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David Lewis      April 07, 2011

David C. Lewis Discourse  (Inspired by El Morya)
April 7, 2011   6:55-7:02 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

On the Electronic Body

We all have an electronic body that interpenetrates our physical body. Clairvoyants can see the auric field and elements of this electronic body. When we pray and when we decree and accelerate the rhythm and the speed of the prayer, it allows the quintessences that flow from our Source through our crystal cord to be anchored within that electronic body to make it glow, to increase the flow of light and to basically nourish it for its sustainability and for our solar health and wealth.

            The resurrection fire is a powerful energy. And for those who desire their ascension, experiment with this energy, call it forth, desire to know the initiations of the resurrection and what they will require of you to accelerate on your path in order to sustain that level of light within your aura. I think that we can call forth initiations. And as adepts-in-the-making, masters-in-the-becoming, play, dance with, sing the song of the Spirit and allow, through the crystalline patterns of perfection that we are meant to embody, to manifest and to co-creatively use, all manner of beautiful experiences with God, with our Solar Source as we engage the Spirit and elemental spirits, masterful spirits and the invocation of light through prayers such as this and all those in our prayer book.

            Prayer is a powerful remedy for any emotional, mental and physical ailment that you may have. When you invoke light, which is at the core of all true healing methodologies, that light can do its work more perfectly. Whatever issues you may have within your four lower bodies, greater light can help you. Light can flush out darkness in its myriad forms as blocks, encumbrances and discharge it from you in a most wonderful way. Sometimes it's pretty intense. And with the mitigation of the Holy Spirit, it can occur more comfortably.

One of the purposes of all of these morning broadcast services is for us to grow in light and the energy field of our auras and to balance our chakras, allow them to spin more naturally and beautifully and for us to move into our solar consciousness through this invocative science of the spoken word.

            This is not simply toying with energy. It is scientifically using light to give birth to a new world within ourselves first and as we master ourselves, the entire planetary body. Prayers and decrees are not simply utterances of someone else's thought forms, as I have received them, but the inspirational matrices of the masters that carry within the words, as cups of light, great cosmic joy, the ability to bring vivacity and power unto us as God-conscious individuals and great presence of mind, heart, soul, soulfulness into our lives. I encourage every heartfriend to create your own prayers.

Even if you don't share them publicly with The Hearts Center, write some poetry. Write something that has rhythm and rhyme and is your essence and your song, your prayer to the universe that you can give and that is invocative of your highest selfhood. Keep it in your prayer book and give it often. And allow the essence of your Selfhood to be revivified in your life as you engage the Spirit in a way that is particular, unique, for you, that works for you, that brings out your highest joy, the divine sublimity of your Solar Selfhood and your true essence.

            And if anyone would like to share a prayer that has a rhythm, a rhyme, a meter and an action, a whirling action of the sacred fire that flows because, with specificity, it draws down your essence, send it to us on our forum and let us share it with one another and we will see what happens.

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