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Serapis Bey      March 25, 2011

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
March 25, 2011   7:02-7:31 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Sacramento, California

Acceleration Is the Key to Your Ascension

Consider the Timetable of Your Life
and Determine that You Will Meet Your Destiny

The Building of the Eternal Solar Body through Love of the Mother Light Within

Fiery Ones of the Spirit,
            I come this day to invest light, light, light within the Earth. And I charge forth the sacred fire into the base chakra of every heartfriend within this movement as an investment of the pearly white Mother-energy of Spirit whereby you may be impelled unto your ascension at the close of this embodiment.
            Many of you have determined that this will be your last life upon Earth, and yet God is the one who determines the timetable of your ultimate destiny and reunion with your God Presence. You know the requirements for your ascension, as revealed to you through previous dispensations. Blessed ones, I would add in this hour that as part of the balancing of the threefold flame—which is one of the most essential requirements—there must be an increase within you of the Mother Light, the Mother principle of life, the radiance of the sacred fire, of purity. Understand that all of this manifests into the ascension current when love is present and when the power of love impels that fire of the divine light from within you to rise through every avenue of selfhood, to glorify God-consciousness within you.
            I am Serapis, and you have been witness, through your inner vision within your higher bodies, to the recent ascension of one from Luxor, namely the Ascended Master Will.¹ And another daughter of God in this hour is also preparing for her ultimate journey unto the victory of her soul. Whenever an ascension occurs upon Earth, blessed ones, it is also time for you to reflect upon how you are doing on your pathway. What are you doing today to reinvest yourself within this sacred process of life whereby the totality of your being is manifesting fully within your chakras, your aura, your life?
            For those of you who have lost the vision of your ultimate destiny, I recommend rereading my ascension dossier.² For within the words, as cups of light, there are divine essences, which when ingested fully and assimilated by your soul bring greater Solar awareness and cosmic consciousness into the present of your life and into play within your domain such that there may be an acceleration.
            Yes, blessed ones, acceleration is the key to your ascension. We have used the analogy of your rockets, which require great thrust and even boosters to allow them to maintain the necessary speed to break free through Earth's atmosphere into outer space. Consider that these various stages, whereby a new thrust is manifested that propels that vehicle unto its orbit around your sphere, is also true of your soul and that at various times within your life, having reached a plateau of consciousness, there must be a new reinvestment of light from within that propels you, impels you unto your ultimate destiny, blessed ones.
            Therefore this day I come with a new impelling light that you may feel beneath your soul chakra as that Mother frequency, which is fiery in its determination to have you have your victory. And for those of you who at times feel this impulse as the heat of God that moves you off your seats into action and into the domain of full fiery spirit, you know what I mean. Therefore when requests come forth from us through this messenger it is incumbent upon you, blessed hearts, to act immediately. For you never know the cycles of your lifestream. Only God determines how many heartbeats, how many breaths you have left within your allotted span of life according to the specificity of your karma and the fulfillment of your dharma.
            You have seen how some are taken from life seemingly at a young age. And yet in each and every case the soul has predetermined with the Karmic Board the allotted timetable. And when you are on target, when you are on time with the Mother, you meet every lifeline according to its specificity. Therefore, dearest hearts, consider the timetable of your life in this hour, what you have set forth to accomplish. And determine with a new reawakening within you that you will meet your destiny; you will fulfill the requirements of the ascension; you will attend to the details of life in every situation that requires your full attention, your God-determination and your love to move your soul higher in its trajectory toward your final destiny as a sentient being within this sphere of life.
            There will be other spheres of awareness as an ascended master that you will grow into and understand once having realized, through God attunement, your union with the Divine. And yet I speak within the context of this life and this dimension in which you live so that you may anchor, anchor, anchor that divine light physically within your realm of existence.
            The messenger bore witness to one yesterday who has a dream that is a worthy dream. And yet, can it truly be realized within this life given the self-mastery, the physicality of awareness, the resources at hand and all that would be essential to fulfill that dream? And so the messenger conveyed that there may be other avenues for the fulfillment of a higher vision for this one. And so it is with you, blessed hearts. Not every thought process will come to fruition unless there be the full investment of your total selfhood within it by laying out a plan of action that is practical, that utilizes the resources of the Spirit and of the flesh with specificity.
            Therefore clothe Spirit with substance through mindfulness. And as you utilize every resource at hand—and sometimes it may seem that you are even attempting to make bricks without straw—we will add the fire of God to make your co-creations permanent, in as permanent a mode as they may exist within your world, so that the deliberate work in which you engage will be, in the eyes of God, complete and stamped with his cosmic authority as an edict of light.
            Blessed hearts, unfulfilled dreams laze about within your astral bodies and do harm, at one level of awareness, to the light within your base chakra, which must rise. Therefore I suggest having one major dream that is in alignment with the vision of the Divine One and that is the fulfillment of the victory of your soul merged with your Oversoul through loving service, through prayerful devotion and praise, and through action as you leave a legacy of light and bear witness to your spirituality daily.
            Dorothy Lee Fulton, a noble soul who has brought forth many testimonial offerings to the light of Spirit within the dance of song and music within the ethers, is preparing a gift for each and every one of you, as a new song of her spirit, that she will sing with the accompaniment of many angels after her final victory. This music of the spheres will allow each and every one of you to perceive your Higher Self with new clarity, to feel spiritual realms vibrating all around you with great joy. It will allow a closer encounter within the dimensionless planes of Spirit with your ascended master beloveds and sponsors, whereby through attunement you may be resolved yourself to ascend to the heart of God.
            Even now as her soul prepares for the great of investment of light, there is a welling up within her world of great cosmic anticipation of this final ritual. And, blessed ones, the inner joy, the inner light is swirling and whirling and rising in gradual concentric rings, building the eternal Solar body into its full stature of ascended master brilliance. Yes, dearest hearts, this is truly the creation of a star of God that will glow within the heavens for all eternality, you see.
            The building of your eternal Solar body may be experienced daily for those of you who invoke the ascension currents, love the Mother Light within you and sing the praises of God, whereby your love, invested within the word flowing through you, co-creates this starry fire body. Yes, it is born of the substance of the light within you that you spin and weave into a glorious creation of beingness, dearest ones. 
            Some desire to know how one becomes a saint, an ascended master or a God-free being. It is, dearest ones, the process of again and again giving birth to Selfhood through love that is enfired in conscious acts, deeds, words of Solar joy. Therefore be up and doing! Be present within the Now of your experience within this life. And with Dorothy Lee and many others who have also qualified for the ascension and who are working assiduously at Luxor to pass all of the inner initiations that are essential for their ultimate journey, you may learn your lessons swiftly; you may abide fully within the light of the Mother; and then when your turn and your time comes, you will be ready, you will be on time, and nothing will deter you from the victorious manifestation of your victory.
            I am Serapis! I speak with the authority of the Word of God through the white ray. And I say to each one of you: come up higher in God and be who you are this day. I thank you.

1.  William Adams is now known as the Ascended Master Will.
2.  See Dossier on the Ascension: The Story of the Soul's Acceleration into Higher Consciousness on the Path of Initiation by Serapis Bey (Summit University Press, 2007).

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