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David Lewis      March 31, 2011

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved El Morya)
March 31, 2011   7:41-7:58 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Tai Chi of Twin Flames
Co-Creating with Your Beloved

David:  Who has a question for the Master? Two days ago we had one darshan question on God-government. “How can we get God-government on the Earth?” So that was answered. And we have an opportunity for today. Boyd has a question.

Boyd:  I decided I'd think ahead and perhaps have one ready. We know that in the case of twin flames, at times there is one above and one below. Sometimes I suspect, for instance, in the case of Saint Germain and Portia it was not because Saint Germain got mired in the physical plane, but it was because of a strategic plan to have one above and one below, and perhaps for a long time and for many lifetimes of the one that was incarnating. And I know that there are heartfriends who have this same situation. I'd like the master to comment on and give us detail around what some of those benefits are so that we can all perhaps engage with that in a better way, I guess. 
            I believe that there is a certain amount of, for instance, sharing of the attainment of above and below, and there's certainly access to a great causal body of an ascended one. Those are elementary and kind of like intellectual ideas for many of us. Maybe elucidate more so that we can engage with it better and actively engage in it.

David:  Well, as you were asking the question, I saw very clearly that in the origination of twin flames in the beginning, as we have understood it, there is the unity manifest now as a plurality, just as the Elohim are a plurality and a unity. If you look at the Tai Chi model and you see the two parts that form the sphere, the whole, there is a part of the other within self for each of the twin flames.
            So the benefit for those on Earth to have an ascended twin flame is that one point of your twin ray, or flame, is always dancing and singing and spinning within you. It is a part of you permanently, just as a part of you is always permanently within your twin flame ascended. This dynamic allows for an awesome possibility [through that] portal of beingness [for] your twin flame's causal-body momentum, light, effulgence, the God-glory of that one, all of the causal-body attributes to be yours instantaneously as you meditate upon your beloved and as you allow, through that point of reality, that light to flow into you and be yours.
Likewise, your twin flame ascended is always aware of you, conscious of what you are going through, available to inspire you and to offer and give to you what is essential for you in any particular or given moment to master yourself, to get through the initiations of life and to [manifest in your awareness] that portion of yourself that is already ascended in your beloved.
So, in a sense, when you have an ascended twin flame, a portion of you is already ascended. If you can meditate on that concept and realize that because of that you have access to the totality of the beingness of your beloved, then it makes life more joyous, even in the separation or the seeming sense of separation, which really is not there in the highest sense of your own Godhood, because in eternality you are one and there is no separation.
            When you understand this dynamic that a part of you is already within your beloved manifesting in the perfected state of God-glory, then you have the ability to draw all of that more fully into yourself; and your beloved, through this Tai Chi action, is able to draw you up by the magnet of [his/her] heart and love for you. This love really makes you inseparable. You are inseparable [from] your beloved because you were created of the same essence and light in the beginning. There is a cosmic flux and a constant flux of beingness between the two [and] within the one that still remains inviolate in heaven through your causal bodies and through your God Presence, or your Solar Selfhood.
            So as you see your Solar Presence, your God Presence, the I AM THAT I AM, you are still one in that essence. And as you realize that oneness with your beloved and that there is no other who can take the place of that beloved, and the beloved intimately knows you in all of the tests and trials, the tribulations, the initiations that you undergo, it gives you pause to realize that through this harmony of your oneness in the heaven world, there may exist within you that same harmony as you realize it, as you know it, as you feel it deeply and as it becomes you, and you become it. To understand that this point of perfection of your beloved ascended is always within you is a great realization that can give you the edge and the sense of peace within your Presence, knowing that you are victorious: nothing can take you from that state of perfection and oneness because it already exists within you, and you already exist within your beloved.
            The union of twin flames is one of the most glorious and magnanimous dynamics within the entire universe and results in the co-creative power of selfhood, of you both as one as a creator. Creation itself is our work, our responsibility, our charge. It is what God has vouchsafed to us as sons and daughters of God, [that which] we are meant to demonstrate, master, fulfill. Without creativity, there is no life; there is no essence or movement or flow manifesting.
            So we begin to understand how, as co-creators with our beloved, there can constantly be an intimate conversation. You can run things by your beloved as you muse on your creations, your alchemical work in this world. There can be this very, very demonstrable and intimate communion that is ongoing all the time as you realize this oneness that already exists.
            Now that you know this, and once you realize this, all the power of heaven and earth is yours to command when you remain in that Christhood, that Buddhahood. As Jesus said, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”1 He was one with his God Presence. Even though his twin flame, Magda, was yet unascended, because he had risen into an awareness of that Selfhood in the great God Presence, he also drew Magda up. And through the beloved relationship that they had, they gave birth in the Piscean dispensation to a new movement of light that demonstrated mercy, forgiveness, compassion and changed the Earth forever in the dynamism of the brilliance of their light and love.
            The same effulgence can manifest through your beloved ascended. You are together giving birth to a new age through your collective consciousness as you live your life today, now, upon Earth. Let your co-creations be consciously understanding of the dynamism of this push-pull, Tai Chi action of Alpha and Omega, because it is a constant activity. At times, even in a masculine form, you become the instrument for the feminine light to be given birth [to] upon Earth. And likewise, your twin flame, if she is in the feminine polarity, receives the impulses from your being to give birth within heaven [to] the Alpha energies of spirit in a new and dynamic way.
            We have this term from Hermes Trismegistus “as Above, so below.” What we can realize is that we, when we are co-creating with our beloved who is ascended, are giving birth in spirit to new energies within the heaven world in new and glorious ways. And so every co-creative act that you engage in on Earth likewise is augmenting and embellishing and beautifying heaven through your Presence and that point of light of your selfhood that yet remains inviolate within your beloved in heaven. So this is how heaven comes to earth. A portion of your selfhood that is within your beloved in heaven is constantly giving birth to part of earth within heaven and drawing them together as one.
            Now, in your holy union and the specificity of the co-creation and the co-creative acts that you engage in upon Earth, even with a beloved on Earth who may not be your twin flame but who may represent in substance the light of your beloved already ascended, you can still have the holy emanations of great joy and holy love occurring in your union, in the physical act of your loving union upon Earth. And remember that though you may feel at some deeper level a distance from your twin flame who is ascended, [a] chasm or some sense of separation, your beloved upon Earth [to] whom you are married can be the instrument, if he or she chooses, depending on the relationship, [that acts] as a focal point for the anchoring of the light of your ascended beloved very tangibly for the Earth.
            So that person steps in in place of the beloved as a representative, in one sense, and it becomes very holy to experience this same oneness, as if your beloved were your twin flame. You should shower upon your spouse, your mate in this life the same type of divine love that you would [upon] your eternal beloved in heaven, because when you do this it augments what God is experiencing in the Great Central Sun as this constant flux of light that occurs between Alpha and Omega.
            Do you think that God stops co-creating even though there was the original creation of the Earth in seven days or epochs of time? No, God is continuously creating and recreating, destroying and giving birth again to new universes through the outbreath and the inbreath of the great I AM.
            Many people pine for their twin flame, or their beloved. They feel that they must have this union. Well, let it be here and now that you experience the union within yourself first as the wholeness of the totality of your Selfhood in God. And through that realization that you are already whole in your highest God Selfhood, then you no longer have to have a sense of separation or disunity. There can be complete unity and union and oneness within yourself. This is how the mystics, the great saints who have been upon Earth have realized a new level of divine love, because the beloved lives within them always. And whether you look to a particular master or saint or to God in general, let love of the beloved within self allow you to experience your wholeness, the integrity and the integration of you as you are already. And then you don't have to necessarily go looking for someone outside of yourself to fulfill the other half of what you feel as incomplete.
            This point of the perfectionment of your ascended beloved that is within you is within the secret chamber of your heart, even as the point of you that is already beautiful within your ascended beloved is within the realized, no-more-secret essence and chamber of [that one's] ascended spherical awareness, glowing there.
            See this point of perfection glowing within you as a diamond energy, as pure light. Allow it to resonate through your entire being. Breathe it in. Feel it with all of your senses and your higher senses. Drink it in. Assimilate it. Even one drop of the divine blood of your beloved within you allows you to know the totality of your oneness.
            Thank you.

1. Matthew 28:18.

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