claim the mantle of this lady of light, Lady Dorcas. [Audience applauds and affirms, "I claim the mantle of Lady Dorcas! I claim the mantle of Lady Dorcas! I claim the mantle of Lady Dorcas!"]
            Having witnessed since her passing the work of this activity of light, this holy one of God bows to the light within this messenger and each and every one within this movement whom she now knows have been true to Mother, to me, and are working assiduously to fulfill that mission of the Two Witnesses. She will lend a momentum of light along with others who have recently ascended including a number of those who have served on the staff of the Summit under Lanello and me, to apportion the light flowing through their Causal Bodies to the highest purpose of the work of the Brotherhood upon Earth wherever it may occur in time and space, through a number of dispensations, conscious ones and those who affirm their allegiance to the light, their resolve to make their ascension, to be there for God and whose hearts are pure, as yours are, my beloved.
            Now there is another who has risen in realms of light. For you see, blessed ones, the dais at Luxor is getting quite busy these days. Thomas Rutherford, having qualified for his victory, is preparing even now. And though he would have already made the giant leap into the arms of the great I AM, yet he gave first point of entry to the elder, Annice, and is now biding his time in timelessness with great joy and anticipation of his own ascension on the morrow.
            I would declare to you, dearest ones, that one of the most essential qualities that spiritual aspirants must determine to embody in order to rise to heights of divine glory is humility, cautious with their use of power and the Word, understanding of others' plights, compassionate in every situation to see the highest way to resolve issues, problems, situations. And so, even the ascended Annice Booth declares to you that at times upon Earth she was a little intense, to the extent that she rubbed people the wrong way. And yet, it was always her desire to inspire and to enfire you. And for this, Serapis himself applauds the fiery spirit of this one, even having at times without knowing the totality of every situation, made snap decisions as he would to move people to their highest perfectionment. Those three percentage points, you see, having reached that level of God-beingness are not so difficult to transmute from the ascended state. And Lanello and I have chuckled with her already [as to] what is in store for her in balancing these final percentages and moving unto the eternal state of freedom in the light.
            Lanello would put in a plug this night through me to remind the leadership of this movement of our request to publish both his and my HeartStreams of light when the time is ripe, when the elements are aligned, the stars are in play in their highest aspects. For you see, our words will draw the disciples of our hearts unto you and your movement because we will move them with our love, dearest ones.
            This night Lanello invites you all to come unto our retreat on the Rhine in Germany for a late night darshan experience. If you make the call and if you are prepared, your soul will take flight swiftly. And if necessary, some of you may even travel in the gold bus in the heaven world to that sacred turret of light, that tower of power from which, in the secret chamber of the heart of Europe, we continue to blaze forth our light, even as we are in constant communion with the God and Goddess Meru in preparing for our investiture as those who will take the lead at their retreat over Lake Titicaca next year.
            We are re-arranging molecules of divinity, energy fields of beingness, posotronic and cosmic ampoules and photonic and ionic flowfields such that many new disciples, whom you have not yet met upon Earth, will discover that which you are offering through your broadcasts and services. And we recommend to the council of this movement that you consider securing the necessary assistance such that more of these visual offerings be rendered upon your website, for there is power in vision for change. There is the dynamic of the All-Seeing Eye and the very Electronic Presence of the master over the messenger that flows through the electronic stream of light over the video broadcast that will allow an action of the spirit to be given birth within each one as they are able and capable of receiving it and accepting it within their being.
            Yes, dearest ones, I am who I say I am, though some would declaim that I am here. I will prove to you from within your heart the veracity, the truth of my manifestation if you ask and if you are then receptive to the answer. [Clare de Lis chants in an angelic tongue for 52 seconds.]
            I am opening a new channel of virtue for you to experience during these Friday night sessions consecrated to purity. Each session will allow you to imbibe a new aspect of purity, which is a thread that you may weave within your eternal Solar body, your holy garment that is your vehicle for your ascension. It is simple, blessed ones—the more time you put in in sewing your eternal Solar body, the faster and the more beautiful it will be and the sooner you will have what it takes to rise unto your own immortal freedom.
            The quickening of this earth by these recent ascensions has caused us to adjust the tectonic plates beneath the earth to prevent cataclysm. For when there is a release of the ascension light there is a quaking of the earth. Just as when Jesus was crucified, was resurrected and ascended, all of nature responded to those initiations of fire. Long ago you were told that there would be ascensions, mass ascensions, from the hillsides. And it has begun and more are coming. When will your time be? Only God knows. All I can say is, with Annice, be on time and you will know your victory. I thank you.

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