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David Lewis      March 31, 2011

David Christopher Lewis
March 31, 2011   7:02-7:18 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Stelle, Illinois

Creating Sacred Space Within Time

            We have had in the past a teaching that time is Mother and space is Buddha. So I ask you, what about spaces in time, pauses in time? Are these the integration of Buddha within Mother or Mother within Buddha? When we create within our experience of the movement of time spaces for our Presence to flow, then we have an opportunity to experience the integration of Alpha and Omega, Buddha and Mother, of the masculine and feminine principles of light and life. And I believe that the space between the elements, the space that we create and that we hallow in silence allows greater presence to be ours and a greater energetic flow of all of the virtues and qualities of the divine into our world.
            We have heard “Don't sweat the small stuff." "Take time to observe flowers and appreciate them.” In other words, we create the space within time for us to be present and observant in the Now. Instead of "taking" time, we allow time, because we don't really take time and it is a misnomer. We are allowing ourself to experience one another with great cherishment and attention. And our intention is to be present, so consciously, that we feel what others are experiencing so that we can relate to them, communicate with them, love them as holy brothers and sisters. We can develop greater relationships, greater understanding and we move forward on our path in understanding the collective of the mandala of light worldwide.
            When you have observed yourself really being still and listening, I believe that this is the time you gain from that space that you create, such that the Presence may be very active and present within you. Morning times of meditation when it is quiet, in creating this space in your homes, in nature or wherever you are, when you can experience God in this silent sphere of beingness, affords an opportunity of greater at-onement, attunement and the nurturing of the spirit within yourself. We know that in this western hemisphere we tend to get very busy doing things. We fill our day with all kinds of activities, movement, things that we simply feel we must accomplish in order to be valuable to society, ourselves, to our families, to earn a living, et cetera. When we come to the end of our lives, a lot of this kind of pales away and we realize that those times of deep, thoughtful, mindful beingness of when were present with our others, loved ones, family, friends, nature, God were really those special points along our path, spaces within our evolution that allowed us insight into the deeper things, the more important things, the cherished notes of reality that are humming and singing within the music of the spheres that is all about us. We can only hear when we are silent and at peace within ourselves.
            What was the Buddha experiencing under the Bo tree when he reached enlightenment? I have pondered on this throughout my life after I heard the story of Buddha's meditation for 40 days (or some say 49 which is7 x7), under the Bo tree. What was really going on within the universal awareness of his mind and heart that allowed him to reach that point of enlightenment, to be fully integrated with the divine such that he could claim that he was awake, that he could then move into the Office of the Lord of the World and be for the Earth, a wayshower?
            Maybe it will take time for us to sit under our Bodhi tree, under our I AM Presence, our God-reality, on a daily basis in some way and over the course of our lives to reach that same level of understanding, attunement, enlightenment. If we never afford ourselves the opportunity to do this, then will it happen? When we are still, when we are present, then insight comes. Sight within, insight. Beautiful term. Sight within ourselves of who we are, the God-reality within us. We have learned the science of the spoken word and it is very powerful. And what it presents is an opportunity for us to anchor light on the earth through the spoken word that precipitates in matter what we claim, even as have we heard it from the Master Omraam in the Daily Meditation today as integrating Alpha and Omega within us, using our lips, our tongue to proclaim fiats, edicts of light, decrees of authority in the world of form.
            Concurrent with this very powerful means of drawing forth the light through our throat chakra, I believe heart-mindfulness through silence, in silent meditation affords a great level of deep penetrating Buddhic streaming light essences that may arise and flow within us to bring us consciously what we require to move forward on our path. Over the years I have seen people that gain great mastery in the use of the word. And yet, often, are they able to sustain the momentum that they invoke through the application of teachings through heart-mindfulness that allows those divine thoughts, images and words and vibrations to continue to resonate and work within them toward their enlightenment and freedom?
            If we are truly listening within the sacred space and spherical awareness that we create when we are in silent
contemplation of the divine, then God is able to get through to us, the divine light spins and sings within us and the nurturing aspects of Alpha and Omega, the divine feminine, the divine masculine can work their perfect work, rebirthing within us our true Selfhood in God. And I believe that this is required on a daily basis. And though the Buddha may have taken 40 or 49 days to reach enlightenment, he was able to sustain that state of being through the remainder of his life until he was 81 (9 x 9) when he passed from this earth. I am sure he that he maintained that state of grace within his being by setting aside time to continue meditating as often as he felt it was required or essential, such that he could truly continue to be the Buddha and maintain his Buddhic awareness.
            I believe it is my responsibility to afford each and every heartfriend, through an example of Buddhic beingness myself, the means whereby they can attain their own Buddhahood, Motherhood in the light. And this is the path of adeptship, the initiatic path that we have been speaking of for quite some time. It is no longer about doing. It is about being. And within the beingness there can be great doing, greater works go forth through the integration that we manifest by our constant state of presence. We know this intellectually, having studying Eckhart Tolle. We know this through the feeling when we get it in our mind. And yet to allow it to be consistently, we require, I believe, reminders. And we can even trick our lower self in some ways to no longer have the space within us to exist, by setting up rituals for opportunities for us to have that time and have that space within time to be self-reflective, observant and to be within Buddhic mindfulness.
            Whatever works for you in terms of creating the space within time for this to occur, please do it. For within this sacred time, you will learn who you are, you will know your God-reality, you will become enlightened. It is a constant endeavor and you will continue to manifest, you will continue to evolve into greater mindfulness with the Buddhas with the Divine Mothers. And light will be yours to experience, to revel in, to be joyous in.

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