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Paul the Venetian      March 28, 2011

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David Christopher Lewis
March 28, 2011   8:00-8:22 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Stelle, Illinois 

The Chohans Have Laid Out a Deliberate Plan for the Future

When You Are Attuned, You May Receive Tidbits of This Plan
that Will Allow You to Succeed on Your Dharmic Pathway

You Can Be the Instrument for a Massive Wave of Understanding Going Forth

Beloved Heartfriends of Compassion's Ray,
            I come this morning to place a capstone upon the release of the seven chohans this past week.¹ With the flame of love blazing within my heart I stand with the seven chohans, who together form a ring of sacred fire around you. We trust that you may be emboldened to act anew within the light of your own God Presence to secure within the Earth a new place of love whereby the treasures of God vouchsafed to man may be witnessed, employed, accepted and vibrate in a new energetic field of holiness and love.
            Dear ones, much has occurred within the Earth of late that is indicative of a rising tide of consciousness. People are awakening to the higher impulses streaming forth through this Earth. And it is imperative that mankind en masse consider the options at hand, make right choices and determine to move forward the evolution of this planet and her people rather than allowing it in some way to devolve into greater violence, destruction, anarchy and the debilitative state of unconscious nihilism.
            Blessed hearts, you have the truth of the teachings of the Brotherhood of Light. And when you daily employ all that we have delivered in a stream of co-creative fire whereby your chakras are aligned with your true Selfhood in God— your love, wisdom and power are flowing in balance within your heart and your attention is focused upon the highest ends that may manifest within this world—then you will see within the Now experience of your life God-glory manifesting in all manner of miracles and transcendent equations of fire that result in the divine ends that we collectively seek.
            How will the goal be realized, you ask, when there is so much inanity within the affairs of mankind, when most are focused upon their lesser self, its desires and predilections? Well, blessed hearts, you can be the instrument for a massive wave of understanding going forth through all manner of teachings, contributions from your hearts—gifts of the Spirit that come to individuals here and there because you see yourself as an intercessor, as a mediator of light within your Christ consciousness, emanating the sacred fire, just as we do from our realms of light, into the affairs of mankind, bringing peace, harmony, benevolence, joy and the Spirit of the One.
            Many an ascended master has carefully crafted, with great attention upon the details and the specificity of his or her co-creation, a wondrous offering to the Divine of how his heart/her mind may assist in the great process of spiritual evolution upon this Earth, ennobling the truth and bringing souls to a higher understanding of the path of light that may be before them when they make right choices daily. The promptings of the Spirit are always there vibrating in the heaven world, within the etheric, mental and even the emotional quadrants of vibration, interpenetrating the multidimensional aspects of consciousness, your world. When you become sensitized to these higher impulses through purification of your being, through the eradication of outworn concepts, mind-sets and modes of cognizing, feeling and understanding, then you may incorporate these engrammatic foci of light into your affairs, into your daily work such that mankind may know the truth and, as Hilarion has said, the truth shall make them free.²
            We work together as one. The chohans regularly meet in octaves of light, discoursing with each other, comparing our plans and projects and seeking ways to synthesize that which we individually are about into a greater plan of action to allow a cosmic impetus of forethought, of prescience and of holy beingness to manifest such that mankind may be inspired to go to God, the Source, to fulfill all requirements and desires of his heart. Yes, dearest ones, simple attention upon the Sun Presence of light brings the opening of a doorway unto heaven whereby spiritual principles, values and insights may flow into your world; and by the power of the Holy Spirit these may sustain you through thick and thin, through all burdens, encumbrances of time and space, issues of the hour and challenges that you collectively experience upon Earth.
            What occurs in one area of the globe, as you now know, influences life everywhere upon the sphere of this planet. Because of the vibrational consistency throughout the antahkarana, the oneness of the web of life of your world, you all experience the pain and anguish of what others in other nations are undergoing. The dynamic of change impresses itself upon your being and you feel deep within you the necessity to move into a higher domain of light to augment the work of the Brotherhood in assuaging and transmuting world pain and the suffering of individual lifestreams here and there, families, entire cities and nations.
            We applaud the work of those in your Creative Arts Team who have prepared lovingly the visuals that you are using during your broadcasts and prayer sessions. For, blessed hearts, placing your attention upon the highest outcome and utilizing the tools that you have, the spiritual resources at hand, to employ light and to deliver that light into your planet and all hot spots around the Earth allows a cosmic momentum of sacred fire to be delivered because we also engage in this co-creative activity and lend the momentum of our causal bodies unto you during your prayer sessions to allow God's answer, God's light, hope and virtue to flow.
            Yes, you have caught the vision of what we long ago saw as possible within this movement of many heartfriends volunteering their time, engaging, through a co-creative spirit, in this endeavor to bring forth a new way and a new wave of light that will inspire many to the higher cause of world peace from the ascended masters' perspective. Many seek for world peace, pray for it and yet know not the exacting ways in which it may manifest, step by step, through holy education, through a groundswell of higher belief in the Spirit and in an understanding of the present realities of life and of how God's energy, vouchsafed to each lifestream, may be employed toward the victory of a golden-age civilization manifest within the Earth.
            You see, blessed ones, the chohans have laid out a deliberate plan for coming years, decades and even centuries. And when you are attuned by your own virtuous path and understanding to the light waves manifesting within our realm, you may receive tidbits of this plan, ideations from our hearts and minds that will allow you to succeed in your efforts to bring forth exactly what you are destined to fulfill within your dharmic pathway in this time of Earth's history.
            We have admonished the leadership of this movement on a number of occasions to enter into this level of long-term planning. And when you engage, blessed hearts, fully in this alchemy and visionary work, you will be amazed to see that once you have outlined your plan with specificity, cosmic angels, builders of form and many masters, even recently ascended, will come to your aid to deliver exactly what you have put on paper in ink. And you will see the letters of living fire imprinting their essences upon your plan. Even the precious elemental builders of form themselves will come to your aid with great God-glee to enter into their work with you, with an understanding of how harmony and balance will bring about your vision of light.
            Dearest ones, we are about a masterful movement of light in many domains and kingdoms of earth, air, fire and water, bringing to bear all that we know, the self-mastery that we have manifested consciously into all spiritual activities of disciples upon Earth who look to and call to us to assist them in bringing the kingdom of heaven upon Earth. When you engage God fully in your sacred work through the scientific application of the arts of the Spirit, then all comes into place with great beauty and joy; your world is ennobled by your conscious presence, one with your Source; and life vibrates with the teeming aspects of the Spirit, which allow divine happiness to come to Earth.
            Within the joy of the third ray of love's beauty, I have attempted to inspire you anew this morning unto a pathway of great understanding and presence, dear hearts. My beloved now sings in the heaven world an aria of love to you, each one. And through the fluttering of angels' wings—yes, those streams of light which are carriers of the Word of God and the essences of his heart to mankind—there is delivered to each one of you an aspect of God's love that is personal for you.
            Let love flow freely. Let love grow magnanimously. And through the impulses of love, all will be clear, your vision will be pure and the way unto the divine throne will be yours to climb and soar to in the Spirit.
            I am Paul the Venetian. I am with you in your trials; I am with you all the while. I am yours to love, even as you cherish one another always. I thank you.

1. From March 22nd to March 28th each of the seven chohans of the rays delivered a HeartStream through the messenger.
2. See the HeartStream by Beloved Hilarion, delivered March 23, 2011; also see John 8:32.

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